Mr CEO wants a baby

Are you following me ?

Morgan rolled out of bed with the continuous buzz from his phone.

He didn intend to answer the call but it seemed like the caller was bent on ruining his perfect morning.

He angrier stretched out his hands, reaching the table and grabbing it quickly.

The expression on his face softened the moment he saw the callers ID.

” Morgan ! ” The man from the other side barked at once.

He was definitely not expecting the man to scream so much.

Morgan bit his lips, it was his lawyer, the only man that assumed the position of a father in his life. He was an arrogant billionaire but whenever it came to his lawyer, his heart always softened and he began to act like a kid who loved his father dearly.

He didn get to experience that fatherly love from his biological father who was a coward but all the day there was nothing he could do about that.

” You
e going to ask me to come to work, but before you say that I would like to decline the offer ” he spoke gently.

” Morgan, its very important, ” the man hesitated.

Morgan huffed.

” I will be there but not soon ” he shrugged and took down the phone.

His head really ached as he tried to recall what happened last night.

A blurry vision of the events that took place appeared to him.

Alcohol _ party _ women.

It was then he realized there was a woman lying at the other extreme end naked of course.

He gazed at her for a while and was really thankful about this contract of a thing.

Morgan was one of the most handsome bachelors who graced the pages of most business and entertainment magazines.

He was on the top rank for women, not just was he filthy rich, he also had the looks and physique to attract any woman to himself and he often used that as an opportunity to lay any lady of his choice.

He had dark brown hair with rare silver eyes that could be noticed even in the dim times.

He was about 6ft7 tall and was never caught without a suit in public places. Even at home, most of his servants barely saw him putting on something aside from suits, which was pretty much a title he earned as well.

As a rich billionaire, he had a terrible habit of women and changed them like clothes.

Had had his full of women with different shapes and sizes and wouldn last more than 24 hours with any of them.

Women drowned over him and with or without money they were still willing to be in his life.

He looked at the woman who was still peacefully sleeping and smiled.

He got up and quickly went to the window.

” What wickedness ” he muttered and raised the curtains, high enough to wake the lady up as the scorching rays of the sun affected her eyes and she turned away from it.

She jerked up immediately, as he stood next to the window like a god.

” You finally woke up ” his frown crystal clear.

She did not talk back to him but immediately picked up her stuff and went into the bathroom to change into her clothes.

Shortly later she returned properly dressed and sat in the bed .

” Aren you going to put on your shoes, take the cheque on the table and get lost from my house? ” he asked with a cold expression.

The lady wasn shocked, she had met people like him in the past.

” Can I at least fix your breakfast ? she asked, crossing her legs and looking at him.

” I have over 20 servants and lots of chefs. Your service wouldn be needed ” he replied and went closer to the wardrobe to get something.

” Can I please stay for breakfast ? ” She asked not willing to leave this huge mansion and even room.

” No ! Have you forgotten you signed a contract that says you would be out of my life as soon as you walk out of the door ? ” He reminded her and flinged the papers on her.

” I do remember signing that but it can take effect until I am out of your room ” she replied with a cunning smile that irritated Morgan to death.

” What are you waiting for, get out ” his voice became stern and heavier and the lady quickly scrambled to get her shoes on before fleeing the place.

He almost laughed out as the lady grabbed the cheque and handbag before raving out of the room.

He smiled to himself and clutched his hands. Looks like she only needs to see the steamy part of him.

The frown on his face returned back as he remembered his lawyer wanted to see him at the office today.

An hour later, his driver pulled into the garage and parked the car.

Morgan stepped out of the car and graced his way into the main building of the company.

As usual, all his female employees gushed over him and kept giving that *please notice me eye*.

There was just one rule which he never failed to obey.


This kept him far away from admiring his workers and even making advances towards them.

Some were too beautiful not endowed not to pass a night with but rules are rules and not to be broken.

He stepped into his office and saw his lawyer sitting in the chair and waiting for him patiently.

” Good morning Sir Morgan ” the lawyer greeted him professionally.

” Morning, you sent for me. I hope there is absolutely no problem ? ” He asked.

” Its the same topic I am going to speak about over and over again until you hear me out ” the man spoke with a serious tone.

” Don tell me we are starting with this so early in the morning ” he frowned, already knowing what was on the mans head.

” Master, you have turned thirty this year. You can remain a single bachelor forever. You ought to have a child of your own ” the man spoke, lifting his gaze to Morgans.

” I don wish to marry now or ever ” he scuffed and placed his legs on the table.

” Who told you that you must get married in order to have a child ? Morgan you need an heir to all your properties otherwise the person you always hated will take them to himself ” the lawyer explained and Morgan looked up to him.

” Don even say my brothers name, ” he warned.

” Im afraid that it would come to reality if you don find a boy to call your own soon ”.

This was gradually becoming serious to Morgan maybe because he didn want his wayward brother taking everything he had ever worked for in life.

” I don want to adopt a child either. It would be all over the internet and there would be alot to say about me then ” he stated his point and the lawyer smiled.

” Thats not the only way to get a baby. You can get a woman pregnant or find someone who feels like her baby or bump is too much to handle then you can then make a negotiation ” he dropped some documents on Morgans desk.

” I didn know how you were able to come up with his brilliant idea but I really like it. I do have a question, isn she going to come after me for her baby!? ” He asked a bit uneasy.

” Relax, a contract will cover all that. Just give her everything she wants in exchange for this ” the lawyer replied and Morgan slowly nodded his head. The man was really making sense but the question remained where on Earth he was supposed to find such women.


Elena had been so disturbed and worse of all hungry and tried. Her younger sister had called today and requested for money for one of her school projects, she stated it was urgent and had only three days to provide the money.

Elena had no other choice but to go to the Morgans textile company. She heard that they were looking for workers about a few weeks ago.

She got there, quickly paid off the taxi man and then hurried into the building.

She met with the female receptionist and told her the reason for coming.

” I want to apply for a job at your company ma ” she tried to lighten her mood as the woman was shocked to hear that from someone who was wearing a dress that looked like a night wear.

” Sorry ma, we are not hiring ” she lied in a very warm way.

” But I can still see your job banner hanging outside, ” she pointed out.

The woman smiled ” that was last week and we have hired just as many as we want. Feel free to check out some other places ”.

Elena got furious at the moment, recalling she knew someone who just got hired yesterday.

” What do you mean by you are closed to opportunities, Liar? ” she screamed.

Before the woman was able to talk she emptied the cup of drink beside her on the lady.

” Let that teach you a lesson ” she snapped and kept yelling on top of her voice that she wanted to see the manager, customers gathered around and so did workers and soon the security officers on duty.

Morgan and his lawyer got out immediately when they heard the noise.

The security men sighted Morgan from the stair and he raised his hands to stop them from throwing her out of the place.

He took the elevator and came down very angry to meet the woman who was ranting and causing disorder in his company.

Just then he paused, observing her properly, she was perfectly fine apart from the fact that her stomach was unusually bulging out a bit.

Wait, was she pregnant? He tried to ask himself. The cloth was putting on had a longer back than the front and she didn know when she stepped on it and began to stumble, she almost fell but then a very strong hand caught her.

When she looked up and saw a charming man holding her, she felt ashamed and the next thing, she ran away.

” Strange, why was she running? ” he asked himself.

” Dash, ” he called out.

” Yes boss ”.

” Find out everything about her ” he spoke while returning back to what he was doing before she had interrupted.

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