Meet in Dreams

A dreadful night

”It was a dark night ,and the lightening was thundering, the window doors were slamming, the barking of dogs added to it ,it increased the horror of the girl who was crossing the alley , she wanted to cross the street quickly but suddenly a man from nowhere appeared in front of her , she screamed horrifyingly . . . . . ” and then the librarian came in, to off all the lamps in ,but as usually Ellen was seating on her particular spot and immersed in novels world without knowing about what was happening in her surrounding.

”Ellen! My child its time to close the library. ”

”Mrs. George!!! Why you always have to close the library when I am at the climax of the novel. ”

”Alright ,now get up and help me to sort the books ”. If your aunt knows that you daily came here to read these novels then ,( whispering) ”You better know the results. ”

”Unhhhh .. Mrs. George! Can you stop recalling these lines daily? ” Bye! I am going. She put the books back in the rack and opened the door.

After leaving the library in anger ,she didn expect this thing to happen…

A sudden thunder storm , lightning, barking of dogs all those scenes were happening ,Ellen was shocked and she started trembling with fear. And as soon as she reached at the turn of the street ,her heart was pounding . . . she wanted to scream but it seams like her voice was stuck in her throat…with a stroke of light a man ( wearing a black long hood } appears in front of her and the last thing which she saw was a knifeeee . . . . . . . . ..

And she fainted.


”Ellen! Ellen! Ellen! Uhh !this girl. I am fed up from her. ” ( shouting ) ”Listen Mr. Stewart ,I am not tolerating this any more ,you better send her back

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