Chapter 24: Kissed

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“What time is your flight in the morning?” Jiang Yu asked him.

“Its six oclock in the morning. You dont have to get up.” Mo Long didnt want to disturb her sweet dreams.

Jiang Yu didnt answer and just left.

At night, Jiang Yu lay on the soft bed and looked out of the window in a daze.

It was raining outside.

The cold wind was raging.

Jiang Yu thought to herself, she didnt know if Mo Longs window was closed.

Mo Longs legs were inconvenient, and the servants slept in the backyard at night.

What if Mo Long caught a cold?

Jiang Yu was a little worried, so she got up and put on a coat and went out.

It was silent outside the corridor.

Jiang Yu came to Mo Longs room and knocked on the door, but no one answered.

She just went in to check if the windows were closed. It was better not to disturb Mo Longs sleep.

Hence, she opened the door and tiptoed in.

As expected, Mo Long was already fast asleep. A cold wind blew in from outside the window.

Jiang Yu walked to the window and reached out to close the window. A hand reached out from behind her and held her hand.

A warm feeling came from her palm.

Jiang Yu turned around and saw Mo Long standing behind her.

She widened her eyes and heard Mo Long say, “Let me do it! Dont get your hands wet.”

However, that was not the main point.

When Mr. Mo personally wrapped his arms around her and closed the doors and windows, Jiang Yu subconsciously lowered her head and looked down at her feet.

At that moment, Mo Long was standing firmly on the floor, standing straight.

“You…” A single voice came out of her throat, puzzled.

Mo Long smiled and said, “Its true that my legs are inconvenient, but its not that I cant walk. Its just that I cant walk for too long!”

It turned out that he had injured his leg, but he was not crippled.

While Jiang Yu was still absorbing the news, Mo Long saw the surprise in her eyes. He could not help but lower his head and kiss her slightly opened lips.

“Oh…” Jiang Yu was dumbfounded.

Before she could even react, she felt a cold breath coming from her mouth, and then they quickly separated.

The man took a step back and rubbed her hair. He said in a low voice, “Are you relieved now? Go back to sleep obediently.”

The mans voice was a few degrees warmer.

Jiang Yu blinked and saw the man return to the bed. She patted the seat next to her and said, “Or do you want to rest here? I dont mind.”

In the dark room, the mans gaze was as deep as the vast galaxy, as if he would be sucked into it inadvertently.

Jiang Yus face burned with anger and she felt a little dazed. In the end, she shook her head and turned around to run out.

She gently closed the door for him.

Jiang Yu returned to her bed and pressed her hands against her heart.

She was so close, so close. She was so close to falling into the mans beauty that she couldnt get out.

The rain outside gradually stopped.

Jiang Yu was sleeping soundly in her room.

When it was almost six oclock, the man stood in front of Jiang Yus bed and reached out to turn off the alarm.

He leaned over and planted a kiss on the womans forehead, then tucked her under the blanket. Only then did he leave the house in the cold air. But even so, his heart was still warm.

“Jiang Yu, wait for me to come back,” He muttered.

The business trip this time was supposed to be a week, but he had shortened it to three days.

This was the first time he felt homesick before he had even gone abroad, especially for a young woman who was only eighteen years old.

This was something that the Mo Long of the past could never have imagined.

When Jiang Yu woke up, the servants in the Mo garden had already begun to get busy, but there was no longer Mo Longs voice.

The butler came over and said respectfully to Jiang Yu, “Miss Jiang, if you need anything in the future, you can let me know. You can also look for Teng Yi.”

The two trusted aides were at Jiang Yus disposal.

Jiang Yu nodded. At that moment, she received a message from Lu Qi, “Yuer, I will definitely accompany you shopping today!”

Jiang Yu smiled and rearranged to meet up with Lu Qi at the mall after work.

After the driver sent Jiang Yu off, he did not rush to leave. Instead, he was at Jiang Yus beck and call.

In the evening, Jiang Yu got into the car and asked the driver to send her to the mall.

While waiting for the traffic light, Jiang Yu suddenly heard a womans gentle voice coming from the car parked on the left, “Youre annoying. I dont want to kiss you.”

Jiang Yu turned around and saw the man in the drivers seat leaning over and kissing the womans lips at the traffic light.

Jiang Yu was slightly stunned. She quickly opened her wechat moments and saw the selfie of Lu Qi and her fiancé last night.

Then, she looked at the person in the car next door.

Wow, it was actually the same person.

This person was Lu Qis fiancé.

Seeing that the car had left, Jiang Yu hurriedly said to the driver, “Follow it!”

The car went straight to the hotel. The man threw the car keys to the waiter, put his arm around the womans shoulder, and swaggered in.

Jiang Yu secretly took a few photos with a complicated expression.

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