Chapter 26: Submit To An Old Man?

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“Miss Jiang, its all thanks to you! If it werent for you, we would still be kept in the dark,” Mother Lu said to Jiang Yu.

The rest of the matter was naturally left for them to handle. Jiang Yu found an excuse to leave.

In the evening, Jiang Yu went back to the Jiang family for dinner.

The Jiang family had always been used to ignoring her. Even if she didnt come back for dinner, it didnt matter.

Seeing that Jiang Yu had just returned, Jiang Ran couldnt help but sneer. “Heh, do you think your house is an inn? You didnt come back for a whole day and a night. Youre really amazing.”

Jiang Yu glanced at her. “It seems that your apology isnt sincere enough.”

Recently, Jiang Ran had been explaining on the internet that she didnt use Jiang Yus works. It was Jiang Yu who was willing to let her play, but Jiang Yu had forgotten about it.

Jiang Yu had not responded to this matter, and the netizens had tacitly agreed that this was a mistake.

Jiang Ran gritted her teeth, knowing that now was not the time to provoke Jiang Yu.

At night, Jiang Ran stayed in the guest room. When she habitually went to her original room, she heard Jiang Yus voice coming from inside.

It was so late, who was this little b * tch talking to?

She eavesdropped curiously.

“Sir, I did something big today.”

The mans deep voice came from the other side, “Are you talking about catching the cheater at the hotel? Youre really something. Next time, let Teng Yi accompany you. Its too dangerous for a girl like you to go there.”

“Haha, Im not afraid. I have sir to protect me. Whats there to be afraid of?”

Outside the door, although Jiang Ran couldnt hear the mans voice, she could tell that Jiang Yu had found a backer!

Which mister could it be? It couldnt be an old man in his seventies or eighties, right.

Jiang Ran covered her mouth and sneered. As expected of Jiang Yu, she actually gave herself up to seek protection from an old man. If this matter was exposed, Jiang Yu wouldnt be able to stay in the Jiang family when the time came!

Jiang Ran smiled and walked away.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yu was rolling on the bed while talking on the phone with Mo Long.

“I heard that its quite cold outside. You have to remember to keep warm outside,” Jiang Yu reminded in a low voice.

The other party said happily, “Are you ready to take care of me for the rest of your life? Yuyu, huh?”

They had only been apart for a day, yet she could not help but call him and even shared her own matters with her.

Wasnt this what newlyweds did?

Jiang Yus face was burning. She pulled the blanket over her face and covered her face. “Youre thinking too much.”

“Oh, Im thinking too much?”

“Yes,” Jiang Yu answered in a low voice.

“By the way, the matter with the Lu family might not be that simple. Both the Lu and Xue families have their own business partners. Some of the Lu familys partner companies were also introduced by the Xue family…”

She was afraid that it would not be so easy for the Lu family to fall out with them.

“What? Then what should we do? Do you have any ideas, sir?” Jiang Yu asked subconsciously.

“Dont worry, Ill ask Teng Yi to arrange for a new partner company to go over. It wont be a big deal.” Mo Long looked like he was in control of the situation.

Jiang Yu tugged at the corner of her mouth. It turned out that Mo Long had already thought about it.

The next day.

Jiang Yu took a day off to accompany Lu Qi to relax.

The two times she went shopping were put on hold.

Today, Jiang Yu was going to take Lu Qi to the beauty salon and sauna to relax.

After that, they would go shopping and dress up beautifully. After that, it would be a new day.

Jiang Yu arrived at the Lu family home.

Father Lu was currently answering the phone. “What? Both companies are refusing to cooperate?”

Mother Lu said worriedly, “They definitely wont be able to get our investment. The Xue family is doing this on purpose.”

Of the two companies, one belonged to a cousin of the Xue family and the other one belonged to a friend of Xue Dong.

Now that they had both refused to cooperate, it was their revenge for the Lu familys refusal to invest.

They wanted the two companies to fight to the death.

Even though Father Lu had given the video of Xue Dong cheating to Father Xue before he refused to cooperate, Father Xue was still merciless. There was no remorse at all.

Therefore, Father Lu made up his mind and stated that he would not contact them again.

However, overnight, the Lu familys business was also affected.

“What happened?” Jiang Yu asked Lu Qi, “Did something happen at the company?”

Lu Qi nodded.

Father Lu hurriedly went to the company and asked Mother Lu to entertain Jiang Yu.

However, Jiang Yu stopped him. “Uncle, please wait a moment.”

Jiang Yu walked over and handed over Teng Yis business card. “This is my friend. He knows about your familys situation and is willing to help. Uncle, you can contact him.”

Father Lu took the business card in surprise. “Teng Yi from the Mo Group? Do you know him?”

Teng Yi was the right-hand man of the Mo Groups president. At the same time, he also managed a few branch companies.

He could be considered a senior management of the Mo Group.

Jiang Yu smiled. “He can be considered to be someone you can talk to. Ive already spoken to him. Uncle, you can rest assured.”

Father Lu took a deep look at Jiang Yu and turned to Lu Qi. “Qiqi, this friend of yours is not bad. Take good care of her.”

He then left.

Jiang Yu took Lu Qi out.

The two of them went to the shopping mall to do their hair.

“Yuer, I feel like youre really different now.” Lu Qi used to know that Jiang Yu was focused on studying and earning money.

Who knew that Jiang Yu would take her shopping to buy cosmetics, and she was even more generous than her.

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