My Twin (my crush)

I kissed her......

Episode 2

”You are such a strong boy ” the doctor remarked. ”tell me whats your name ” she asked. ”Alexander maam ” I answered. She gave a smile and asked me to get ready to take injection. I was not only a love coward but also scared of syringes. You could see my fear immediately I was told to get ready. She removed the syringe from its pack and filled it, tapped it and said ”here we go ”. A drop of urine dropped on my boxers. I even forgot my crush was present. It was to be inserted In my left hand cause the other hand was a passage of drip. I felt a sensational touch and you could tell. Rachel, held my right hand and told me to stay calm.

”All done ” the doctor said. ”wow, I almost didn felt that ” I said. ”you two would be good together but be careful, especially you, Alex ” she mentioned. I could only smile cause it made no sense to me.

Left alone with my crush who prefer to stare at the ground with her hands together. ”whats wrong ” I broke the silence. She raised her heads and I noticed she was weeping. ”hey ” I attempted to move closer but I couldn so she came closer to me. ”is anything wrong, why are you crying ” I asked. ”am sorry you had to go through all this because of me ” she said and busted. ”no its fine, i promise ” ”no, you do not understand. Have always been envious about you. Your last session performance was a smile on my face and….. ” I interrupted. ”am aware ” whereas am not. I cant stand her crying this much.

”those means nothing to me, its normal. I would do the same if I was in your shoe ”. She stopped crying and steadied her gaze. Before I knew it, she hugged me and this time the signal was more than anything. ”can we be friends ”, she asked and I smiled, ”we already are ”.

Knowing more about ourselves I got to know she was from a rich background, so am I. ”oh, my manners ”

I am CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER. 18+ with a perfect built body. Am the only child to MR & MRS. CHRISTOPHER. Although, am from a rich background but trust me am craving for love. My parents were workaholics, leaving no time for me. Since I could remember, have been with Mrs. Gold, a woman in are late 50s. She has been like a mother and a father to me.

My dad works for the FACO construction company, so he barely stays home. So as my mom, she works for the Standard Bank and also hardly stays home. I was a boy with everything but yet nothing.

So far so good …..

It was time for her to go home, to prepare for school. ”I will be the first to check on you after school ” she assured. ”Ill be waiting ”, I said. ”bye ” ”bye ” we exchanged. I laid my head to rest but suddenly, Rachel kissed me on my cheeks. Jeez first time Ill get pecked. I was speechless, my heart gave a slow lullaby. In fact I could not respond when she waved cause my hands were also blushing.

*** ***

Past 12, I was still expecting my parents. Sure, Rachel parent were also here. I was still in bed but kind of eager to see Rachel. Checking the time so often when the doctor came in. ”How old are you ”, she asked with some serious look. I was confused but I replied. ”are you a cultist? ” She asked another furious question. ”maam, I don seem to understand, if anything is wrong, please let me know ” I voiced. She gave a heavy breathe and spoke: in the diagnosis, I noticed your organs where new, like that of a baby. Haven you fallen sick before ”.

I thought for a while and it was strange but I hardly fall sick. Talking of hardly is once in three years. ”not really ma ” I replied. ”this is because theres something in your system that works with your immune, preventing any sickness and speeding up cure for injuries. Even when you were sedated, you did not use the normal hours before waking. ” She explained. ”oh, well am not a cultist ma ” I said. ”well, you would be released today, so prepare to go home ”. I was so glad to hear that, perhaps I can see go back to school. ”but take note, you are not normal ” the doctor said and walked out.

*** *** ***

After a warm welcome from grandma (Mrs. Gold), I was still expecting Rachel. I was in my room when I heard a horn at the gate. Immediately, I recognized our school bus, so I jumped out of the room and ran downstairs to fetch the door but grandma stopped me. ”don stress yourself ” she ordered me to sit and she fetched the door.

Exchanging pleasant with every student but I didn notice Rachel. ”wheres Rachel ” I asked but was disappointed with the reply. Thank goodness it wasn late when I noticed I had overreacted about Rachels a absence. ”Pes or god of war ” I switched on the ps5. The boys preferred staying with the game but the girls moved around the house, taking selfies with nice background.

After staying for almost two hours, they began to coordinate themselves in the bus. ”bbyyyeeee ”, they zoomed off. I waved with a smile but do down I wanted Rachel. I dashed to my room but suddenly remembered that I didn thank grandma for the nice welcome she arranged for my mates.

I got to her room and thanked her. ”you
e such a good boy ” she cracked with her granny tone. Going back to my room when someone knocked. I went for it and … it was Rachel. I stared for about a minute before she talked. ”come in ” I said.

e late ” I said as I closed the door. ”sorry, I had to take permission from mom and dad ” she cleared. ”How are you feeling now. I was surprised to hear that youve been discharged ” she included. Grandma came downstairs and she was pleased with Rachel. ”I overheard what you were saying, I like her. Shes a good and well trained lady ” she remarked.

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