Chapter 27: Are You A Monster?

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Jiang Yu changed Lu Qis entire outfit.

She had changed her plain clothes into bold and bright colors, and her hair had been pulled up. She looked much more stylish and beautiful.

Perhaps once a girl was beautiful, she would be in a better mood. Lu Qi took the initiative to drag Jiang Yu to the horse farm to play.

“Xiao Yu, its okay if you dont know how to ride a horse. Ill teach you later!”

“This place is the largest horse farm in the vicinity. Its very comfortable to run wild on the grassland. Youll definitely like it.”

Lu Qi brought Jiang Yu into the horse farm with familiarity.

Unexpectedly, the young lady in the hall was extremely respectful to Jiang Yu. “Miss Jiang, youre here? Do you need any service?”

She was even more respectful than she was to others.

Lu Qi was stunned. She looked at Jiang Yu, who had been silent all this while, and was trying to hold back from laughing.

Lu Qi understood what was going on, and her face turned awkward. She raised her hand and gently patted Jiang Yu. “Little Yu, youre so annoying!”

Only then did she learn that Jiang Yu was a VIP here and enjoyed the highest level of service.

The two of them arrived at the horse farm. There were already many people riding horses on the grassland.

Jiang Yu picked an adult horse like Lu Qi. The horse was tall and strong, not something a newbie could ride.

At that moment, Lu Qi came over and asked her, “Dont tell me you know how to ride a horse?”

Jiang Yu nodded. “I used to work at the horse farm before.”

“Ah!” Lu Qi was a little surprised. That worked. After working at the horse farm, she already knew how to ride a horse?

Soon, the two of them got on their horses. “Do you want to compete?” Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows and looked at her.

“Alright, the loser gives the winner a massage. I heard that the hot spring here is not bad!”


Soon, the two of them rode their horses and ran toward the designated route.

At this moment, two people came out from the other side of the stable.

They were surprisingly Xue Dong and his girlfriend.

Xue Dong said, “From the backs of those two people, I think they are Qi Qi and her classmate.”

The woman was holding a pony in her hand. She was a little surprised when she heard that. “Dont tell me they chased you here because they knew you were here? They made it so clear, yet they still pestered me. How annoying.”

Xue Dong touched his chin. “They should be here to plead for mercy. Their two business partners have already withdrawn their investment, so they can only come to plead with me.”

At that time, Xue Dong would ask the Lu family to invest a large sum of money. Otherwise, the Lu family would suffer even greater losses.

“Young Master Xue is still the best!” The womans face immediately lit up with joy. She thought that the Xue family had suffered a disaster this time. The huge lack of funds would cause the Xue family to fall into a crisis. She did not expect it to be resolved so quickly.

It seemed that she could continue to follow young master Xue and enjoy good food and drinks.

On the horse farm, many riders stopped in their tracks.

“Look, those two people over there are riding too fast.”

“Where?” Second Young Master Bai turned his head and saw a vigorous figure gliding by. The person on the horse was very satisfied. He was obviously an experienced rider.

His every move controlled the limits of the horse.

“Eh, when did such a powerful person appear on the horse farm!” Because they were too far away, second young master Bai did not know that this person was his sister-in-law.

Jiang Yu rode at the front while Lu Qi followed closely behind.

The two of them maintained a distance that was neither too far nor too close.

Lu Qi called out to her, “Xiao Yu, Im not convinced. I grew up riding a horse! Ill definitely catch up to you.”

Jiang Yu held the reins and suddenly tapped her feet on the horse. She was already standing on the horse. The horse was galloping at high speed, but she did not fall off the horse.

Lu Qi was terrified. “Alright, alright, Ive lost. Stop doing high difficulty moves!”

Jiang Yu was riding horse in a fancy way.

She looked valiant and heroic as she rode on the horse!

The entire horse farms focus was on her.

The people who were originally riding the horse forgot their actions and stood on the spot to watch.

Jiang Yu tapped on the ground and did a few fancy movements before she got on the horse obediently.

Even Lu Qi was dumbfounded!

When they returned to the starting point, Jiang Yu slowed down her pace and walked side by side with her.

Lu Qi voiced everyones thoughts, “Youre a monster, right?”

As the two of them slowly approached the starting point.

Second Young Master Bai, Xue Dong, and his girlfriend, who were nearby, could clearly see the two people on the horse.

Sister-in-law! Second Young Master Bai did not expect that the person who was riding the fancy horse just now would be brother Mos girlfriend.

As for Xue Dong, he was just waiting for Lu Qi to come and beg him, so he just stood there with his hands in his pockets.

Compared to Lu Qis heroic bearing, the woman beside Xue Dong was riding a pony. She did not dare to move at all, and she looked extremely miserable.

It was her first time riding a horse, so it was understandable. If there was no one to help her, she would probably fall to the ground.

Second Young Master Bai brought his friends and immediately headed towards Jiang Yu.

A few noble children surrounded the two of them.

They complimented them.

Second young master Bai said, “Miss Jiang, we meet again. You really made me concede defeat today!”

The other young masters immediately echoed, “Its rare for a woman to ride a horse so valiantly, and two of them came at once! Miss Lus prestige is still intact.”

Lu Qi often came to the horse farm, so she was somewhat familiar with the few of them.

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