Mr gu please be gentle

Even the Largest Underwear Is a Little Small

The man shrugged indifferently, ”Seems like you
e ready to burden your mayor father. How unfilial. ”

Tang Moer was speechless. She couldn help it but feel angry and her pearly white teeth bit down hard on her lower lip in frustration. She glowered at him then stomped her feet in indignation. This bastard was so incredibly shameless it was unbelievable.

”Mister, are you intending to slander me? ”

”Gu Mohan. ”

”What? ”

”My name is Gu Mohan. ”

”… ”

Gu Mohan observed her, amused. She was so incensed she seemed ready to explode, her eyebrows furrowed and unforgiving. He found it strangely appealing. Though there wasn a significant effect on him, there was something about the way her eyes glistened, contrasting with how she chewed on her pursed cherry lips.

Her eyes were even more alluring. They were mesmerizing and full of emotion. She had the most beautiful eyes, they were not only bright and clear, it was as if her eyes had the ability to speak, they were extremely attractive and he found himself wanting to move closer.

She was still glowering at him like an aggressive kitten with claws. It was not painful, but rather like a negligible itch.

He pushed at the front door and walked in uninvited. ”I need a shower. Wheres your bathroom? ”

”… ”

Finding the bathroom, he entered before Tang Moer even had the chance to react.

”… ”

Tang Moer hunched her shoulders and sighed, cursing her misfortune as she stalked into the kitchen and rummaged for a glass. Su Zhe and Han Xiaowans betrayal had been only the beginning. Now she had even provoked a shameless stranger whod followed her home and refused to get out of her apartment. What filthy luck.

She gulped down some water, whipping around as she sensed movement behind her and almost spat out the water, thunderstruck.

The mans upper torso was exposed and radiating heat after his shower, a towel wrapped lazily around his well-defined hips. Tiny beads of water made their way down his body and her eyes trailed down, following them unconsciously. Perfectly tanned skin. Sculpted muscles in perfect proportion. His firm chest was a healthy glow with chiselled abdominals and long, masculine legs. With a body like that, any person would readily believe that he was a model who walked on runways and did exclusive photoshoots for high-end magazines.

Seeing such an attractive man striding out of her shower, she dropped her head and evaded his piercing eyes, flushing in embarrassment at her own traitorous gaze. She stammered, ”Why… why aren you wearing any clothes? ”


Gu Mohan observed as her cheeks turned a dark crimson and smirked, then commanded her with the arrogance and self-entitlement of a king, ”Pass me a set of clothing. ”

He dared to order her around?

Who did he think he was?

The media had always portrayed Tang Moer as an innocent, enchanting woman with a beauty that was out of this world. As long as she was willing, any man would bow before her to worship and cherish her for life.

However with this man, she was at a complete disadvantage.

She bit her moist red lips again and then pressed them into a firm line in determination, ”Why should I have to do that for you? ”

”Seems like you
e fond of my naked body. ”

Narrowing her eyes, Tang Moer grabbed her cell phone and made a call to her chauffeur. ”Hello Uncle Foo, please prepare a set of clothing for a man. He is around 1.9 meters tall. ”

She admitted her defeat. Was that enough for him?

”Understood, do you need a set of underwear? ”


Tang Moer instantly turned around, peering intently at the towel wrapped around his waist.

”Miss, may I know what size of underwear you require? ”

She winced as the embarrassing question reverberated across the living room as she had turned on the phone speaker accidentally. She lifted her head and reluctantly made eye contact with him.

He stared at her with a complex expression. He looked somewhat arrogant, and gave her a wicked, taunting smile, but otherwise said nothing, waiting.

The temperature in the room climbed drastically, warming the room in an instant, as Tang Moers heart skipped a tentative beat.

It was hard to control her innermost thoughts that were becoming decidedly inappropriate. How was he so good looking? He was born to be a sinner with that devilishly charming countenance of his.

She spun around again and secretly touched around her ears. Why were her earlobes so hot? Trying to keep her voice steady, she answered, ”The largest size. ”

Uncle Foo hung up the phone call.

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