Chapter 7: VIP Cancelled

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Jiang Ran thought of what had happened just now, she immediately wanted to regain her dignity. “Sister Yuer, if you can do us a favor, its not that we cant let you have a meal with us. The dishes here are worth a month of your salary!”

“I cant help you!” Jiang Yu opened her mouth lightly and answered very straightforwardly.

She saw a man in a suit walking towards them not far away.

It must be the manager that Mo Long had asked to pick her up.

Jiang Yu subconsciously walked towards the manager, but a hand was held horizontally in front of her. The furious young master Ye stopped her.

“This is not a place where you can walk around!”

Young master Ye happened to see the manager walking over and immediately said to him, “Theres a person with a low status here who doesnt have a VIP card. I suggest that you chase this person out immediately. Dont bring down the status of this place.”

However, the manager ignored young master Ye and instead asked Jiang Yu respectfully, “Are you Miss Jiang Yu?”

Jiang Yu nodded.

The manager was instantly overjoyed. “The private room has been arranged for you.”

Then, the manager raised his head and looked at Young Master Ye and Jiang Ran with dissatisfaction.

Those two people were already dumbfounded.

“Are you mistaken? Were the VIP Here!”

“Cant you see that shes wearing ordinary clothes? Shes not even a member here.”

However, the manager frowned. “Disqualify these two people from being VIPS. Dont let them come in again in the future!”

A few security guards immediately walked forward and stared at Ye Kun and Jiang Ran from both sides.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the two people had never been so embarrassed before.

“Dont push me, Ill go by myself.”

“Jiang Yu, just you wait!”

After saying that, Ye Kun and Jiang Ran walked out with pale faces.

It was not easy for them to get the VIP card, but now it was invalid. If he went back, he might be scolded to death by his father, Ye Kun thought nervously.

Jiang Ran turned around and saw the manager leading Jiang Yu into the most luxurious room. She immediately said angrily, “Jiang Yu, what kind of dumb luck does she have?”

When Mo Long pushed the door open and entered, he saw a beautiful figure sitting in front of the piano in a quaint room. She was playing a few syllables at will and her posture was casual and leisurely.

Jiang Yu casually placed her handbag beside the white stool and tapped it lightly.

When she first entered, she saw a white piano beside the dining table.

She felt itchy and moved her fingers.

Although it was just a few simple notes, it gave off a refreshing and pleasant feeling.

Mo Long waved his hand and asked his assistant to wait outside. He controlled the wheelchair and slowly went towards Jiang Yus beautiful figure.

When he was behind her, Jiang Yu just happened to stop moving. The last note lingered in her mind.

She turned around and looked at him. She pursed her lips and said, “Coming.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting!” Mo Long took a handkerchief from the pocket beside Gao Dings collar and handed it to her.

Jiang Yu blinked in surprise.

Mo Long smiled and moved closer to her. He gently touched her chin with the handkerchief and wiped.

Jiang Yu looked down and saw a small smear of red paint on the handkerchief.

“So careless.” The man put down the handkerchief and looked at her with a smile.

Jiang Yu stood up naturally and pushed him to the dining table. She tried her best not to cause any awkwardness to the people who were inconvenient. Then, she sat down opposite him and said, “I was doodling with the children in the orphanage this morning. I accidentally got it.”

Jiang Yu had never paid attention to such details.

The waiters came in one after another and served the exquisite dishes. Then, they left silently with their heads lowered.

On the dining table, the mans every move was elegant. He was a completely different person from the disheveled appearance he had the night before.

The scrutiny in the eyes of the falcon had disappeared, replaced by a calm and composed person who belonged to a higher position.

Jiang Yu sighed in her heart. Such a beautiful man, if it wasnt for the malady in his legs, he probably wouldnt have stooped to date her.

Jiang Yu watched the man eat slowly and couldnt help but become infatuated.

It wasnt until the man said, “Not to your liking?”

Jiang Yu came back to her senses and teased, “Im full from looking.”

As the saying went, a feast for the eyes.

Mo Long curled his lips as if he was delighted. He stretched out his slender hand and scooped up a spoonful of delicacies that had been processed by more than a dozen processes. He put it into her bowl and said, “Eat first. Call me if you want to look in the future.”

Jiang Yu did not feel embarrassed and accepted Mo Longs service as a matter of course.

After the two of them had tasted the delicious food.

Jiang Yu spoke again, “Oh right, did you introduce someone to buy a car from my workplace?”

Mo Long was slowly wiping his hands when he heard this. He nodded and said, “It just so happens that theres a need. It was also so they would know who you were.”

It was so they would know who their sister in law was.

Jiang Yu read between the lines and was a little surprised. She did not expect him to be so serious about their relationship. It was as if he had already settled on her.

“Did I put too much pressure on you?” Mo long looked at her with a flash of caution in his eyes.

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