Chapter 10: Pick A Gift For Her

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Wei Juans face alternated between red and white.

She suddenly realized that it was Jiang Yus first time attending such a banquet. If Jiang Yus outfit was too bad, the Jiang family would definitely be gossiped about.

“Alright, alright. You two can wear the same outfit. Go and change.”

Although Wei Juan was biased in her heart, she did not want outsiders to know about this.

Therefore, she could only say this.

In a short while, the two daughters walked out in their most expensive gowns.

They each wore different styles. Jiang Ran smiled sweetly and walked in an amiable style. Jiang Yu, however, did not show any emotion on her face. There was an additional layer of coldness on her body.

It was hard to say which person was more beautiful, but Jiang Yus image was more eye-catching.

Jiang Ran was so jealous that she was worried that she would be outclassed by Jiang Yu. But she didnt point it out on the surface.

When the bill was finally paid, Wei Juans face was full of pain because each gown cost more than a million yuan. She was willing to spend it on Jiang Ran, but Jiang Yu was the lucky one.

In the afternoon.

At the entrance of the auction house, many people were complaining, “Didnt we agree on this afternoons auction? Why was it canceled at the last minute?”

Young Master Ye and Jiang Ran were also among the crowd.

Jiang Ran looked at the poster hanging at the entrance of the auction house and immediately took a fancy to the most eye-catching necklace, The Heart of The Ocean.

Recently, Young Master Ye had helped his family to negotiate a big deal. Now that he was rich, it was not easy for him to pick the most expensive one.

But unexpectedly…

“Why is it closed?” Jiang Ran also looked depressed.

At this moment, the person in charge of the auction house said, “Todays auction will be postponed for an hour.”

They could wait for an hour.

In particular, this auction house was full of high-quality goods. Many people had waited for a week.

And at this moment, inside the auction house.

Mo Long was stroking his chin and worrying about the dazzling array of items in front of him.

He asked his assistant, Teng Yi, “What do you think is the most suitable gift for a girls birthday?”

Teng Yi Thought for a moment and said, “Girls usually like jewelry. Oh right, diamonds. Every woman will like them.”

Diamonds? Mo Longs gaze landed on one of the items placed in an exquisite box.

This diamond necklace, The Heart of The Ocean happened to be an auction item that had just been received at the auction house.

Previously, someone had placed it in the auction house due to a cash flow problem, and the starting price was 100 million.

“This is it.”

Mo Long immediately could imagine how eye-catching this necklace would be when it was worn on Jiang Yus perfect white neck.

An hour later, the auction went on as scheduled.

However, the auction houses manager said, “The auction for The Heart of The Ocean has been canceled today.”

Jiang Ran, who had been eager to try, could not help but feel a chill in her heart. She had come for The Heart of The Ocean.

“Why has it been canceled?” Jiang Ran was a little unhappy.

Young Master Ye, who was at the side, explained, “Its possible that the seller did not sell it at the last minute.”

Jiang Ran had not seen anything satisfactory during the auction.

Young master Ye said, “I see that you usually like to draw. You will definitely like this painting. Its the work of a master.”

In the end, Jiang Ran took a painting that was expensive but not to her liking and went home.

On the afternoon of the birthday banquet.

Jiang Yu and Jiang Ran were wearing the same clothes.

Both of them had outstanding temperaments.

Jiang Hai was very satisfied after looking at it. At least after dressing up, Jiang Yu could still look like a lady from a noble family.

However, there was an exquisite necklace around Jiang Rans neck. That necklace was Wei Juans favorite set of jewelry, and she usually couldnt bear to wear it.

Today, in order to make Jiang Ran the most dazzling existence, Wei Juan had put in a lot of effort.

“Are the piano pieces ready?” Jiang Hai took a sip of tea and asked.

Jiang Ran smiled and said, “Dad, dont worry. Ive practiced it several times. I wont make any mistakes.”

“Very good!” Jiang Hai nodded in satisfaction.

Jiang Hai had already invited professor Bai to attend the birthday banquet, and the other party had also agreed readily.

Today, everyone in the capital would see how outstanding his daughter was.

Jiang Hai looked at Jiang Yu again, and his expression became much better. “Remember, dont talk too much. Learn well from your sister.”

Jiang Yu replied, “Dad, I understand.”

Jiang Hai was still worried. He felt that Jiang Yus etiquette wasnt good.

After Jiang Hai left, Wei Juan hurriedly called for a makeup artist to do Jiang Rans styling.

At that moment, Jiang Yus phone rang.

A person who claimed to be Mo Longs assistant said that he had sent the gift to the Jiang family.

A few minutes later, Teng Yi entered the house and handed a small square box to Jiang Yu. “This is president Mos birthday gift for you.”

Jiang Yu took it, but Jiang Ran and Wei Juan were looking up at the box.

When they saw that the box was very ordinary, they couldnt help but show disdain.

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