Low Chance


try to teach you so you can become a better thief. ”

… I think its clear on whos who here.

As we introduce ourselves, we finally get to training.

”You two are the only one who pick thief? Well thats good enough. Alright lets test your strength, that girl over there get on position. ”

”Eh? ”

I stepped back, knowing she would charge at Chizu right away. Turns out I was right. Chizu quickly takes her bow and charges it. She shots her arrow but Emma easily dodges it.

”Crap! ”

Before she could see it, Emma already points her dagger on Chizus neck.

”You have a good aim, but you need to work with your close range combat. Overall not bad. ”

”Thank you. ”

”Now its your turn. ”

”Alright. ”

I quickly take it my daggers with my both hands, as Im done with it she charges to me with an incredible speed.

She raises her dagger from the bottom, but thankfully I blocked it.

”Not bad. ”

She swings her other arm to me but I dodged it before the dagger hit.

”Oh ho? ”

Before I know it she quickly went for a barrage with a precise slashes.

Im **ed

I tried to block all of them but the speed increases as I block each slash.

How the hell did he survive that? the more Chizu thinks the more confused she is.

Before I know it one of the dagger almost hits my neck.


”Well that was really good. Maybe if your stats is higher you can easily beat me. ”

”No its nothing. ”

”I guess I don need to teach you on how to fight, but I will teach you the basics about thief job. ”

”And for the girl, we will start from the scratch. It doesn mean the boy doesn need to join. ”

And I thought Id get more free time.

”I understand. ”

”Uh we have a name.. ”

”Right, sorry about that uh.. Chizu? ”

”No its fine, and how we should call you? ”

”Just call me Emma, no need of formality. ”

Just like that, I got myself a new teacher. Right now we
e taking a rest before we start the real training.

”How did you do that? ”

”I learn taijutsu. ”

”From that dojo? The one near the shrine. ”

”Yep. ”

She looks me with pity.

”How the hell did you survive that hell?? ”

”Huh? ”

”That dojos training is really harsh. They bareky get any student, because every student will get a broken bone if not more. And despite all of that you just said huh!? ”

Is it really that bad? I mean yeah Im the only one who attends the dojo but it because other people gives up to quickly, right?

”Sigh* atleast you can pull off something amazing from that fight. ”

Shes right, any normal people won be able to beat a veteran. I lost because Im not too proficient with daggers, maybe I can find a better weapon later on.

”Alright you guys, stop slacking around we will start the training now. ”

The training was pretty simple. Chizu tried her best to use a knife against Emma while I try to increase my AGI. Emma said that you can increase your AGI by training normally without leveling up, but there should be a limit where you can raise your stats anymore right?

As I trained I saw the others training. Kyoji is learning on how to use shield, Aoi is trying to control light, and Sora is trying to form the basic elements beside light and dark. Yeah I think Chizu got a harder time than anyone else here. She gets beaten up badly by Emma over and over until shes able to block Emmas attack. I feel thankful to learn taijutsu back then.

”Haah.. hah.. ”

Theres an attacking dummy in this field. Like the name said, it attacks you if you
e too close. Im using it to dodge better if not block the attack. There are 4 settings, slow, fast, weak, and strong. You can combine them but right now Im using the fast and strong settings.

”Haah.. this is much worse.. than I expected. ”

I lay on the ground, breathing like someone with asthma. God I regret doing this. I close my eyes and say.

”I will do fast and weak next time.. ”

Time has passed, and its afternoon now. All of us are tired after the training, I don really make any progress on my agility but I have a better balance over my body now.

”What should we do now? We have a free time now because we only get trained in the morning. ”

”Please no training again, I can do it anymore.. ”

I feel bad for her.

”How about we explore the city? ”

”Good idea. ”

”Yes! Some rest! ”

… Shes overreacting.

. . . . .

”Oh wow. ”

The city looks lively. Colorful houses with some decorations. The street is crowded by people, some people waved at us while others are scared. Well its expected because we
e almost like an alien in here.

”Well this is a bit uncomfortable. ”

”You will get used to it. ” I replied.

Back in school, Ive already get used with this stares. I don mind if they stare at me, hm but what if I was a girl… nevermind.

”Oh hey a café! ”

The sign says Vives. It looks pretty empty, wonders why.

”I suggest you to not go there. ”

A man appears beside us. What the hell with these random events? Chizu

”Why not? Its a normal café right? ”

”Its not, everyone have been cursed right after they left the café. ”

Cursed? Thats interesting..

”Whats the curse? ”

”You will get a really bad luck, some have died because of it. ”

Yep Im going in.

”Wait where are you going? ”

”I want to see it by myself. ”

I left the group and went inside the café. Turns out it has a really nice interior. It looks more like a coffee shop rather than a café.

I take a seat on the table near the window and the group finally joins me.

”What if the curse is real? You know that. ”

”We have enough protection so we won die that easily, and its nice to find this kind of scenario. I always wanted to proof something like this to be wrong. ”

”Sigh*. ” Everyone sighed, even that silent Aoi.

I haven experienced this for a long time ok? I need something to relieve my stress too you know.

The waitress walked to us, she has a cat ear and tail.. hm? Cat girls? What kind of race is she?

”Hello, how do I serve you? ”

After looking her at close, she has a jet black hair and brown eyes…? She looks a bit similar.

”Uh, can I have espresso? ”

”Anything else? ”

”Green tea. ”

”Black coffee. ”

”Fruit parfait and black tea. ”

”Understood, I will be back with your order. ”

Am u imagining things?

”Hey, youve been looking at her for awhile.. do you like her? ” Sora smirks.

”No, she reminds me of someone. ” I replied calmly.

”… I thought I could catch your embarrassed face, but I was wrong. ”

Try again next time. I smiled.

”Are you laughing at me? ”

”He definitely did. ” Kyoji added.

”Hey you should have some emotions right? ”

”Yea pretty m- ”

”Heres your order, please enjoy. ”

Well this is nice. It smells really good for some reason, and now for the taste..

”Oh wow its pretty good. ”

”Mine too. ”

Why the hell is it cursed anyway?

”But theres something missing. ”

”Yeah.. but I can seem to grasp whats missing. ”

”Did you say something about my brews? ”

Another girl appeared out of nowhere, now its a human. Hm what if..

”Yeah theres something missing. ”

”What do you mean?? Its perfect! Unless you can make a better one. ”

”Sure. ”

”Eh? ” everyone got confused. Can he really make a better coffee?

As I stands up, I can have a better look on her. She has a ginger hair, tied on the back like a ponytail, and surprisnly she has pretty good assets from top to the bottom.

”So? Where can we start? ”

”Huh? Oh you can use everything behind the counter. ”

”Give me five minutes. ”

I walks to the counter, and proceeds to make the coffee. Five minutes later I come back with it.

”Here I made it for everyone. ”

They took a sip on the coffee and then..

”What the hell is this!?!? ”

Heh, got her.

I have been making coffee for years, no way Id get beaten by some random coffee shops. I got every ingridents and tools I need, making it easier for me to make a better coffee.

”Y..you.. ”

”? ”

”Please marry me!! ”

”Hell no! ”

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