My Alpha Roommate

Tacos, Cashew, and Perfect Housewife

”Hey, your face looks like someone has pooped on it ” Scarlet said to a boy was jerking off in the open and I laughed drinking my vodka.

”You look like someone straight out of a kids store ” I yelled at some girl, while Scar laughed her ass off.

I know we were being total mean bitches, but in our defense we were drunk, way too drunk, and also bitch+bitch equals to bitchx2

We were a deadly combo. No one messes with us, for they shall be murdered if they dare to.

”I love you, you
e an icon ” Scar murmured as she lay her head on my shoulder, while we sat on the floor our backs against the counter.

”I love you too, Scarly ” And then we bro fisted making explosive noises.

”Hey, can I stay over at your place? My mom has some dude over that gives me not so good vibes and I can beat him up because my mum will ground me ”

”Aww, of course you can ” I hugged her close to my chest and caressed her cheek.

”Hey! Dude! Check out these lesbos ” A guy pointed towards us and laughed to his friends.

”Heck yah dude! Whats next, they gonna make out or what? Fucking desperate whores, shameless and disgusting. They gonna ** next or what? ” And his friends laughed like it was the most funniest thing ever.

Patting Scar on her shoulder, she hiccupped and I laid the poor bean on the floor and rolled up my non-existent sleeves, which reminds me, WHERE IS MY JACKET? I got it on sale, dammit.

Walking up to the guy that pissed me off, ”Hey! Whats that? ” I pointed somewhere behind him and he turned his face giving me a perfect opportunity. Bringing my fist back, I punched this dude on his jaw and he fell on the floor not expecting the blow as Scarlet clapped and whistled from behind.

”You **ing bitch ” He cried pathetically as all his friends looked stunned. I smirked and the dude stood up angrily and came up to me.

”You will regret this, you **ing who- ” Before he could complete his sentence I kicked him in his crusty dick and he wheezed and fell on the floor clutching his genital. All his friends winced and immediately stepped back. I scoffed, some mf friends he has. While, Scarlet cheered even louder.

”And since we are all passing comments, let me pass one too, you look like someone who has a teensy weensy crusty lil dick, who haven got some in years, cuz no girl or boy wants to get near let alone get **ed or ** you cuz you
e so unlikable and pathetic like that. Also, you
e also a 27 year old freeloader who dropped out and then kicked out by his parents cuz they don want a dirty wet sock as their son, and your dad probably regrets not pulling out sooner and your mum wishes she was on birth control, and now you live off on your friends money or you probably do them favors and suck them off cuz apparently the only thing you
e actually good at is running your mouth ” I stated and everyone looked at me. The lil dick stopped moaning in pain and looked at me, his friends looked at me, the guy in the corner who was jerking himself also paused and looked at me, there was this threesome going on, on the couch they also stopped and looked.

The silence was broken by Scarlet loud laughs and claps as rolled over and slapped the floor guffawing. The guy on the floor shrieked and stood up hastily covering his pee pee.

”How the ** are you- how do you-WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU? ” He shouted with wide eyes and I walked up to and held his collar shaking him back and forth roughly and then punched him again accidentally. Sorry, my fist itched.

”Now, if you don make your face disappear within the next three seconds, you
e going to wish your daddy wore an condom, and I will hit your head with bottle and boil your teeth you, dirty underwear ” He got up and ran as if his ass was on fire crying loudly. Fucking baby.

Picking my vodka from the floor, I took a sip and returned to where I was sitting and Scarlet gave me a flower crown, I have no idea the ** she got it from but it was pretty, she placed it on my head and then bowed down.

e an mf Queen and have I ever told you how much I love you? ”

”Actually yes, but saying that again wouldn hurt ” I giggled and took another sip as my vision swayed and I laid my head on Scars lap. It was comfyyyy.

”I love you Queen ” She murmured and run her fingers through my hair.

”YES ” I just shouted while taking another gulp and then I hiccupped and laughed. Wasn this fun?

Now, where is this bootyful homo sapien?

Hunters P.O.V

If I could live in this moment forever, I would. My arms around her smooth waist and her arms around my neck as she rubbed against me and swayed her hips rhyming with the beat and jumped up and down. I felt happy, calm and at peace, now that I finally had my mate in my arms. I admired her and felt blessed. I thank Moon Goddess and giving me such a beautiful and wonderful mate. My wolf who usually howled and sulked all the time, now danced and pranced around in happiness.

Kiss her, My wolf, Axel, said out of nowhere making me pinch my nose.

Weve been over this bud, she can know about us yet. Well tell and kiss her when the time is right and that will be when she loves us.

What a load of bullshit, just kiss her then blame it on being drunk, shes our MATE!, I facepalmed myself and clenched my jaw that instantly relaxed on seeing the smile on my mates angelic face.

We can , shes human.

Make her wolf then, don you wanna know how her lips feel on yours? Her beautiful, red, plump, soft, tasty, delicious looking, worth licking lips I blocked my wolf out and cursed at him for making me think about that especially when shes drunk.

She took a big gulp and I looked at her in awe. For a tiny girl, she sure drank a lot. As I admired her, I instantly tensed up and I got attentive. Even my wolf got on position ready to shift at any time.

Alpha, apologies for disturbing, but we have noticed some wolves from the Steelclaw Pack getting out of the realm and they seem to be following the way you went, while our spy told us they were planning something, Ryder is on his way as we speak, and we
e guarding and on patrol My Gamma, Ava, spoke through the mind link.

The Alpha of the Steelclaw Pack, Landon and me have always been enemies since the great war and I was the chosen one and an Alpha. Who is this Landon? You may wonder, well to answer your question that mother **er is my cousin and he wants to claim my title and throne. What that **er doesn get is that he is no way near me. We established a treaty 47 years ago, getting sick of the child fight, but that bitch seems to be violating the treaty. How **ing dare he? My eyes darken and I clenched my jaw and fists. No one threatens my pack and get away with it, no matter how weak or strong the pack was. He is like a bone in my burger. One thing that I have learned over the years is that, you never underestimate your enemy. If he is capable of threatening you, he may be capable of something else too and Im not the one to take risks.

You with 25 warriors on the entrance, stay hidden and hide your scent, Nicolai on the back with 25, Reid with the rest of the warriors guard the pack house. I don want a single child, men or women of my pack hurt, make sure not one wolf enters our territory kill them on spot, keep the leader in the dungeon, I want him alive, guard every single entrance and back and increase the guards on patrol, not a single warrior hurt not even a scratch

I commanded her, and instantly relaxed on feeling Rileys hand on my shoulder as she squeezed and poked it, looking at me with a cute frown. I grabbed her wrist softly and dragged her off the dance floor, ”Listen Ley, I have to go and do some important last minute meeting right now, please stay right here, and drink your vodka, ok? I will back in ten minutes, please don go around fighting with objects and lifeless things, alright? And if you feel uncomfortable with someone or don like what their doing, **ing break their arm like you did to that guy back in third grade ”.

Placing a kiss on her cold forehead, I left the club, after seeing her take off a bouncer thrice her size, while being drunk af, Im certain she can take care of herself just fine. She a badass. My badass.

Making my towards an abandoned alley that I was sure no one came to I went inside and contacted Ryder, Where are you?

At your service, my honor And I turned around to see Ryder leaning on the wall crossing his arms and smiling at me. He instantly ran towards me and hugged me.

”Awwww, I missed you so much. Please don come back Im having way too much fun being head and all ya know? You should see Ava and Nicolai, they are such little shits, they keep talking shit behind my back, and don even listen to me. They don even do anything, and keep ganging up on me, please just fire them ya know? ” I pushed him back and rolled my eyes, I don know the ** I was thinking making this annoying shit as my beta.

”Ryder ” I said gritting my teeth, trying to focus on the situation at hand as he looked at me with a pout.

”Oh this cruel world, why must everyone be a meanie to me ” As he cried in his hands. Then his eye brighten as he looks up at me, ”So, how is our luna? ” he asked like a child asking for chocolate.

”Yeah, shes perfect ” I smiled at the thought of her, she probably at least got in one fight or punched someone by now. Once, she got in three fights in one night and how she managed to still stand without a single scratch was beyond me, you know since shes a human.

”Awwwww, can I see her- ” He was immediately interrupted at the sound of footsteps approaching the alleyway. I turned around to see 10 people blocking the alleyway while majority of them, 9, looked like they were about to shit their pants.

”This is the so called chosen one, our Alpha said to take down ” The confident one out of them stepped up and looked at me with a smirk. The nerve-

”Oh really? And who will take him down? You? Hahahahahahaha, nice joke, boy you look like a troll ” Ryder laughed and he was right, apart from their leader all of them looked frightened as **. I smiled at their fear.

”W-why the f-** are you smiling? ” The leader said, all traces of confidence gone, but now a nervous mess.

Feeling quite generous today, I shook my head and turned to Ryder, ”Kill all of them, leave the leader we take him to our pack and take care of him ” I leaned on the wall and watched as Ryder easily finished them all off. They all were **ing trolls, I expected better from Landon, if you challenge the chosen one, you at least make it good. This was a waste of my precious time which I could have spent happily with my mate.

The leader tried to run and I lightly punched the side of his head knocking him out as he went flying on the wall and fell. Pathetic.

”Take them back, and dump them on their territory, don cross the lines, we don give them any chance from our part for them to tell the chancellor, alright? Get back ” I patted his shoulder and he nodded at me.

”How do I take them though? My hands are too beautiful to carry their disgusting selves ” Ryder flipped his imaginary hair and poked his tongue out at the dead bodies. The ** is he so childis- You know what? Never mind, I need to get to my mate.

I grunted in anger upon hearing footsteps and saw wolves running towards us. I nodded my head at Ryder and he shifted and started killing them. One of them daring one came charging straight at me lifting his paw to slice my neck. I held him by his neck and crushed it, throwing him to the side as he died on spot. I saw more wolves charging in and took my shirt and jacket off, hanging it on the gate, wouldn want to get it bloody.

Flicking my wrists, and often punching and crushing their necks, I took all of them down and Ryder shifted back and smiled at me and nodded, giving me a thumbs up.

”Nice job Bruh ” He patted my shoulder and wore his clothes back, as I put my shirt back on. Maybe it was the fact that grew up with me and was like my second brother, my mom basically his, that we was so free with me and I tolerated him, otherwise hed be dead like these wolves on the ground.

Throwing him my car keys, ”Do as I said, I will come back after tomorrow, if there is any problem you know how to handle it, be safe ”

And with that, I made my way outside the alley, hearing him pouting and whining and something along the lines of making him do all the hardwork.

Time to get back to my mate.


Hope yall enjoyed 🙂

-With Love Maia, xoxo

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