My Alpha Roommate

Tacos, Cashew, and Perfect Housewife

unter sat grumping on the couch like a moody dog looking at me with a pleading face. What the ** is he pleading for?

”Ok, you guys off to sleep ” Hunter said in a mom tone making me roll my eyes as if we are gonna listen to this man.

My boxes were all over the living room, which were mostly clothes, books, accessories, and my personal stuff. Hunter already set up the kitchen and living room making it cozy and all. I tell you, he is perfect housewife, who wakes up extra early to make breakfast for his husband and children and then cleans up the whole house and even makes a batch of cookies for his child but then ends up eating them all waiting for his husband to get home. I giggled to myself.

”No, thank you ” I politely smiled at him and finished eating my taco. Man, that was awesome, is there another one around here?

Searching for another Taco, I glanced at Scar who was practically kissing the floor, drooling all over it.

”No, there isn any taco, you already ate 6 of em, you
e gonna go to bed now ” He explained to me in soft tone caressing my cheek.

”But Im not sleepy ” I frowned making him pinch his nose. What? How do you force a person to sleep if they aren ? In fact, Im pretty hyped up right now, could go for a run.

”You can get some Tacos in the morning if you go to sleep when you wake up ” He said to me and I perked up at the word acos

”Tacos? Where are Tacos? I want them right now ” I demanded searching around the kitchen but they weren anywhere. Did this doggie just lied to me?

”Not right now, you can get them in the morning if you go to sleep right now ”

”So if I go to sleep right now, will you get me twenty hundred tacos? ” I asked him cheekily while he sighed and shook his head.

”No, you can ten, ten tacos ” He said to me and I looked at him like he lost his brain.

”Then nope, Im not going to sleep unless you get me at least 15 tacos ” I crossed my arms and looked at him with a challenge-me-if-you-dare look.

”Am I actually negotiating with my drunk mat- ” He said under his breath to himself but since Ive got super hearing I heard him, ”You know what? Fine, Ill get you as many tacos as you want but please get to sleep ” I smiled widely and squealed. YES! Tacos domination!

”Ok ” I shouted to him, falling on him, and fell asleep on his chest.

Hunters P.O.V

If you think, carrying two grown woman while they
e drunk and hyped up on energy, also when you don have a car and are alone is easy, think again.

With my precious mate on my back and her friend who matched her level of craziness and energy proved to be a little difficult. Whats funny is that her friend is a half human, half wolf, probably living among humans to lead a normal life. How I know this? Easy, being the chosen one and blessed, I can tell what the person is by the scent or smell they give off. Among many other advantages and powers.

I couldve used my power to just quickly get home, but I was enjoying my mate on my back very much, as she drawled figures on my back, her warm breath hitting my neck, her occasionally murmuring random stuff while her friend practically slept on me.

After a few time she got off my back and challenged her friend to a race, and they both started running wildly, tripping and then stopped to bully a random person.

Needless to say, it was hard but I enjoyed each and every second. Every second was beautiful and amazing when it was spent with my mate, my beloved.

Right now, she slept on me peacefully snoring cutely, I carried her in my arms to her room and placed her on her bed. I took off her shoes, and wiped her makeup off her face that I have seen her do many times before.

Tucking her in, I placed a light kiss on her forehead before I picked Scarlet from the ground and placed her on the couch, taking her shoes off as well, and placed a light blanket on her.

Standing in the shower, I run my hand through my hair feeling very relaxed and calm. Thats all I have ever felt ever since I have found her. Before her, these things felt very foreign to me, I didn even think it was possible for me to be calm and relaxed, all I ever used to do was just spend my days in strengthening my pack and making it the best. No matter how much I slept, I always woke up tired and grumpy, always snapping at people and being a rude asshole.

But meeting my mate, unlocked a new side of myself that I didn knew existed. I instantly turned into some whole new person in her presence, she is crazy but she is mine as I am hers.

I can for the day when she loves me as well and I tell her my reality.

e a **ing bastardo My wolf, Axel, said to me mad about the fact I didn sleep in the same bed as hers.

Learn some manners, Axel, we don sleep with a girl until they say so or give us permission. I tried to instill some manners into my wolf but he was a manner less horny piece of shit.

But I want to be with mate and cuddle her He whined making me sigh.

Same bud but we have to wait. The greater the wait, the sweeter the fruit.


End of chapter 6, hope yall liked and enjoyed.

With Love, Maia xoxo

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