er Mo, sister-in-law is too talented. Not only is her horsemanship amazing, but her family came to catch her cheating today and made a big mistake. Its really funny!”

Lu Qi was also stunned for a moment and shook his head. Jiang Yu saw that Jiang Ran didnt make any movements just now, so she changed her position. She didnt expect that Jiang Ran would really be framed.

Mo Long quickly replied, “Horse farm?”

It was the first time second young master Bai received Mo Longs instant reply. He quickly replied, “Its at the horse farm.”

“Ill be there soon,” Mo Long replied.

Second Young Master Bai looked at this message and was confused. “Brother Mo, arent you coming back tomorrow afternoon?”

“Im early. I just got off the plane,” Mo Long simply replied a few words without much warmth.

However, second young master Bai came back to his senses. Could it be that brother Mo was in a hurry to see his sister-in-law.

Second Young Master Bai held Lu Qis hand and said, “Miss Lu, I have a suggestion. Lets not be a third wheel here! Lets go!”

Lu Qi was surprised. “Youre saying that Xiao Yus boyfriend is coming?”

Second Young Master Bai nodded. Lu Qi probed, “Is it related to the Mo Family?”

Second Young Master Bai said, “Thats him!” Second Young Master Bai pointed to the sky.

Lu Qi was dumbfounded.

Jiang Yu stretched herself.

She had just opened the room when she saw second young master Bai and Lu Qi walking over.

Lu Qi said apologetically, “Yuer, I have to go.”

Second Young Master Bai also blinked. “Ill send Miss Lu Home. Also, Ive already made arrangements. The hot spring here is very good. Miss Jiang, enjoy it slowly!”

Jiang Yu thought that the two of them were going on a date, so she waved her hand without hesitation. “Go!”

As expected, the two of them quickly ran away.

Jiang Yu shook her head. “When friends grow up, they cant stay!”

When Jiang Yu had just finished soaking in the hot spring and returned to her room to take a shower.

The door was suddenly opened by someone, and a tall and straight figure walked in with a cold air.

Jiang Yu was still in the bathroom, humming comfortably.

She was like a happy little bird.

Mo Long put down his coat and sat at the side, waiting. He smiled and shook his head, “This girl, she is quite happy without me.”

Jiang Ran was slapped twice. She was very unwilling to accept it, but she refused to apologize to Jiang Yu.

Therefore, she decided to continue following Jiang Yu and vowed to find that old man.

As expected, a man entered Jiang Yus room.

That man was in a wheelchair. Although his face could not be seen, he was definitely an extremely old man.. Otherwise, why would he not be able to stand up.

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