Not just a game(BL)

Then I\'ll never leave you

I dropped Amber off at her house, drove home, took my vomit soaked shirt off, slumped on the bed and cried. I cried for an hour. I got up and opened my door, went into the kitchen, grabbed a bucket, a rag and some dish soap. I needed to clean the stupid writing off my car before my mom wakes up and sees it. shell have a mental case, shed scream her **ing head off, hunt down and destroy the kids who painted my car and I honestly do not want to see mom go all commando.

I walked past the grandfather clock in the living room, it was a minute past 1am and headed towards the door. I got outside and set to work, scrubbing the paint off. I was halfway done when a black Toyota Camry pulled up beside my house. the person sat in the car for ten minutes and didn get out. I was contemplating going inside but didn , if anyone wanted to kill me tonight, they should go ahead because Im not in the mood to run. the person opens the car and gets out and its Caleb. he waves at me and walks over. ”uhm, hi ” I say.

”Im sorry ” he says softly. ”about this and everything thats happened tonight ” he sides his hands into his pocket and I just watch. ”Ill understand if you don want to play and I won let you take the penalty ” oh yeah, you have to walk around school naked if you want to quit the game. which is just absolutely stupid. why should he. ”I Know its hard being in the spotlight, I play basketball and people expect shit from me and they expect something for you now and Im okay with whatever you choose ” then it hits me.

”youll be okay with it if I played? ” I asked in shock. he nods and takes his hand out of his pocket. he takes the bucket and starts wiping my car. ”wait, stop, I can do that. none of this is your fault, in fact its Ambers fault ”

”Amber? ” he asks with an arched brow.

”she put my name in the box, she was drunk AF and I think she just did it to get a rise out of me ” I say and and squat next to him so I can take the rag. ”shes just trying to- ” I never got to finish that sentence

”binky bear ” oh God that name. my mom calls me that because I didn stop using my binky until I was five, I went maggie simpson crazy when anyone took the binky out. now she holds it against me and uses the name to ruin my life. Caleb and I both turned around and looked at her at the same time. she was wearing a pink bathroom that I will admit is mine and pink bunny slippers that I will not admit to owning. ”what are you doing out here, its so late ” she whines. she worries for me, since the accident.

”I know but I… ” I honestly didn know what lie to tell.

”he dropped some friends of mine off and they messes up his car, I saw him cleaning while driving past your house so I wanted to help ” Caleb say. God bless him for being a fantastic liar.

”oh. how nice of your. should I call there moms and have them punished? ” commando mom, Ill say this once because its in my head. bitch be crazy

”no, mama bear, Its just a stain. go back to bed and Ill come in in like five minutes ” I say.

”okay, love you, binky ” she says.

”love you too, mama ” I reply. I completely forget caleb was there.

”binky bear ” he calls and I remember. shit caleb was here.

”its just…I just, well, uhm…she ” I try to explain but could get a sentence that will make sense out.

”dude its cool, my dad calls sugar bee too ” his phone beeps and he picks it out.

”your dad? ” I ask.

”no, my papi. Ive got to go but would you mind hanging out with me, its Sunday night and all but would you like to just sit and play video games ” he asks. he looks nervous but then again Im crazy.

”yes ” I reply. ”Ill hang out with you and play the game, who knows, wed be better friend for it ” he smiles and sat

”youll play? ” he asks.

”yeah ” I mutter. he smiles.

”see ya tomorrow ” he says and jogs off to his car. I watch his ass as he jogs and good heavens, he has a nice ass.

yep, I like him but Im not gay

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