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Yami had only had a few hours of sleep before the sound of screeching crows woke her, Akuji, and Mari up in a second. It was still very dim outside; there were dark clouds forming ahead. Yami rubbed her head, as it was quite sore, and sat up in her dusty bed. She turned to see Mari already up and going, dressed in her baggy uniform. Akuji was stretching and whimpering slightly. Yami decided she would try to make the best of the day, so she hopped off the bed and went to her bags, but then remembered her uniform was in the drawer.

”Cmon, dummy. Don take so long, or youll be late! ” Mari bugged. Yami felt her eye twitch as she finished putting on the cape of her uniform. Mari was being very annoying so far. She was always acting like she was above Yami. Well, maybe she would stop being like this soon; after all, they had just met.

Yami had already known that breakfast was the first point in the day. She tried to look confident as she walked through the dark, haunting halls of the academy. However, she just kept getting let down by the thought that she should be at the Light Academia. She didn feel she fit on; and the truth was, she didn . This wasn her place and it would never be.

The people in the halls all had the same uniform on as they walked. They all looked very unique, actually. One boy had devil-red skin and grown devil-horns. Oh my, Yami thought as she felt even more weird. There were people with horns, red eyes, broken noses, eye patches, and way more Yami should not count. They all looked actually…evil. It wasn because of their appearance, which did not matter, but it was their expression. They all looked proud and haughty; lips curved into a smirk; eyes narrowed at everyone before them. Even meaner than Mari was, to be honest.

One boy with piercing white hair and bloody-red eyes glared at her as if to say, What are you doing here? You don fit in. Yami gulped. No, she didn want to be like these people, but she did want to at least be liked, not hated. She continued walking to the main breakfast hall.

The hall was filled with unique students. It was tall and shaped to look like an eery cave. Stereotypes again—I just don get these things! Yami thought as she passed through to get in line for the breakfast. She attempted to look over someone to see what they were serving. However, the person in front did not like this. They turned around and punched Yami!

Yamis breath was gone for a few seconds. She felt her stomach churning as she got pushed way back into the back of the line. She coughed and tried to breath deeply as she assessed what had just happened.

The person in front had punched her way back. She was hurting. This broke down her confidence until she noticed the person who had punched her was the boy with the white hair from earlier! She boiled up with anger and pressed her fists together. This guy, and not anyone, had the right to bully her!

However, this was the Dark Academia…it was well expected.

Not even thinking, emotion over body, Yami ran towards the boy just as he was about to get his lunch. She aimed to punch him as he had to her, but before she could even punch him she was stopped. It was the boy. Ugh, Ill just try to—

”You shouldn go trying to punch people around here, in this academy. Its a bad choice, if you ask me, ” He said. He then let go of Yami and she shivered. This guy? He was creepy!

”Hmph. Fine! ” She retorted, and the guy sighed. ”Whats your name, bully? ” She asked, not even caring this might offend him. She was too angry to even think right. This school so far was not very friendly…

”Please, don mess with people. But anyways, Im Kirai. And you… ” He raised an eyebrow. Yami rolled her eyes, hating this guy. He was legit the worst because he had legit punched her flying.

”Yami. And I hope we never meet again! ” She huffed and walked away, not even bothering to get the breakfast. She went straight to her dorm and waited for the next period.

”Oh, just take apply the, erm, spiders to the bag and make sure they, erm, don bite and…er… ” Professor Ersula explained in her English accent as Yami and the class attempted their first Syrums Class. The Professor was, well, quirky and very clumsy. Not what Yami would expect from a Dark Academia professor, but it would do.

However, Yami was too afraid of spiders to even pick it up. Sure, you didn have gloves, but all she had to do was pick it up…right? No, because whenever she tried to touch it, it twitched. She was internally disgusted and immediately hated this ”Syrums ” class. Didn even care about her ”grades ” or ”results ”, she just did not want to touch the spider.

The girl next to her had bright blue hair and pitch black eyes. She had dark brown skin and heart-shaped lips. Her fingernails were quite long but she looked neutral. She was staring at the spider on Yamis desk, maybe trying to find a way to help the conflict. She tapped on Yamis shoulder. Yami looked at her, pleased she had something else to do than to stare at a spider.

”Hey! You fraid of spiders? ” She whispered.

”Yeah… ” Yami whispered back, ashamed of herself. It was so weird to say in a class who probably admired spiders. The girl smiled and nodded, and reached out to pick up the spider on Yamis desk and put it in her bag.

”There! By the way, my names Sachiko! You
e Yami, right? Heard about ya! Wanna be friends? ” Sachiko said with excitement, not even bothering to whisper by now. Professor Ersula looked at them with a raised eyebrow. Quickly, Yami nodded.

”Anything going on there you want to, erm, share? Im sure everyone would like to, erm, hear.. ” Ersula said. Sachiko quickly covered for Yami and answered in a snap.

”No, nothing. Just helping her get the spider into her bag, thats all! ” Sachiko smiled and Ersula grimaced. Okay…Ersula did have some Dark Academia spirit in her.

”Remember, a Dark Academia student only cares about themselves, erm, and no one else. They work for themselves, erm… ” Ersula said, glaring at both Yami and Sachiko. She suddenly seemed like a very evil teacher. ”If you don follow that, youll be sentenced to one week in the Torture Prison. ” Sachiko and Yamis eyes both widened. Torture Prison?! How much worse can this school get?! Stereotypes!! Yami thought as she tried to take her mind off the disturbing comment that Professor Ersula had made. She kept her head down as she continued to go on with the Syrum.

Yami had only three main classes in total. Syrums, History of Evil, Basics of Evil. Those were her most important ones, and to everyone around her. The side ones were taught by the three main teachers of Syrums, History, and Evil Basics. Yami now predicted she was going to her second main subject, History.

As she walked in, she noticed Rosa was there, and she looked like she was helping out a student with something. She was the only teacher Yami could trust, as she had met her before and she seemed quite nice, to be honest.

Yami sat down in an empty seat and waited a while until Rosa was ready to speak. It took a few minutes, but eventually it came. ”Hello, my students. As you know, Im Rosa, your headmistress and professor. I will ask all of you to zip your mouths shut and not speak during this time. You hear me! I hope you do! Now, quickly, you have 5 seconds, to get to page 1 of your Evil Historia book. Now! Chop-chop! ” Rosa said gruffly. Startled by her impatience, Yami quickly got out her Historia book and opened to page 1.

”Alright! Good. Now, Genine, read. Now. ” Rosa pointed towards a girl in the back with sickly green skin. The girl stuttered out the first paragraph of the last page of the book. Rosa looked highly disappointed and angry at how the girl did not listen to instructions. ”I said read the first paragraph! Now! ”

After that, it was Basics of Evil. However, the class had to be canceled due to the professor being sickly. Instead of going to do that, they had to do extremely aggressive athletic activities to strengthen their minds and physical bodies.

Soon it was the end of the day, and when Yami came back to her dorm she fell onto her bed in a heap of tiredness, exhausted.

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