”Argh!! why did it suddenly have to rain damn it!!? ” Ashley yelled to herself as she was standing Infront of her college gate waiting for her driver to arrive.

She had just attended her psychology class which was cancelled by the professor yesterday, but suddenly the students were told to attend a make-up class for it on short notice.

The day just couldn get any worse Ashley thought, first she was forced to come at college on her supposedly resting day and the next thing she finds out is that its heavily raining, and whats worse she has to wait in this weather for her driver who hasn arrived yet. ”Or maybe he has forgotten about me ”, ”who would want to remember me anyways, I sure am bad luck ” she said and smiles sadly closing her eyes and drowning in sorrow as the rain pours onto her making her completely soaked and cold from the gentle chilly breezes coming with the rain.

Maybe it was because she was having a bad day that she felt several emotions taking over and she begin sobbing silently, ”why am I suffering so much?, what have I done so wrong?, why dosent anyone love me? ” she was constantly repeating these negative questions in her head until she was shaken out of her loop of her negative thoughts.

”Miss!? ” her driver exclaims, ”Im sorry miss Im late, I was dropping off your little cousin to her ballet class and then there was suddenly traffic on the road and, and… ”, he was cut off by Ashley ”ok pete!, I get it!!, can we please go already, Its already been late and Im getting cold now ”.

The driver realizes he had unnecessarily ranted on, he notices Ashley completely wet from the rain and her skin being exposed from under her clothes. He immediately looks away and offers her his coat and opens the car door for her. Once she settled in the backseat, he turned on the heater for her and some slow music so that would make her feel a bit better. Peter had noticed the visible tear stains on Ashleys cheeks and he knew she would be crying, if he could be helpful in reducing her pain even a but, he would feel happy about it.

During the whole ride, Ashley was quietly leaning towards the window listening to the sound of rain pouring on the glass and looking at the raindrops striding down, the sweet Melody from the music and the warmth of the seat embraced her after a tiring day. She had a feeling that this peace may not remain for long as she knows how her so-called family would react to her arriving late at home, well we just gotta see what happens then she thinks to herself.

Peter was looking at Ashley from the back view mirror of the car, he felt his heart clench at Ashleys state, but he doesn have the right to say anything since he is nothing more than a mere servant working for the Winstons. They both were once very close since they practically grew up together, but some incident happened causing them to be nothing more than a master and servant.

Upon arriving the Winstons state, peter tried to say something, but before he could even start Ashley had already left for the front door of her house so peter just left to park the car unable to say a word.

Ashley hesitated a bit before ringing the doorbell of her house. She took a deep breath, and pressed the button, a few moments later a women opened the door, it was a maid of the Winstons. She saw Ashley and looked at her from head to toe and placed her hand on har mouth, she appeared to be quite shocked at Ashleys current state, ”My goodness miss! what happened to you!? ”, the maid said. ”teresa, Im fine, but can you save the questions for later I do feel a bit cold standing here since its still raining you know ” Ashley says not feeling the mood to answer her questions. ”oh dear! look at my rudeness, please come in miss, Ill bring a warm towel for you to dry yourself also a warm cup of milk would be better, and… ” Teresa hesitates a bit while saying something. ”I know, Ill meet them, where are they? ”, Ashley said already knowing what Teresa was about to say. ”They are in the living room waiting for you, please be careful ” Teresa said caringly, she knows whats about to happen and she wants Ashley to not be involved in yet another argument. Ashley nods at the moment but she knows if the words are more than she could handle, shell have to say something. With this Ashley gives Teresa one last assuring look and heads towards the living room.

Upon reaching the living room, she is greeted by a cold environment as though it is winter in the middle of june. Her uncle, aunt and grandma sitting on the sofa of the living room. Everything was suffocating, and dead silent as if everybody was nothing but a corpse. Her so-called familys faces which show not an ounce of love are staring her down

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