Must Be… Love

I don\'t do love

”P-p-president the b-board is waiting for you in the c-c-conference room ” the poor secretary stuttered as he informed the ice queen in the disguise of the president and CEO of Li corporations.

The queen herself was on the top floor the eleventh floor of the building which was where her office resided.

She was backing him looking at the amazing view from her large window. The moment he saw that she was about to turn to face him, he immediately closed his eyes to avoid eye contact with her beautiful, but deadly emerald eyes. Her eyes were like a forbidden fruit that one must avoid no matter how attractive and luring it was.

He was closing his eyes so tight that his long lashes were being swallowed by his eyelids

Why hasn she said anything yet? why is she keeping me in this suspense? she usually says something after at least ten seconds when I inform her about something. Has she suddenly turned from a demon to the devil himself maybe I angered her somehow, no…she wouldn get angry just because I informed her about the board, or maybe is there something behind i…

Before he could continue in his train of thoughts he suddenly felt the aura feeling way stronger like a very harsh and strong perfume but it was worst than that, this aura was choking him to death. Maybe she has passed he thought but why was it feeling way stronger every passing second.

He slowly but cautiously opened his eyes, when his eyes were fully opened he was faced with a pair of emerald cat eyes they were very cold he could feel shivers crawl under his fair skin. He swore that no amount of air conditioners could make him feel cold compared to her presence let alone her eyes.

He had to agree that she was very beautiful, no, that would be an understatement. She was a goddess. Her cat shaped eyes, her Emerald irises, pointed nose and her plump pinkish red lips were just so alluring

She was tall, almost as tall as he was. But he was a few centimeters taller than her. She had a lean and sexy body.

She looked intently into his eyes and his eyes quickly traveled down her curvy body and reached the ground in milliseconds.

Right now he wished the ground could open up and swallow him. He was close to melting like ice under the scorching heat of flames.

After what seemed like many hours, she finally spoke

”I can walk through you, you
e not a ghost neither am I ” she spoke in a calm yet chilly voice that shook him a little bit.

”Im s-sorry god… I mean p-president ” he said as he quickly stepped away from the door and she walked past him.

He let out a very heavy sigh of

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