My Cursed Academia

Limits and Stability

Just forget about it. Mari was never nice to you anyways. Just don . Think. About. It. Yami thought as she dug her fork into her spam musubi, (a snack and lunch food composed of a slice of grilled Spam sandwiched either in between or on top of a block of rice, wrapped together with nori in the tradition of Japanese onigiri.) No one knows, its only between Rosa and I, just breath and stay calm.

She felt intensely bad for Akuji, as she had not told her anything about what had happened. She simply could not. Rosa told her to promise that until they could have a proper funeral for Mari. So instead of telling Akuji straight to the face, she had told that Mari had to go for a few months to situate things at home. Akuji, being unknowing of the world, had simply nodded and went on with her day. Of course, this had made Yami feel even worse.

The lunch room was loud and noisy. Students called out rude names to each other, threw foods at the cursed lunch women, and sat together in large groups, discussing disturbing things. Yami continued to be silent as she ate her sam musubi.

After a few minutes, she felt someone sit next to her. She turned to the right to see Sachiko there, bandaged and scratched. Her cornrows (braids, otherwise known as scalp braids) were still flawless. Her eyes looked tired and sleepy, bags forming under eyes. She looked worried but seemed to attempt to be positive and encouraging.

”Hey, Yami, ” She said, not bothering to speak about the Torture Prison event. Her eyes stared into the sandwich she was holding as she zoned out, waiting for an answer.

”Hi, ” Yami replied. This felt quite uncomfortable, so all she did was continue eating her food. The hall had almost felt, well, less silent as they didn speak much towards one another.

”I hope you don mind me sitting here…? ”

Yami whipped her head around to find that boy with the white hair and red eyes standing there, tray in his arms protectively. It was Kirai, of course. He had the status of being one of the most popular and most outstanding student at the Dark Academia, whilst Yami failed her every subject. She had no idea why he, the most popular amongst girls and boys, was asking to sit with them, the most worst and most failed Academia students.

”Fine. As long as you don punch me again, ” Yami huffed and stuck her nose in the air. She could see, from the corner of her eye, Kirai smiling slightly. He was actually kind of…cu—

”I promise I won , ” Kirai promised, and picked up his own spam musubi and ate it as well. The rest of the lunch period was silence for the three, if you don half of the school screaming everywhere. ”And forgive me for that. Im hard to get around. ”

Yamis cheeks felt hotter than before. Perhaps it was just because he was apologizing… ”Its fine, i-its okay, ” She stuttered, and Sachiko raised an eyebrow in question. Sachiko smirked as she saw Yami doing what looked like blushing. ”I mean, its fine. Just don do it again! ”

”Yeah, please don , ” Sachiko stuck a tongue out at Kirai. ”If you do, Ill kill you, ” All Kirai could manage was a small laugh.

”You aren even at my level. Nice try, Sachiko-chan, ” Kirai said arrogantly. Sachiko rolled her eyes and the group continued their meal. Something popped up in Yamis mind about the next class and its perks.

”So, my next class is Yukina-senpais, right? Basics of Evil? ” Yami questioned, and Sachiko and Kirai nodded. ”Okay, Rosa told us that our magical abilities would come here—like, we would learn them today? Get powers today? ”

”You are correct, but you
e thinking its easy, ” Kirai commented, and corrected Yami. ”Yes, we will get them today. However, some get them late, some earlier. Plus, it takes at least a year to fully contain your natural ability, so it takes a while, ”

Both Yami and Sachikos eyes widened. ”Woah woah, thats longer than I expected… ” Sachiko exclaimed. The trio nodded in unison and quickly finished their meals completely so they could get to class on time.

Yukina Eguchi was the senpai, or professor, of Basics of Evil. The school hadn gotten a lot of her, since she was mostly sick and unavailable. However, today, she was here and they were going to find out what their lifetime powers were. To Yami, that was the only thing she cared about here. The magic. She tried to ignore that she was in the school of Evil…and that corruption would shortly come to her…

Yukina-senpai had the oddest features. Her eyes were large and wide, yellow as the sun. Her hair was as dark as the murky deep waters of the ocean. Her lips were thin and straight. She had almost no eyebrows, but she was quite tall and thin for a girl in her 20s. She was a stubborn woman and she liked to have things her way. Students say that she originally wanted to become a Light professor when she was young, but came to the Dark instead.

”Okay, quickly, get to your seats. Today is an exciting day for you all! ” She said, and stared at each of everyone intently. ”Sakira, are you wearing that hat again? I said it was disrespectful… ” Yukina looked at a girl with curly red locks, pale white skin, and grey eyes. She had a hat on with the symbol of a sun.

Stereotypes! What the heck— Yami thought as she postured herself to be straight, wanting to make a great second impression on Yukina-senpai. The girl, Sakira, quickly fumbled off her hat but groaned in annoyance. Under the hat revealed two, ugly green, spikes on her head.

Yukina-senpai nodded and smiled. ”You look beautiful. You know, ” She told the Sakira girl.

”I wish, ” She replied.

Yukina-senpai went on a talk for about thirty minutes about the reasons they had magic and how we should use it. ”To fight against the light. Darkness is our hope. We have to protect it, ” The professor had said. ”I hope your abilities will protect us, not hurt, ”

She then had to explain how you unlock your powers. This was a huge step forward, so Yami listened with great care, hoping to memorize every little detail. ”At around your age, the age you
e supposed to be here, you start to feel different. No, it is not puberty. It is your power, stirring inside of you. All you have to do is summon all of it by standing still, not moving one, little bit, ”

”Wow, thats easier than I expected, ” One of the students said. Yukina-senpai nodded.

”You all will be sent to separate rooms. There will be instructors in there, and they will help you summon your own magical ability. Alright, first up, Sachiko Gushiken, room 734. Kirai Kobayashi, room 735. Yami Hoshikiri, room 736, ” Yukina read a paper that was old and tinted.

The three got up and walked out of the classroom, and suddenly, as soon as they came out, Yami was in a damp room with almost no lighting. She tried to look around, but it was only dark. It was also very quiet. She suspected this room was the one that she would have to summon her magical ability with. However, there was no instructor, so she looked up.

A dark figure, as a spider, was sticking onto the wall. (And no, it was not Spider-Man!!) It looked spider-like, and Yami gulped, frightened as ever. She hoped it wasn actually there, and she could just…you know, summon her ability.

The figure fell down, and Yami stifled a scream. ”Child, just summon your ability, its getting quite annoying here, ” A raspy voice said snappily.

The light in the room adjusted a bit more, and Yami could see a woman standing there. She had pale white skin, black, smooth hair, and red eyes. She wore an elegant robe, black as coal and as mystical as night. She stood with her hands on her hips, and she stared at Yami with confusion.

”Just summon it, you, ” She snapped, and Yami flinched. The lights dimmed down and all was quiet. The woman, who somehow could transform into a spider, morphed and stuck onto the ceiling once again.

It was pure silence. Yami felt perfectly fine until the lights flickered, deciding to stay on. She could see her hands glowing with black. She looked up in terror to the instructor, who morphed right back into a human and started breathing heavily. ”You
e the child or war! Your magical ability is…is…dark divinity! ”

”What?! ” Yami yelled, feeling corrupted. She felt her yes bulge with pain, her head searing.

And all she remembered was darkness.

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