Chapter 28: Secretly Follow

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“Lu Qi!” Xue Dong saw that Lu Qi clearly saw him, but refused to come over and lower her head, so he immediately shouted unhappily.

Everyone looked over at the same time, and a young master said, “Miss Lus boyfriend is here!”

Lu Qi said lightly, “The one beside him is his girlfriend.”

Hearing this, some of the young masters were eager to give it a try.

“Good break up. There are plenty of fish in the sea. It can be said that he has given us a chance,” one of the young masters said boldly.

Jiang Yu was surprised. “Someone confessed so quickly?”

“Miss Jiang, you dont know that Lu Qi is the goddess of our horse farm.”

Lu Qis face turned red from the compliment. The heroic spirit from before disappeared and was replaced by a blush. Everyone was stunned.

Jiang Yu rubbed her chin. Look at how Lu Qi had attracted so much attention just because she had just lost her love. It seemed that Lu Qi would be able to get over it soon.

Xue Dong was very dissatisfied when he heard Lu Qi being praised, so he had no choice but to walk over personally.

However, before he could get close, he was blocked by a staff member with discerning eyes.

“Please dont disturb our distinguished guests.”

Presumably, Xue Dongs brazen cheating had already angered everyone. Who didnt know that these two had been engaged since they were young?

On the other side, second young master Bai was even more intent on fawning over Jiang Yu, so he brought the two out of the horse farm, expressing that he wanted to treat them well.

Xue Dong was left alone on the spot.

“Young Master Xue, quickly come and help me. Im so scared!” A womans delicate voice suddenly rang out.

Xue Dong was so frustrated that he no longer had the interest to teach others.

At this moment, a phone call came in, “Brat, how dare you be so reckless! Now, the company cant find such a huge amount of money at the moment. We cant hold on much longer!”

Xue Dong said in surprise, “Why didnt the Lu family compromise with us?” He just saw that Lu Qi was still alive and well.

“The Lu family has now cooperated with the Mo family, we cant threaten them anymore!” Father Xue sighed, “You still have the mood to eat, drink, and have fun. Come back quickly and think of a way to deal with this matter! Even if you have to beg for funds you need to do it, do you understand?”

Xue Dong stood rooted to the ground. He realized the seriousness of the matter. If the funds were not in place, they would have to pay ten times the penalty for breach of contract!

Overnight, the Xue family would be severely injured.

However, if he were to request for other people to invest, he would have to give away the profits ruthlessly. Other people were different from the Lu family. They were all very shrewd. It was very likely that the Xue family would have to put in all their effort, but they would still be making money for others. The five-year-long project would also drag down the Xue family. It would just be slower.

However, this was something that could not be helped.

Xue Dongs face was covered in dust as he silently left the horse farm.

Meanwhile, second young master Bai led everyone to play billiards.

Jiang Yu sat at the side and watched as Lu Qi was coaxed into a good mood by a few people.

She gave second young master Bai a thumbs up.

Second Young Master Bai walked over and sat beside Jiang Yu, he said softly, “Sister-in-law, your mission is too simple. These kids already have a good impression of Lu Qi. Now, I dont need to give them any special instructions. They all know how to behave.”

Jiang Yu recalled that she had just seen Xue Dong, and she could not help but look a little cold. “Get someone to check if Xue Dong has left. If he hasnt, stop him. Dont let him come over and ruin her mood.”

Second Young Master Bai received the order and the attendant he sent out quickly returned. “He has already left, but theres a little girl peeking outside the door sneakily!”

Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows and looked towards the door. As expected, she saw Jiang Rans panicked expression that flashed past.

Heh, she actually followed me here.

What is she trying to do?

“Dont bother about her. You dont have to chase her away.”

She wanted to see what this person was trying to do.

Outside the main door, Jiang Ran also felt that it was too annoying to stand by the door like this. She decided to hide in an empty room and continue to observe.

She stood there until her legs were almost sore, but she did not give up. She wanted to find out which old man Jiang Yu had followed!

After a while, Jiang Yu finally came out alone.

There was no one else with her.

Jiang Ran only heard Jiang Yu say, “Im tired. Is the room ready?”

The waiter said respectfully, “Its ready. You can go there directly.”

Jiang Yu waited inside for a long time, but Jiang Ran didnt make any further movements. She was a little tired and planned to take a rest.

As expected, Jiang Ran still sneakily followed her.

Jiang Yu couldnt figure out Jiang Rans thoughts for a moment.

After a while, the manager knocked on the door and came in. “Miss Jiang, do you want me to send a few people to serve you? The masseuses here are pretty good! Do you need to find a few female masseuses?”

Jiang Yu nodded.

Soon, a few female masseuses came in.

Jiang Ran was a little impatient from waiting, but she still couldnt find any old geezer.

But just as she was lost in her thoughts, she suddenly heard Jiang Yus muffled groan coming from the room.

Jiang ran was extremely excited.

Maybe the old man was already waiting in the room.

With that thought, Jiang Ran immediately took out her cell phone and called someone to catch the adulterer!

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