Cheryl POV

After what happened, I didn talk to Asher or the Nanny although the Nanny tried to teach me things I should know about Asher in order to continue her work but I didn give her a listening ear , Asher stick to his Nanny like a gum throughout the stay in our supposed honeymoon

Its been two weeks now and we are going to the Williams Mansion where I would spend the rest of my life babysitting a grown man

I scoff

”Miss, Ill advice that whatever attitude you gave to me and Asher ,should not happen in the Williams Home ”I heard the Nanny say beside me

I ignore her and look out the window

She held my hand and drag me to face her ” You don know the home you entering Lady, they will use anything to bend you to their will even hurting you! When you get there enable to take instructions! ” the Nanny said sternly

I push her from me

Asher who sat beside her , held her and glare at me

I didn bother looking at him

”they don own me, they might have bought some of my rights from my Dad but I decide what I do or don ”

The Nanny chuckle ”do or don ? ” She laugh ”no matter how strong you think you are they will break you, they will use your flaws and secrets against you just like they did to my poor young master ”

I raise a brow

”Make sure you protect Asher with your life! ” She said

I scoff ”and why would I do that? To me my life is far more precious than that of an idiot ”

She open her mouth to say something but was interrupted my the driver

”We have arrived ”

She shut her mouth and made a serious face ”remember all Ive told ” she turn to Asher then me ”both of you ”

I didn mind her and got out of the car , the house was beautiful and big , beautiful flowers were planted every where

All the people from the Williams family that attended the wedding apart from Ashers father were all outside with a smile

A beautiful elderly woman smiled at me ”welcome to the Williams Home! ”

Like a chorus they all said the same word after her with a smile

Looking at the scene it did look like I am welcomed but I felt a little strange

I look at everyone, they are all rich people that own a hotel , a mall , a company etc

My sets of people

I smiled ”thank you ”

She hug me ”Im Ashers mom,I hope you take care of Asher ”

Shes pretty just like her son

then she look at the Nanny ”Nanny Im sure you have told our guest what she should do? ”

Is she the one that made Nanny say those things

”Yes Ma ”

”Good. You can leave now, I don want to ever see your face here again ”

Nanny nod and turn to leave

”Nanny! ” Asher called

The Nanny turn sharply and shake her head warning him not to called her back

I watch him bit his lips holding himself from crying after her

The Nanny walked away escorted by guards

”Alright then before we start the welcoming celebration, Ill give my first instruction and it could be my last if you do it well ” she said ”live quietly like you don exist and you won have any problem with me or anyone just like Nanny, we won know your name even if we heard it before, live like you
e dead ” she said with a smile

I clench my fist in anger

Live like Im dead?

First an idiot for a husband now a mother in law who want me to live like a dead person

No I can do that,I can live like this , Ill put son and mother in their place

”No! ” I answer

I could hear gasps from his family

”Excuse me! ” She look at me shocked

”I may have been force to marry and to stay in the marriage but I will not live like you want me to ”

I smirk

Its time to bring out my bitchy side because this family is really messed up

How can everyone smile while she said those words

”Show me my room, Im stressed and the last place I want to be is in your presence, its been a long journey ”

This people have just brought someone they shouldn have into their home

Cause Im not someone who obeys instructions at all

Im a rule breaker!

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