Cheryl POV

”Damn it Asher! ” I ran my hand through my hair frustrated

He is a hopeless case, no matter how I teach him to do it , he just can

I need a glass of water

”Excuse me ” I order a glass of water

Few seconds a maid appeared with my water

I took it and gulp in down

I drop the cup and sigh

I stiffen as Asher hugged me from behind

”Im gonna get the contract, don give up on me ” he said

Don give up!

Is he kidding me?!

He is hopeless, he can get anything right and he want me to not give up on him!

I almost scoff

If not that he is so pitiful , i would have said stuff that would make him hate me forever

I force a smile ” I won give up on you ” I lied

I just did!

I have given up that he would be able to do it

I turn to look at him ”I have stuffs to do so you will be practicing alone from now , okay? ” I force a smile

Say yes damn it

He stared then smile ”sure , I will learn it on my own from today ”

Good, now I have to find a way to get that money , Ill have to go to Dad

”Alright. Ill be going ” I left him

Hes a lost case

I wore a hood , with jeans and a face mask

I didn want any reporter to recognize me

I didn ride my car instead I boarded a taxi

I stared at the house in front of me

Memories of my mom clouded my mind

It was as though she was right here with me

I enter the house, the sitting room is just as she left it but her pictures are no longer hanged on the walls instead its that womans picture

Speaking of the devil

”Why are you here? ” She roared

I scoff ”wheres Dad? ”

”You aren suppose to be here ” she frown

”Ill leave as soon as I talk to Dad ” I roll my eyes

”I don want you to talk to my husband ”

I frown ”then Ill find him myself ”I tried going into the rooms ,she stop me ”get out of my house! ”

Anger surge through me ”its not your house its my moms! ”

she laugh ”then why don you call your mom to take the house or to fight for you ” she said mockingly

I clench my fist

”Oh I forgot ,the useless woman is dead! ”

I slapped her

She scream in pain

”My mother is not useless, everything you enjoy now is because of her ”

”My love! ” My father ran towards her ”are you okay? ” He ask her

How ironic!, when I slapped her he witness but when she called mom useless he didn hear

”Cheryl! ” He said my name with anger ”you are always attacking this poor woman even after we married you off ”

I felt a sting of pain ”she called mom useless! And I wonder if mom would have been happy if she found out you married me off like I didn worth anything ”

” ” well your mom isn here, shes dead ,she cannot tell me shes unhappy with anything because shes dead, shes dead! The sooner you realize it the better ”

I scoff as tears threaten to fall ”who would have thought the same man kicking out and attacking me with words is the same man who always protected and pampered me ” I chuckle ”what a cruel twist of fate ”

”Get out! Im tired of hearing lectures from you ”

”Ill leave but I want my money that mom left me ”

He scoff ”fine Ill send it to you so never come here again ”

I stared at him remembering the happy moments we had together before Rosella came along

”Yes, Ill never come here again and so would mom spirit ”

I notice the hint of hurt in his eyes

I turn and left

I was so heartbroken , it was as if my mom died all over again

I need a drink , something to make me forget about what just happened

I went to a bar, I notice everyone was with a partner or a drinking buddy

But I didn care, I ordered a drink and started drinking

”Seem like we are the only ones without a partner ” someone said

I look up ”Alpha? ”

He looked surprise ”Cheryl, what a pleasant surprise! ” He sat with me

I didn really pay much attention to him

He notice ”is something wrong? ” He asked concern

I didn answer , I just kept drinking

”You can share your problems with me ” he held my hand

I didn know when I burst into tears and started complaining about my Dad and what he said , I told him about my mom and how she died , I told him about the contract and how i was in need of a billion dollars, I cried on how frustrating it is to teach him, how dumb he is, how I pity him

The drink was taking a toll on me because I just keep blabbing about my problems and how I wish I died with my mom

After I was done, he was just smiling , he took his handkerchief and weep my tears ”pretty girls like you shouldn cry ”he hug me ” then does that mean you don like Asher? ”he release me and look at me

I sniff ”of course not, all I feel for Asher is pity ”

”Then that means I won be doing anything wrong if I do this ”

Before I could ask what he meant, I felt his lips on mine ,slowly savouring the taste

I kissed him back

Soon I heard everything as if it was distant

I passed out


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