Mr gu please be gentle

I Don\'t Know How to Moan

Tang Moer had truly become a better version of herself, blooming like a beautiful rose over the past three years. She had become more captivating, her ethereal beauty capturing many hearts. Her features had an undeniable appeal that was uniquely her. A pair of clear, mesmerizing eyes, flawless creamy skin with kissable, cherry-pink lips. Her beauty was to die for and she was naturally attractive to a countless number of men.

Being the fiancée of a person who held great power within Prevailing Entertainment, it was not uncommon to hear her name mentioned in casual conversation. The men would always look at Su Zhe with envy.

He wasn deaf or blind, he knew that powerful men in the company gave her a nickname — stunner.

How many men would deny the chance for a dance in the sheets with her if she was willing?

”Tang Moer, if Xiaowan is a pretentious b*tch, then you
e a real whore. Just how many men have you had unspeakable relations with? How many men have you played around with and slept with? I, Su Zhe no longer want to have any relationship with a promiscuous woman like you! ”

Promiscuous woman?

Tang Moer wanted to laugh out loud. She was suddenly reminded of the many ruths that were circulating in the media from her haters. Her captivating looks and meteoric surge in popularity had led to rumors about her using sexual favors to get to where she was today.

Was it her fault that she was was born with talent and blessed with an appearance that men found enthralling?

Why was she blamed when men were naturally attracted to her?

What was wrong with this world and its so-called values?

”Don you find what you
e saying rather hypocritical? Han Xiaowan is also a female celebrity, how are you so certain that she isn a promiscuous woman? ”

”Xiaowan is different, her mother is Qin Yawen! ”

Su Zhe paused for a second and considered Tang Moer. Tang Moer was also Qin Yawens daughter, but the way she treated her two daughters was as different as the heavens and the earth.

Tang Moer knew what was on Su Zhes mind. The word mother, had left her feeling bitter and resentful and her eyes sparked, then dulled into nothingness.

Her mother, Qin Yawen, was a veteran in the entertainment industry with great connections. She had introduced Han Xiaowan to the industry when she was a young girl and Han Xiaowan had grown up being known as a child actress. As she grew older, her roles were made for her, tailored to her skills as she had established her image long before.

What about her?

They were born from the same mother, but nobody knew that she was Qin Yawens daughter. There were no connections to appeal to, no support to be gained and no one to curry favor from. She had to depend entirely on her own efforts since her debut.

However, despite having no support from her mother, it only took two years for her to overtake Han Xiaowan in popularity. The irony of the situation was not lost on her.

Hearing his thoughtless words, Tang Moer realized she had lost the faintest spark of hope she had in Su Zhe. She no longer wanted to speak with him, but had to clear up other matters. ”So, you
e planning to snatch away my shares? ”

”Snatch? These are shares of Prevailing Entertainment and you should know how important they are to me. What use do you have for them? Are you trying to use these shares to tie us together so that youll still be a part of my life? ”

Tang Moer sneered disparagingly at his shamelessness. It really knew no bounds and he had culminated into a next-level jerk. The shares were hers to begin with, how dare he be so brazen and covet her shares.

e wrong. Im not using these shares to pester you and I have no interest in remaining a part of your life. You are the one pestering me over these shares. However, its rather interesting to see you and Han Xiaowan so hung up over the shares. ”

Su Zhes frowned but hid it quickly, using his long fingers to grab Tang Moers chin, pulling her face towards him. He gave her a dark, dangerous look, ”Tang Moer, you seem to be unwilling to give up on me. Do you still love me? ”

Their bodies were extremely close. A tantalising fragrance drifted into his nose, sweet and alluring. It was the scent of a maiden that he found incredibly hard to resist. It permeated all of his senses, drawing him closer and closer and the need to hold her close was overwhelming all sense of rationality.

Han Xiaowan also smelled good, but it was merely the unnatural scent of perfume. It wasn comparable with the purity of a maidens body scent.

Su Zhe felt his lower abdomen burning with contradictory desire. He cleared his throat and pulled back awkwardly in an attempt to gain a sense of rationality, though his eyes still burned as his gaze raked over her heatedly.

Tang Moer eyes were venomous as she took note of his pent-up state and saw the raging desire in his eyes. She was 21 years old and was no longer the naive, innocent girl she once was. She had secretly watched adult films with her best friend. How could she not be aware of Su Zhes response to her?

She raised a thin, elegant brow and opened her cherry-pink lips, voice almost dripping with undisguised sarcasm, ”Mr Su, you should just speak your mind. Why are you swallowing your saliva, are you thirsty? ”

Su Zhe froze, his face stiff and his embarrassment evident by the angry flush of his cheeks.

Tang Moer gazed at him searchingly, he really lacked restraint. Gu Mohan didn even blink when she exposed his… Wait a second, why was she even thinking about Gu Mohan?

She stepped away, avoiding his dirty hands from touching her with so much familiarly. ”Mr Su, youve insulted me and called me a promiscuous woman. Don you feel like you are contradicting yourself, by your obvious interest in this promiscuous woman? ”

Su Zhe remained silent, an unreadable expression in his eyes.

This was Tang Moer. Outspoken and arrogant, charming yet cold. Irresistible.

She was a rose with thorns.

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