Bathing him 2

Cheryl POV

”Show me my room, Im stressed and the last place I want to be is in your presence, its been a long journey ”

The shock of my refusal to do as she pleases gradually turn to laughter ”oh my, finally this house is going to be fun ” she chuckle and pat my hair ”Ill have fun destroying you ”

I smirk ”who knows I might just be the one to do that ”

”Cecilia! ” She called

A Lady answer

”Tend to Asher new babysitter ” she order, glance at Asher and walked inside

New babysitter! I felt my blood boil

The rest family member entered into the house as well, only a young lady remained,she is probably the same age with me

”Well well Mrs Asher ” she smiled at me ”that was quite a strong first impression ”

”They didn give me much choice ”

Cecilia began her way into the house , we followed

”Im Stephanie by the way ”

”Cheryl ”

”Nice name , Ill see you around then ” she left

We arrived at our room

”If you need anything theres a telephone on the table, place an order and someone would attend to you ”Cecilia said an walked away

I look at the room

It is like a mini apartment ,it has sitting room and two master bedroom

It has everything that should be in a house

I observed everything

One of the bedroom was decorated in a male setting and the other in a female setting

I scoff , so they intend for us to sleep separately

I roll my eyes and head straight to my room banging the door immediately

I took my bath , wore a more comfortable clothing

Its been long since I checked the group chat

I went online and read through the chats

” girls did you see what happened on Cheryl wedding *laugh* how embarrassing ” Eve said

”Its obvious she force the guy to marry her ” Helen stated

”What if the wedding was grand *scoff* Shes a total shame to us ” Rosaline said

”I feel pity for her , imagine the husband bluntly refuse to kiss get on her wedding day ” Cherry said who always adore me the most

”Pity? *scoffs* we all know that among us , you
e the one who mock her the most and at her front you act all submissive ” Rosaline said

”I think is time to remove Cheryl as the leader of the sexy Ladies ” Eve said

”I think so too , I mean Im fed up with flattering her, making her think we adore her,shes nothing but a piece of shit who think shes above us ” Roseline said

”You all know she will see all this chat and you can block her because shes the founder of this group chat? ” Cherry said

”Its good if she see it, it will save us the trouble of telling her ourselves ” Eve said

”Cherry is just scared of going against her ” Helen said

”Lets make it fair then , if you don want her out just reply No ” Rosalie typed

No one reply

I read through their chat And saw how they agreed to remove me

How dare they?

I couldn believe what I was seeing

A noise of something crashing brought me out of my thoughts

I ignore

I type ”hey girls, Im back, seen all your messages,didn know you could be bitches anyway if you really want me out , meet me at our usual tomorrow,good night bitches… ”

Im gonna show them whos boss , they think because of what happen on my wedding day , I have become weak and unable to be a Sexy Ladies leader

I scoff

I heard sound of glass shattering

I groan and dropped the phone to check on where it was coming from

I stepped out, I heard the noise coming from Ashers bedroom

I frown and knock ”hey, are you okay? ”

I heard sniffing

I open the door ,

The entire room was a mess,things were on the ground , the television was shattered, bed was scattered and Asher was standing close to the bed crying

”What happened here? ” I ask him

”I want my nanny ” he said

All this disturbance for a Nanny??

I scoff ”you
e a grown man you don need any Nanny ”

”I want my nanny ” he yelled crying

I breath in calming myself

I really hate how he behaves like a child

Im already having problems with my girls because of him!

”Shut up! You
e grown man for goodness sake, what do you need a Nanny for?! ” I scream

”She always bath me but now she isn here and I want to bath, get her for me ” he pled crying

”Don you hear me, I said you
e grown man , you can bath yourself! ” I told him

”No I can , I can , I can ” he scream throwing the electric lamb close to his bed, he kept throwing things and shouting ” ” he can ”

I just stood there hearing his rants and cry

I held my ears, tired of hearing his cries I didn know when I said it ”Ill do it , damn it , Ill bath you ”

He stop crying ”you will? ”

I blink

What the hell did I say!

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