Somewhere deep in a pitch-black void.

[Oi, Wake up.]

A voice sounded out in the void but was a little muddled. The voice was directed at a body floating in the endless black space and appeared to be sleeping. The person didn seem to have heard the voice that was calling out to him and tried again.

[Oi, I said, Wake up!]

This time the voice increased in clarity. The person did seem to react a bit to the voice, but still went on to sleep. So, the voice tried again one last time.

[Oh, brother. WAKE UP!]

”Huh?! What?! Who said that?! ”

The voice of a young man suddenly yelled out in the middle of the void. His voice echoed throughout the void that seemed endless. He started to flail his arms and legs around like a fish out of water.

”What is this place?! Where am I?! Who are you?! ”

The boy screamed out of his lungs.

[Woah, Woah, Woah, calm down, friend. Caaalm down. I mean you no harm.]

Hearing the voice that seemed to come from every direction of the black void, the young man started to panic a little. He thought he was starting to hear voices in his head. The mysterious voice came again and tried to calm him down.

[Hey, hey, its okay. Breath. Just… breeaath.]

The young man, who was on the verge of hyperventilating, did as the mysterious voice said and he started to breathe in and breathe out. He did this for a couple of more seconds, and the mysterious voice came back.

[There ya go, my friend. Take your time to get your bearings, and then well begin.]

A few minutes went by, and the young man got his act together. He looked around him and saw nothing but an endless black space. He didn know if he was up or down, as he was floating in this dark void. Feeling ready to interact with this mysterious voice, he cleared his throat and spoke in a low tone very nervously.

”*Ahem*, H-hello? ”

[Have we finally calmed down?]

The young man was still a bit nervous hearing the mysterious voice that came from all sides, and he continued,

”Y-yeah. Thanks for the, uh, thanks for the advice, mysterious voice in the void. ”

[No problem, friend. So, are ya ready to begin?]

”Uh, yeah. Lets, uh, lets begin. ”

The young man frowned when he said that, as he didn know what the mysterious voice wanted and just mentally prepared himself for what was about to happen.

[Good. So, allow me to properly introduce myself. *Ahem*, Hi, I am Death. And you are?]

The young man was a little stuck at the moment when he heard the voice introduce himself. Death? The mysterious voice was actually Death? The young man couldn comprehend what he had just heard now, and he wanted the voice to repeat what it said.

”Umm, if you don mind, could you repeat that again? ”

[Uh, okay? Hi, I am Death. And you are?]

It seemed like his ears didn deceive him. Death was actually talking to him! The Death! The young man felt like hyperventilating again. But he quickly calmed himself and resumed the introduction with the voice that was supposed ”Death ”. At first, the young man didn know what to say next, and his mind was a bit confused, so he just winged it.

”So, umm, you
e Death, huh? ”

[Yep. That I am. The one and only. Uh, you still haven told me your name, though.]

”Don you know my name? ”

[Oh, I know your name. I just wanna know if you know your name.]

”Oh, uh, my name is, uh, uh…. ”

The young name took a while to remember his name, which he found strange. Why couldn he remember his name?

[Its okay. Itll come to you. Just give it some time.] Said the voice called Death.

The young man nodded his head and kept thinking. It took him a few seconds before he finally remembered it.

”Oh, right! Ronan! Yes, thats my name. Its Ronan. ”

[Ronan, huh? Thats a nice name.]

”Yeah, it, uh, means Little Seal in Irish or something. ”

[Mmm. Interesting. Well, anyway.]

With the introduction out of the way, the voice called ”Death ” began with what it wanted to start with.

[So, Ronan. Do you know why you are here?]

The young man had an idea why he was here, as he was literally talking with Death. But he decided to hear it from Death itself.

”Uh, no. No, I don . Is it, maybe, bringing me to the Afterlife? ” Asked the young man, with the hope that he was actually going somewhere other than a certain place.

[Uh, no. Not the Afterlife. Although thats actually what Im supposed to be doing, I have something different in mind.]

The young man was a little nervous when the voice said it so mysteriously. What could the voice that called itself ”Death ” possibly have in plan for him? The young man couldn help but ask.

”What else do you have in mind? ”

There was a slight pause after he said that, and then the voice spoke.

[Im gonna give you…]

The voice suddenly trailed off, leaving the young man in suspense. What was the voice going to give him? The young mans heart couldn help but beat ferociously. He gulped in a mouthful of saliva and prepared himself for what the voice was about to say.

[Im going to give you… a second chance.]


The young man had a confused expression on his face. His mouth was a bit gaped, and he said with a heightened tone.

”Run that by me one more time. ”

[You heard me. I am going to give you a second chance.]

The voice repeated with a hint of excitement. Meanwhile, the young man still couldn believe what he had just heard. A second chance? A second chance of what? There were so many questions bubbling in Ronans mind right now, as he just floated there in the endless space, doubly confused.

”A second chance of what? ”

[To live, of course. If you
e thinking about me sending you back to earth, you
e wrong. What I mean is giving you a second chance to live in a different world. A world that is vastly different from Earth. A world that is filled with things that would only be described in your world as Fantasy.]

Ronan still couldn believe what he was hearing. The voice was going to give him a second chance to be reborn in a different world than Earth! A world filled with, that could only be described as fantasy! The young man was at a loss for words. But somewhere in his mind, a question suddenly popped up in his mind.

”Wh-why me? ”

[Why you. That is the question, isn it?]

The answer The Voice gave was quite vague. He was a bit upset that it couldn give him a straight answer and he asked a different question again with a suspicious tone.

”Wait a minute. You
e not doing this just because you
e bored, are ya? ”

[Bored? Bored?]

It seems that the voice was a bit taken aback by the question that Ronan asked and continued.

[Do you who you
e talking to? Im Death. I am literally the busiest being in all of Creation. I-I-I have no ounce of sleep, even though I can actually sleep, but what I mean is, I don have any off days. At all. Do you know what it feels like? Doing the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again! For Eternity?! HA! Bored.]

The voice was silent for a while, when Ronan then asked a simple question.

”Well… are you? Bored? ”

[*Sigh*, maybe I am a little bored, but thats not why Im doing this. Im doing this for a different reason.]

”Oh, ok. Cause I thought, yknow, you would be, uh, looking for some way to entertain yourself or something. ”

[in what way?]

”Yknow, like using me as a sort of form of entertainment. ”

[Tch, No. Im above those childish games that those so-called ”gods ” play. As I said, Im doing this for a different reason. Satisfied?]

”Yeah, sure, I guess. ” Ronan shrugged his shoulders. He was still a bit skeptical, of course. Because The voice still hadn told him why he was given a second chance at life, but he let it go for now.

[Good! Now, let us begin by sending you to your new world. But first, let me introduce you to your very own… System.]

”Wait, are you serious? Im, Im getting my own System? ”

Ronan couldn contain his excitement this time. He was going to get his very own System! Something that he had fantasized about since he was a very young boy.

[Yes, you are. Congratulations.]

”Uh, wha-what kind of System is it? ” Ronan couldn help but ask, trying his best to contain his excitement.

[Well, its a very powerful system, as it needs to be, cause the world Im gonna send you to is gonna be filled with a lot of powerful beings. And you need to be really powerful yourself to be able to overcome these… obstacles. Do you understand?]

”I understand. ”

[Good. Oh, and, uh, before I send you, let me give you a warning first. As I said earlier, Im going to be sending you to a world that you could only describe as fantasy. So, theres going to be magic, magical beasts, magical people, and magical people who are not human…]

”I know, I know. I read a lot of web novels. I know who or what kind of humans and non-humans I might encounter. ”

[Good. And also, you
e gonna see a lot of good things, and fantastical things, and a lot of beautiful things. But also… you will see a lot of bad things, a lot of horrible things, and a lot of evil things. Yknow that, don you?]

”I know that too. And I know, Ill probably not gonna be ready for what I am about to experience. But Im not gonna let any of those things stop me from living my life. Believe that. ”

[Well, I believe ya. And I promise you, with that System…, nothing will be able to stop you from living it.]

And with that, a light started to surround Ronan by his feet and spread throughout the endless darkness. The bright light began to slowly engulf him, and he began to hear faint voices in the distance, but couldn really make up what they were saying. But before he was completely swallowed by the light, he yelled out loud.

”ODeath! Will I be seeing you again?! ”

[In time, Ronan! In time!]

The voice called ”Death ” replied.

Ronan then gave a smile and was completely swallowed by the bright white light on his way to the New World, leaving behind the endless Darkness that was present in the beginning. The mysterious voice just stayed in silence for a while and sighed.

[*Sigh*, well…, Im alone again. Ha, bored. I can entertain myself just fine, thank you very much.]




[*Sigh*, fiddlesticks.]

Meanwhile, on a distant planet, in a forest, by a small lake, a beautiful red-haired woman is giving birth.

”Ggaaaahhhhh!!!! ”

The woman screamed out loud that you could hear her voice throughout the entire forest. She could feel the baby drawing closer and closer.



”Come… on, Elizabeth! Hah, hah, you… can… do it! ”

She grabbed a handful of dirt and continued to push. Veins started to bulge on her forehead and her arms as she went through a grueling experience.

”Ggaaaaahhhhhfffffuuuuucccckkkkk!!!!! ”

The woman gave one last push, when suddenly…

”Waah! Waah! Waah! ”

A baby started to cry, and the mother used all her strength to pick up her newborn baby. By some mysterious power, the baby started to levitate toward Elizabeth. She took a piece of cloth that she put aside and used it to cover her baby up. She took her baby in her arms, and a gentle smile appeared on her face.

”You… are so beautiful, my little baby boy. You look just like your father. ”

Her entire face and body were drenched in sweat. Her eyes seemed to be a bit hollow like she hadn slept in weeks. She took the babys hand with her pinky and the baby started to squeeze her pinky, to which Elizabeth started to smile. The baby opened his eyes a little but closed them again. She could see a hint of green in his eyes.

”Now, what to name you? ”

As she was thinking of a name for the baby, Elizabeth suddenly heard a small voice in her mind that was so subtle, she could barely hear it. She thought that somebody was there with her, but she found no one. However, she could still make up a single word that the silent voice said in her mind.

”Ronan. That will be your name. Ronan. ”

She then kissed the babys tiny head, and the baby showed a little smile.

”Elizabeth! Elizabeth! ”

A mans voice came from behind her. The man saw her laying there and immediately rushed toward her, and gently picked her up with the baby still in her arms. He looked at the red-haired woman, who looked barely alive, with a face full of distress.

”Are you both alright? ”

The beautiful red-haired woman smiled weakly and looked at the man with the baby in her arms.

”Yes, husband. We are. Look, he is fine, and he is strong and healthy. Just look at him. ”

The man, who was the father, looked at the baby full of love and affection. A tear could be seen falling from his handsome face. He called upon his majestic-looking horse, and the man took his wife and his son to the safety of their kingdom. Meanwhile, inside the sleeping babys mind…


[Primordial Dragon System! Initiated!]

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