Mr gu please be gentle

I Don\'t Know How to Moan

A melodious ringtone broke through the silence, effectively interrupting all conversation.

”Hello… ”

Su Zhes face darkened to a pitch black, knuckles clenching to a fist soon after he picked up the phone call.

He ended the phone call soon after and stared at Tang Moer. ”Xiaowan was attacked by one of the haters and she has been seriously injured. She is in the hospital. ”

”What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go to see her. ”

”Tang Moer, I want you to release a statement immediately. You need to clarify to everyone that we had already broken up and ended our engagement a year ago, then Xiaowan won be considered a homewrecker. ”

Tang Moer sneered at him, her lips curling in disgust. ”Do you think Im plain dumb or a saint like Mother Teresa? ”

e unwilling to do so? ”

”Did I not express myself clearly enough for you? ”

”Tang Moer, even though we are no longer together, our families are still old family friends. Im not going to cut all ties with you because of our family relations… but you had better not force me to do something well both regret, ” with the domineering attitude of a king, Su Zhe turned and stalked off immediately after speaking.

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