New life as a Turtle.

What\'s going to happen to me?

James Smith was sitting at his desk in his apartment playing some video games when suddenly he heard a growl come from his stomach.

Hmmmm I guess its about time I took a break to get some food thought James.

James got up from his chair and turned his computer off. As he looked around the room he noticed that everything had a layer of dust on it as it seemingly hasn been cleaned in a while. His thoughts were disrupted by how he wasn in the correct attire to go outside, so he needed to change his clothes and put some shoes on. He was currently just in some boxers. Once he was out of the house he walked along the sidewalk to the nearest convenience store.

”Ding ”

”Welcome customer ” as he opened the door the he saw a clerk standing behind the counter to his left.

James proceeded to pick out some food from some of the premade dinners that were there. There were a lot of choices ranging from steak meals to vegetarian meals. In the end he chose some chicken with rice and a bag of chips. For a drink he went for some coffee as he felt it was going to be a long night.

James was a professional gamer, as a living he streamed the games he played so that people around the world could watch. He wasn famous but he had a good following. It gave him enough money to get around.

Tonight was the night that he decided he was going to be doing his 24 hour long stream. he had to get prepared for it, well if you count getting prepared mentally that is.

”Have a great day ” said the clerk in a very monotone voice, he didn seem to fancy his job.

As James left the store he decided to eat in a nearby park since he didn want to eat alone in his apartment.

James saw an odd old man when he was walking on his way to the park. The old man had a long white beard and long white hair. He seemed to be malnourished and very skinny, but at the same time he seemed to possess some weird aura around his body that makes one think hes much stronger and healthier than he looks. James saw this but didn pay attention to it cause he thought who could possibly look like that and still be healthy.

When James walked past the old man looked at him and at this time James felt this old man could see through everything about him.

”What a pity to die so young ” the old man mumbled as he passed by.

When James heard this he turned around to look at the old man since such a sentence was weird and he didn understand what he meant. But when he turned around the old man was nowhere to be seen.

James didn think much about it and just continued on his way towards the park.

As he arrived at the park he found a bench to sit on and proceeded to eat his food. As he ate he saw many people come and go. Some looked at him but most just ignored his existence. His food was a little bland and the chicken was dry but overall it was a meal that satisfied his hunger and to James that is all that matters.

When he finished his food he looked up towards the night sky at the stars that were there and thought to himself I guess its time to go back, I have to get ready to stream tonight

So he slowly got up from the bench and stretched his arms and legs, then made his way back to his apartment.

On his way back he happened to see one of his old friends from high school walk into a clothing store and decided that he should say hello.

He looked both ways and when there were no cars he decided to cross the

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