My Cursed Academia

Torture Prison

It had been nearly a month since the academias had both started, and life hadn been going so easy for Yami. She didn fit in it all, and everyone despised her, even the teachers. However, Sachiko remained a friend and Mari and Akuji were neutral. She kept failing the classes, but Sachiko had helped her a bit with the Syrums Class. The two girls seemed like a completely different species than everyone there, although most of them were human.

Kirai hadn bullied her for a few weeks now, which Yami appreciated. However, she still hated the guy and wanted nothing to do with him. She was with him in Physical Class, and he was a quiet, serious person who didn speak often. Because hes a bully…I have no respect for him! Hmph! Yami had thought one day.

And since it had been a month, the exchange groups times came in, when the two schools combine and work together. The students would help each other on different assignments and quests they had to do to confirm they were not holding a grudge against each other. However, this system obviously would not work out because both sides were equally stuck-ups.

The air was cool and crispy as the fall season set in. Yami stayed close to her dorm group consisting of Akuji, her, and Mari. Rosa lead all the students to the large gate that separated the light from the dark. Yami had started to see the light. Pure light. Her eyes felt extremely hot as she stared at the sun for the first time in forever. She smiled but quickly stopped as she saw the students around her, looking disgusted. They all hated the sun. Stereotypes, Yami thought.

They stopped at least 20 feet before the large gate. They heard walking over the gates, as they were very close, and heard nothing then except for the old gate that had started to open. A woman with silver hair, tight, pearl-white clothes and uncomfortable high heels stepped in, watching out for dirt. She stared at all the dark students and frowned, starting to speak.

”Im Mei, Ophelias assistant. Unfortunately, she cannot be here today, as she has head duties she needs to take care of. Now. Find a group of two in your academy. Quickly, please, ” Mei said and all of the sudden the light and the dark students quickly found partners. Yami got with Sachiko and grinned, happy that she would at least be with her friend.

Then her heart thumped as she thought about Jae and Yuki. They would be there. She would see them. What would they think of her? Well…she did feel the same…but the fact she was in the Dark Academia would surely ruin things.

”Alright. Good. Now, I will select you with two other students from this academy. ” Mei said, and everyone nodded, except for the Dark students who rolled their eyes. However, Yami and Sachiko were the ones to nod.

Yamis gut felt like it was twisting. What if she was partnered with Jae and Yuki? That would be…well, interesting. She felt the odds were incredible, but still…

”Alright. Jae, Yuki, with Yami and…Sachiko. Okay, there. ” Mei had finished saying to two figures in the distance. Yami felt her knees buckle, her eyes bulging, her arms shaking, her head spinning. She would now have to face her two old best friends…this would not end well. The odds had been against her.

”Um, Yami? You okay? ” Sachiko placed a hand on Yamis shoulder after what seemed like forever. Yami snapped out of her stage and got back on track.

”Yep. Fine. ” She said casually, and Sachiko raised an eyebrow but did not question. The figures, Yuki and Jae, slowly walked towards them. Yami gulped snd felt sweat pour down her forehead. She was full of adrenaline; her heart pumping, knees buckling and such.

”Ew…Yami?! ” It was Yukis voice. Yami looked up to see Yuki. She looked different, she had even more makeup on. She looked high-class and…snooty. Sachiko raised an eyebrow again but stayed silent. ”What happened to you? ” She asked, horrified.

Jae looked the same, and he even looked at Yami without flinching. ”Hello, ” He waved, and Yami felt a rush of warmth as she felt comforted Jae was still the same. But Yuki? Boy…she was…weird.

”Don . ” Yuki said, stopping. She sneered and Yami turned away.

”Alright; you got your groups, all good and nice. In the next month, youll be working with them to do a quest: survive in a forest for 3 days. Anyways, youve got to go back to your schools. Thank you for your time, much appreciated. ” Mei said, and the schools sepereated as they went into the seperate paths.

One for evil and one for good. One for light and one for dark.

When Yami had gotten back to her dorm, she locked herself in the bathroom that was there and had a breakdown. Yuki was now a rude bossy popular girl, but Jae was the same. She had hoped Yuki wouldve liked her still, but no. Sachiko had tried to help out but it wasn enough.

What had caused Yuki to be so toxic? Yami didn understand and just wished she could have her old life. Or maybe she would be at the Light Academia spending time with Jae and Yuki. Yuki would still be that sweet, quiet girl she used to be. What had happened? Maybe Jae knew…Yuki should be still the same..but whatever had happened hadn been good.

Yami hated this school and her life. She would want to find a way to get things equal for each individual. She had to, it only made sense. Yami would make things fair. She wad done with this, even though she had only been at the school for one month.

And from this day forward, that was her goal, and no one could stop her.

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