Until late 2009, I was still a virgin. I used to think it was cool to be a virgin (talk about my religious upbringing) until I realized everybody around me was growing up and losing their innocence, leaving me behind.

My story started several years ago, when I was still 10 years old. At that tender age, everything I knew about s-x was from tiny bits of information from much older boys, and preaching from elders and religious leaders that s-x is evil and we should keep away from it. Trust children, they only succeeded in making us very curious. We were living in a storey building of four flats then in the suburbs of one of Nigerias fastest cities. Each family lived in a flat. My family occupied the flat upstairs on the left, adjacent to the landladys flat. The family living directly below us downstairs had a girl called Tola, who was almost my age. We have something in common; while I was the last born of my parents, she was also the last born of her parents. There were many children and young people in the house then as all the four families in the compound had kids. We usually played together in the compound. She was a pretty girl. Now I could remember that she was fair in complexion. She had dimpled cheeks and long hair which her parents made into ponytails. She was my best-friend. Sometimes, Tola and I would lock ourselves in a room and play doctor and patient. I would be the doctor and she would be the patient. She would off her clothes and lay on the bed, then I would examine her. I could see the two tiny pink buds that would later blossom into unmentionables. Then I would see that narrow canal in between her legs with that little protrusion which would later be that wet, come-dripping, juicy pleasure filled well, called p—sy(the protrusion is the cl–t). Then we would change position. She would become doctor and I would become patient. I would remove my clothes and lie on the bed. Then she would examine my body, including that tiny, pointed stick that would later become the ultimate instrument of pleasure, the d—-k. Actually that was my first close examination of a p—sy. It was a childs p—sy and it was tiny. In our innocence, we would play on without understanding the functions of those organs we were playing with. Well, somebody soon taught me what the p—-sy was.

One of

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