This is the end of the story for this chapter,

what do Alia, Rose, and Maria look like to you … we think its cool but you should do a more in-depth description and thats all.

Mhmm … ok oh hi guys Im Lina my real name is Lifa this story is a fiction of my inverted stories i wrote this story because my husband who I saw only once when it was my wedding day and then for jobs abroad I live here with his parents and now I feel bored , my in-laws are nice people but because there is no one who can I talk them about my things and sometimes a tell them to my besties but not everyday because they are some private thing .

He and I rarely talk to each other and in a few months he will be back, so to free my insecurities I write very horney stories.

My husband is called Lee Yang he is a psychologist but also a businessman so he is always busy, but he finds time to call me the other day when he called me he told me he will be back in a month and stay here in China; I was very excited because I will see him after 5 years but also nervous because we have never had that bond as husband and wife. Since I have finished my law studies, I already worked in an office next to my house and in my free time I write The people I mentioned earlier: Alia, Rose, and Maria

they are my besties also they graduated in law and are married, with them I share everything and we work in the same office.

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