My Alpha Roommate

Chapter 4 - Vodka, Unicorns and Friendship

I was stunned after Hunter left the room, **, my body and heart have never reacted to any boy like this until today. What the ** is wrong with me? I got out of his room and quietly went in mine almost breaking a lamp. Who placed this fricking lamp here?

There were boxes filled with my stuff everywhere, I huffed and looked at them wearily, this can wait, right now I was a wamen on a mission and that mission was to shower. I put my phone on the charger and shuffling from the boxes, I grabbed my towel, clothes, shampoo, and body wash and made my way to the washroom.

Tired. Me and my mind were extremely tired thats why it is going insane and having not-so-pleasant thoughts. I instantly relaxed under the cold water and massaged my hair with my favorite shampoo and smiled at the fruity scent. Sandalwood and Cinnamon, thats what he smelt like.

Quickly blow drying my hair, I got dressed in a loose sweatshirt and some shorts, gathered my hair in a low ponytail, and looked in the mirror, I smiled and winked at myself cuz ya gurl is hot.

Feeling oddly calm and satisfied, I could hear pots and cutlery clinking, probably Hunter making something. The thought of him cooking made me smile. Honestly, a beautiful man that was extremely hot and could cook? Goals, I tell you. But we still don know how he is on the inside.

For all I know, he could be a potential murderer or a serial killer, I gasped to myself, what if he is pretending to be someone hes not? What if he has a mafia ring and kidnaps girls then sells them? Naaaahhh, hes too bootiful to do that.

Or even worse, what if hes an animal pretending to be a human? I chuckled to myself and shook my head, I was really going insane.

I looked around the room and my bed was there already pushed up against the wall. Nice. I even had a decent-sized walk-in closet here, my own bathroom, and a big room. Sighing in happiness, I pushed myself on the bed. Is this what heaven feels like?

My phone ringed and looked to see my mom calling. I groaned and reluctantly picked up the phone.

”Hey, Mo- ”

”Hello, Riller. Yeah, how you doing? Ok, so I called to let you know that I and your father are moving permanently to Hawaii because we want to- never mind, and you
e now independent and have your own house now so you probably don need to know the address, hope you won bother us because we already have spent a lot on you, you know? And you need to let your good ol parents live without any worry ok? Contact me once in a while or actually don contact me just leave a message so I know that you
e alive and not dead, we don need police on our asses. Bye, sweetie, take care ” My mom said in a monotone voice and hang up leaving me stunned.

Wow! Best Parents Ever!

Shrugging off the entire phone call as it never even happened, I made my way outside my room. I have stopped letting them bother me a long time ago. My eyes are too beautiful to cry especially over them.

Entering the kitchen, my mouth was immediately blessed with the sight of him and with the aroma of whatever he was making and my stomach growled loudly as it hadn just eaten 4 slices of pizza just an hour ago. I was tempted to eat whatever he was making, but I didn want to seem desperate you know?

And also, Im a strong independent woman that could afford her own food.

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please ask me to join, please.

”You want some pasta? ” He asked me in his deep raspy voice with a smile on his face while he shredded cheese on the



”Sure ” I shrugged and pretended to be like I-m-not-hungry-but-now-that-youve-asked-I-wouldn -mind-some.

He put a plate in front of extremely beguiling looking pasta in front of me and my mouth had an orgasm at the wonderful smell. I looked up at him with wide eyes and saw him already looking at me with his strong gaze. I can never understand how tf can people read eyes and be like he looked at me with love and adoration or whatever, whenever I try to read peoples eyes, all I see is a damn pupil.

Looking at him skeptically, as I noticed he wasn eating, I got worried. What if hes added something fishy in this pasta as revenge for me eating his pizza? If someone ate my pizza, they wouldn live to see another day.

”Why aren you eating? ” I asked trying to be cute looking at him from under my lashes. If I died or something, I will take him down with me. I ain going down alone,

”I already ate before your arrival, I made this especially for you, ” He said shrugging his shoulders and leaned on the wall crossing his arms, and smiled at me. Aww. For me? Hes like a perfect housewife. Haha.

Stabbing the pasta with my fork, I moaned in delight as layers of flavor exploded in my mouth. Holy hell, he is next Gordon frickin Ramsay. Ok, I have decided hes my personal chef from now on, cuz I can eat takeouts daily, and the only thing I can successfully make is pancakes and toast. Occasionally, eggs if Im feeling fancy. Plus, Id pay him.

”Whered you learn to cook like this? ” I asked him as I enjoyed this piece of heaven and licked the fork.

”My mum ” He answered in a low voice. Is she…..dead..or something? I shrugged, that is none of my business.

”Yeah, she is dead ” He answered as my eyes widen and I immediately choked on the pasta. He immediately offered me a

glass of water, did he manifested that out or something? I took the glass and gulping down the water I looked at him with wide frantic eyes only to find him bemusedly smiling, cupping his chin with his hand.

”I-I sorry…I had no idea I said that out loud umm….I……there there ” I leaned forward and pat his shoulder to comfort him. He chuckled at my response and waved me off.

”Its alright, no worries, you want more? ” I figured he didn want to talk about that anymore so I nodded my head and he went to scoop me out some more pasta.

”So, um, since we are going to be living together for a while, why don we get to know each other? ” I started talking to befriend him. Hopefully, hed make more meals like this.

He raised his eyebrows and controlled his smile, ”Yeah? Ask away ” What is up with him and talking in phrases?

”Sorry, Im not just used to talking much ” FUCK! IS HE A MIND READER OR SOMETHING? I know I didn say that aloud.

”Are you a mind reader? ” I asked him looking at him with a questioning gaze.

”Nah, you are like an open book, too easy to read ” I scoffed and continue eating the pasta.

”What is your favorite color? ” He asked me first shocking me, cuz I thought Id be the one doing the whole talking.

”All shades of Red and Purple, yours? ”

”Hazel green ”

And so we fell into a long conversation, me occasionally cracking stupid lame jokes, and him laughing at them like they were the funniest thing ever. Him complimenting me in a flirty way and me failing at not blushing and winking at him instead. Hah, it was nice. I felt happy, calm, and at peace.

Time to ruin this peace with PARTY because I want some draaamaaa now.

So far, my adult life was going nice although it only has been a day, yeah. The real pain in the ass will start when I will have to search for a job but not today. Today, I need to party to celebrate my first day of adulting.

”Are you a party person? I don know if can keep being friends if you
e not ” I joked and he looked at me for a while before he smirked and stood up. He leaned on me like before in the room and my heart stopped beating for a while as his scent filled my nose.

”How about I take you to this club and show you instead? ” He suggestively asked me in his deep voice. And I pondered, so far he has been harmful, and I can always depend on my ninja-like strength.

”Sure, let me go get ready, meet you in 20 ”, I winked at him and went into my room excitedly. I haven touched a drop of alcohol in like over 11 hours and I was pumped.

Fuck, this was going to be sooooo good.


Im posting as frequently as I can before I get busy with my college, I hope you all liked and enjoyed this as much as I did.

And if you did, please vote, comment, and share my book with your friends 🙂

-With Love xoxo

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