ang Wolf.

[Power Shot]



Julian accurately hit the Silver Fang Wolfs eyes and dealt critical damage. Hearing the yelp of their comrades, The pack of wolves and Elite Silver Fang Wolf finds the retreating figure of Julian.

”Oooowhooo! ”

The Elite Silver Fang Wolf howled at the other wolf and quickly chased after Julian. How could it let go of this annoying pest after injuring one of his subordinates? With its powerful hinds, it rapidly approached Julian.

When the Elite Silver Fang Wolfs powerful fangs were about to shred Julian into pieces, He did a summersault, jumped high into the air afterward, and landed precisely in the dead tree. Without hesitation, Julian sprinted the entire length of the dead tree and hopped at the boulder.

If any other players were nearby, they would be astounded by Julians actions. It was difficult enough to land perfectly on such a platform, but sprinting afterward takes it to a new level. Julian was simply a monster for doing this.

Julian looked below the boulder and saw the angry mobs of wolves and the Elite Silver Fang Wolf struggling to climb the dead tree. He skillfully aimed at the Elite Silver Fang Wolf and pulled the trigger of his crossbow.




Julians crossbow wrecked the Elite Silver Fang Wolfs eyes, causing it to howl in pain. He aimed again and cast [Power Shot] at the Elite Silver Fang Wolfs already wrecked eyes.



After being hit by [Power Shot], the Elite Silver Fang Wolf staggered and fell from the dead tree. Along with its fall is the Silver Fang Wolf behind it.

”Hahaha! You stupid dog, stay the heck down there! ” Julian laughed as he continued to shoot the Silver Fang Wolf below. He occasionally casts [Water Whip] and [Power Shot] at the Elite Silver Fang Wolf to keep it below the boulder.

The pitiful Elite Silver Fang Wolf could only growl in anger as it helplessly watched the terrifying player wearing a wooden annihilate his packs. Julian did not care about the Elite Silver Fang Wolf, as he did not stop attacking the Silver Fang Wolf packs. After several minutes of terror, only the Elite Silver Fang Wolf remained beneath the boulder. Julian looked at the pitiful tries of Elite Silver Fang Wolf as he aimed his crossbow and cast [Power Shot].



The Elite Silver Fang Wolf voiced its last howl before turning into a blue particle that disappeared along the wind. A few Items have appeared at the previous location of the elite wolf.

[Ding! You have obtained 145 experience points!]

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

Julian smiled brightly after hearing the continuous notification from the system. He swiftly climbs down the boulder and takes the items the Elite Silver Fang Wolf dropped; Among them are a wolf fur boot, a blue book, and an old silver ring.

[Silver Fangs Boots]

Requirements: none

All attribute +2

movement speed +7%

Defense +2

Durability: 25/25

[Aqua Balls] Manifest a sphere of water that deals 115% of your magic damage and has a slight chance of dealing additional 15 elemental damage.

Cooldown: 3 seconds

Learning requirement: Level 5 and [Water Element]

[Gavins Silver Ring] (Quest Item)

Finally, I can change this attributeless sandal! There is also a Spellbook that I can learn later! My luck is quite good today~ Hmmm. Gavins ring, Lets return it and see what might happen. ” Julian said as he dusted the spellbook with his hand.

Julian read a lot of information about New dawn Online before entering the game. One of the intriguing things hed read was that several quest items in the game could lead players to an incredible quest with handsome rewards.

Julian equipped the [Silver Fangs Boots] and could feel a slight improvement in his movement. 7% movement speed is quite nice at the current stage of the game; maybe he could only find a replacement in the dungeons.

Julian caught a glimpse of the suns rays before continuing his hunt for wild boars and silver fang wolves; He occasionally harvests some fruits and mushrooms along his way. After an hour of hunting, he notices that more and more players are venturing deep into the forest. Some of them even banded together to reduce the dangers of forest exploration.

It seems like I have to find a better leveling spot after this. Julian thought to himself as he hunted the last wild boar to finish his quest.

He stood firm after harvesting the wild boars meat and walked in the direction of Braves Town.

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