My Untamed Demon

Chapter 3-Scavengers

She held a school map shed been given by the school security guard and she tried using it to locate her dormitory. Inside the building, she climbed the flight of stairs that led to a hallway and made to make a turn before she accidentally bumped into someone. She started to apologise as she helped the person pick up the fallen books.

”oh… Im really sorry, Ill get them for you ”

”its not your fault, I should have seen you coming ”,the girl croached down to help her. Natalie stood up to hand over the books to the girl shed crashed into.

”Im Kira James and you
e_ ” the redhead girl said extending her free hand to Natalie

” Im Natalie Hallows ”,she said as she took her hand for a light shake. She started to apologise all over again when Kira stopped her.

”You really don have to be… Im guessing you
e new ” she adjusted her glasses to fit her perfectly oval shaped face.

” Yeah, and Im… kinda having problems locating any dorm. Would you mind helping me out? ”, Natalie asked expectantly

” oh, sure, I wouldn mind at all and you
e just in luck. We finished classes already ”,she said with a smile.

” thanks ”.She was relieved to have gotten some help and fast.

” Do you need help with those ”, Kira asked looking at the luggages. She helped her with one and then led her out of the passageway. On their way to the dormitory, Natalie tried to take notice of the people around her. The school was really big, not bad at all, she thought. At a point she felt many eyes on them which made her a bit uneasy.

”Um… Kira? is it just us being weird or do new students get stares like this on their first day ”

”What are you talking about? ”Kira asked looking quite perplexed

”You know like_stares, we
e getting much attention than required ”

” Just ignore them, but I think its because of your hair ”

”My hair? ”, she stopped to look at Kira

” Yeah, I don think Ive seen any hair the shade of platinum ”, she replied thoughtfully.

”oh… ”, she didn say anything afterwards and she tried to ignore the stares like Kira said. Her hair had always been a wonder to her too. Neither her mom nor dad had the same color as she but her mom had told her once that shed gotten it from her grandmother whom shed never seen.

They got to the place and Natalie found out that the boys dorm was also in the same vicinity, almost a stone throw from theirs. The two buildings were bounded by a huge black iron gate. Kira helped her settle in and asked her to feel free to come by her room if she ever needed anything.

Kira handed her the schools schedule which contained her classes for the semester and then left her to unpack. Natalie took out her phone and debated on calling her father. At the end she put it back as she still nursed grudges against him. Soon, she drifted off to a deep sleep.

* * *

Davis Gallagher stood watching as his brother fed his boredom aiming knives at a tree. Derek skipped his classes a lot and didn care about the implication of things he did. As far as he knew, his twin brother was the last person on earth to follow rules other than his so he thought it right to be the sane one between them.

”Found anything yet? ”, Derek paused to ask his brother when he missed his next aim.

” Nothing more than the recent deaths in the woods ”, Davis replied

” Scavengers ”

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