Must Be… Love

I don\'t do love

relief, he didn realize how long he had been holding his breath.


Qin Empires

”Brother, I need help ” Xander voiced out. Meanwhile, the king was closing his eyes one would think that he was dead if not for his chest moving in a rhythmic order

”Br… ”

Okay, right now he could feel it. That dangerous chilly aura coming from his brother.

Xander still spoke anyway ”Brother I-I don think I can handle this responsibility, its just too much… please I have a better idea ” he paused for a moment and looked at the ceiling as if thinking of something, then he continued ”You
e in your late twenties, you
e mature enough for marriage. Why don you find a nice woman, fall in love, get married, and have a child that can carry on with the business ”.

He finally opened his eyes those scary midnight black eyes. His eyes were pitch black no single trace of any other color.

He tried to divert his attention from his brother

”Why are your eyes roaming? ” the iceberg finally spoke.

”Umm nothing, ” he said scratching the nape of his head nervously.

”Marriage… love ” he scoffed. ”One thing you should know is that I don do love ”.

God that voice, I hate that voice Xander said in his head How can someones voice be that calm and so dangerously chilly at the same time.

”Brother, umm… I have some work to attend to, see you later ” he said and he scurried out of the office until he bumped into a lean figure, his brothers secretary.

”Im so sorry sir, ” the secretary said

”Yeah yeah whatever, ” he said as he hurriedly walked through the door. He didn care about what anyone did as long as he escaped from that devil in the form of his brother.

”President sir, your meeting with the board will commence by eleven-thirt… ”

”Whats the time now ” he cut her in between her sentence

”S-sir its eleven- twenty ” she was glad that he wasn looking at her with those pair of devilish pitch-black eyes If not she didn think that she will be able to stand right now.

He looked like he was thinking about something else but whatever it was she was happy he wasn looking at her with those scrutinizing eyes of his which made her so uncomfortable.

This man was a work of art, a masterpiece so to say. It looked like God had personally taken his time to mold him.

Even Xander his brother looked a lot like him. They had the same eyes but it wasn as dangerous as his brothers. Xander was very handsome but in her twenty-three years of living, she hasn seen a man as gorgeously handsome as this man, not even a celebrity.

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