cle AL is putting up this weekend , did you know about this? ” My uncle AL? He is in town? Why didn he contact me? And he is finally back with a new scientific miracle and didn invite me? What a disappointment.

”I actually didn know about it , which is weird but I am sure he will call to tell me about it. Will you go too? ” Sheila blushes when I ask the question which is unusual since its not that type of thing that makes a woman blush, ”um I am going because Gary might go and so we can spend some time together then since he has been quite busy these last few months with his university tasks ” ahh now I understand better its because its Gary *shiver in the back eww love really does something to people not always good but I am glad she gets to experience this type of love . Maybe one day once more I will have that…. ”Hello earth to Avery , did you hear what I just said or you were far gone into dreamland ” she flicks my forehead ”ouch that hurts , what did you say anyways? ” ”Nothing, lets eat quickly and go to campus its getting late ” she then goes to her room, okay? I will ask her later I guess.

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