Never love Asher

Cheryl POV

I open my eyes and groan

Im definitely having an handover

I look at my familiar bedroom

How did I get here?

I tried recalling

Holy shit!

Alpha kissed me!

And I kissed him back!

This is so wrong!

No, Im not wrong , I was forcefully married and to an idiot

But what happen after?

How did I end up in my room?

I stood up and went to Ashers room

I open the door and met him studying the files,he look like he hadn had any sleep

”Asher ” I called

He look up and smiled ”you
e awake ”

I nod ”did you study all night? ”

He walked closer to me ”Alpha brought you home last night , you were drunk ”

I raise a brow ”so? ”

e an idiot , what do you know

I insulted in my mind

He blush

This boy surprise me every time

”I wanted to be the one bringing you home ” he said shyly

I frown ”why? ”

He stared ”I …. Don know, I just want to also be someone you can lean on and I have muscles I can carry you , that way you won be the only one taking care of me ” he said

I scoff

Taking care of him?!

”Im helping you because I am a nice person , so get it into your brain Im not taking care of you! ” I said angrily

Ive been doing exactly what the Williams want

”I know, I just.. ” He whisper to himself

”You just what? ” I ask frowning

”I just want to be close to you, like a friend and since we are married maybe like a husband? ”

I suddenly felt guilty ”don ! Whatever makes you want to be close to me kill the feeling, you hate me and I hate you , we are forcefully married and we are just trying to survive in this household thats all thats going on between us and would ever me ”

”But I checked the internet , that isn how marriage works ”

My eyes widen , he search about it

”Thats how this marriage works ” I left the room immediately before he say anything

I went back to my room,wash up and got dressed, I went through my phone and saw the credit alert from my Dad

I sigh

I decided to look around the mansion

While I headed outside , I met Asher in our sitting room still studying

”Don waste your time Asher, you
e being too hard on yourself ”

”Im not wasting my time , Im proving myself to you and everyone that Im not a total idiot ” he said and continued

”Suit yourself ” I left


While going around the mansion , I met Cecilia

She smirk

I roll my eyes with the intention of walking pass her but she intentionally hit me with her shoulder, making me stagger

”Are you out of your freaking mind! ” I yell at her

She slapped me

What the hell

”How dare… ” I raise my hand to hit her

”I wouldn do that if I were you , unless you want every one to know what happen last night ” she smirk

I stiffen

”I told you to be careful didn I? ” She chuckle ”I am this close to giving the pictures of last night to the madam so don provoke me ” she smiled and turn to walk away ” Ive given you back your slap ,dear, now you are less important as I said ” she walked away leaving me shock and hopeless

Oh shit , Ive put myself in another mess

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