*This book will be written in different point of views, so please read carefully. Thanks*

Mira Lucys POV

” Its almost 07:00 pm and my boss isn ready to let me off. ” I murmured when refilling some goods on the shelf. Normally I do go home once its 06:00 pm.

My name is Mira Lucy, and Im 21 years old. I live with my best friend called Jassy wade, she is also 21 years old. Wr have been best friend since my highschool till date. We both studied in the most popular university in my state.

Unfortunately, every hospital and clinics around have been occupied with workers. Now we decided that we would work in small shops and supermarket to help us raise some money and travel out of the state to find a new job in another state.

I have a little sister called Grace Lucy. Grace lives with my parents at another country, she is 17 years old and she will soon be done with her highschool.

As soon as I was done keeping all the chips on the shelf from the shopping cart, I heard my name.

” Mira come here ” My boss said in her bossy voice. I immediately walked towards her even though I was so tired. When I was close to her, I could see her face was deeply frowned. oh no, who made Mrs Kate this angry? That person must be in really great trouble.

”Yes maam you called me ” I said in a low voice. I bowed my head in respect not to offend her.

” It is getting late, I think its time for you to go home. Make sure you come back early tomorrow morning. Do you understand? ” she said in her bossy voice.

I could only nod my head in response. ”Understood maam ” With that, she closed the door behind her as she walked inside the office.

Finally Im really free. I immediately took the shopping cart to where the rest were. I rushed towards the changing room, I removed my Apron, arrange my cloths and repacked my hair into a ponytail.

I rushed to my table and got my purse and immediately rushed out of the grocery store. Once I was out, I immediately walked towards the end of the street to get a taxi.

On my way, I felt a presence behind me, but when I looked back, I could see anyone but the empty street. The feeling of uneasiness came and I couldn deny it, someone or something was following me. Out of reflex, I immediately made my steps to be larg strides so I could walk out of the lonely street.

When I looked behind me again, I saw a guy walking towards me. My heart skipped a beat and a shiver ran down my spine. I immediately started walking fast , gosh, I was almost at the end of the street where I could be able to get into a taxi.

When I turned back again, My heart almost jumped out of its rib cage, the guy was extremely close to me but not at arm length. Immediately my survival instinct kicked in, and I ran as f

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