When James woke up again he was finally rejuvenated, he felt like his life had been reborn anew, even though that had already happened like a day ago.

James recalled the information that was implanted into his brain yesterday, it seemed to be a cultivation manual called Turtle chaos scripture. James didn know what to think of the manual based of the name but it sounded like it was going to be chaotic.

The cultivation manual seemed to use your senses to sense the spiritual qi in your surrounding area and creating a chaotic whirlpool in your dantian that attracts the qi even when you aren specifically trying to cultivate. Basically its like an afk cultivation manual.

James figured that he should try out cultivating since he has the manual and he wanted to see what it was about.

James got into a meditation stance, crossed legged on the ground with your hands in your lap in a specific pattern. James started to cultivate according to the manual and all the sudden James started to sense something around him. They seemed to be like tiny strings floating around in the air, they would float all over the place, there were even some that were hitting into his body. That was spiritual qi.

When James followed the steps of the cultivation manual the next step was to take that spiritual qi and use it to form a whirlpool in his dantian. When James tried to guide some of the spiritual qi to his body he noticed that his control over it was so minimal that it barely shifted out of its path. Eventually after James tried multiple times there was only one time he succeeded in pulling it into his body, when the spiritual qi was on course to hit into him.

After thirty minutes James had finally collected 20 spiritual qi strands and it was time for him to form the whirlpool. James started to move all of the 20 strands in a circular motion in his dantian, it started going faster and faster until James could no longer keep up with its speed with his eyes. Eventually there was a whirlpool that was formed in James dantian but its strength wasn quite enough yet to pull anything other than what comes into contact with his body into his dantian.

After James formed the Whirlpool in his dantian he decided it was time to go over what happened before, and finish up some things.

When James looked to his left there were two items that were sitting on the floor. One was a flower and the other was a tiny ship. When he picked up the Flower there was a screen that popped up in front of him

[Item – Spiritual sense flower

Description – Helps to unlock your spiritual sense, if you put it on your lap when you go to sleep you will unlock your spiritual sense when you wake up.

Grade – Mid-grade Heaven]

James was shocked, Spiritual sense was something that allows you to see your surroundings without even looking at it. Spiritual sense is much more detailed than sight also so something that cant be seen with regular sight can be seen with spiritual sense. Spiritual sense is something that every cultivator in every cultivation novel James read wanted, and if they got it, it was incredibly useful.

Next it was time for James to look at the tiny boat that was laying on the ground. Whne he picked it up it looked incredibly detailed and really looked like a real boat that was just shrunk down to a tiny size. Soon a screen popped up in front of him.

[Item – Flying Boat

Description – The boat can enlarge to a normal size and fly in the sky, it takes spirit stones to fly.

Grade – Top-grade Immortal]

James was overjoyed, this was something that would come into incredible use in the future. He would be able to go wherever he wants and get there fast because of this boat. When he looked at the grade and saw immortal he was confused, he doesn know the grading system in this world so he figured he would ask the system.

Hey Winter what is the grading system in this world like? Asked James

[Grades are split into six categories, there are mortal, earth, spirit, heaven, immortal, and divine. Each of those grades is further broken down into four categories, low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade, and top-grade]

Now that James knew what the gradings in this world were he knew that the items that were given to him by Emry were Incredible treasures. James felt incredibly indebted to Emry and decided that if he were to run into him again in the future he would do anything in his power to help him if he were to have any problems.

Next James felt that it was time that he look at the notifications that he got when he was in the middle with assimilating the knowledge that was given to him by Emry.

[Congratulations on obtaining the Pain resistance skill and reaching the entry level]

[Congratulations on increasing the level of Pain resistance to small success]

[Congratulations on increasing the level of Pain resistance to medium success]

[Congratulations on increasing the level of Pain resistance to large success]

[Congratulations on increasing the level of Pain resistance to the perfection realm, Skill level cannot increase any further until you unlock more system functions]

[Congratulations on evolving into Aspidochelone]

When James looked at the notifications he was just getting more and more shocked over time. he decided to look at the description of the Pain resistance skill then he would look more into the matter of him evolving.

[Skill – Pain resistance

Description – Reduces Pain felt by 70% when in dire situations.

Level – Perfection]

Although the description was incredibly short that was all that was needed. This skill would help James a lot when he was in a dire situation and he felt immense pain but he needed to move or run away like the time when he had fallen off the cliff.

Finally it was time for James to figure out what it was that he had evolved into, although he had a general idea of what he pictured in his head from the signs of vegetation that have started to grow on his back he still wanted to ask the system so he could get a description of his new race.

Can you show me the description of the race that I have evolved into Winter asked James.

[Race – Aspidochelone

Description – The Aspidochelone comes in many breeds that resemble the its much smaller relatives. Some have physical features more closely related to breeds of sea turtle, while others more closely resemble breeds of land turtle; there are even some that more closely resemble breeds of tortoise and terrapin.

However, the most obvious, distinguishing feature of the Aspidochelones already-large body from its much smaller cousins is its gigantic shell, which is home to an enormous island. Some sources believe that the island develops simply from the accumulation of earth and plant matter on the Aspidochelones shell as it ages. With such speculation, the Aspidochelone is no different than any other species of turtle, aside from its ability to grow to gigantic size. And as the earth and plant matter accumulate, eventually it develops to a point where it can sustain entire populations of life.

On the other hand, many believe that the island is part of the Aspidochelones genetic makeup from the start. In the case of these speculations, the Aspidochelone is a genetic combination of plant and animal nature. Again, either origin of the Aspidochelone is possible; in fact, some theorize that both origins are correct.]

James was happy with the change that had gone on to his body, he theorized that he was the land tortoise type of Aspidochelone since he didn have the futures of a sea turtle and he didn need to live in the water.

James thought that this was an incredible start to his reincarnation and he was very satisfied with what has been going on so far.

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