Ivy was nervous and uncertain as she walked into the VIP section of the club. Ivy felt like everyone in the room was staring at her even though the lights were dim- changing colours from blue to red, and green so quickly she could barely differentiate the colours. This section of the club was more organized, less packed and not as hot as where she had just left. Ivy scanned the room slowly, as she tried to locate the registration stand for the event..she let her eyes travel from the high ceilings of the room to the floor-length windows with beautiful arches that made her think of her church back home, the marble floors that reflected the light from the LED lamps, the arrangement of the room that reminded her of the time she went on a date with Dan at a five-star restaurant- ”why must everything remind me of him ” She scolded herself angrily.

She finally located the registration stand after getting directions from an usher she hadn noticed earlier. ”Thank you, ” She said, flashing the usher a smile as she proceeded to the stand

”Hello pretty lady, ” said the stout middle-aged attendant with jet black hair which he styled perfectly- it made Ivy think of the blackcurrant jam her mum used to make

”H-hi! Im here to register for the matchmaking event ” she replied with a nervous chuckle

”Wonderful! You
e just at the right place ” he said still smiling at her ”You just have to provide me with your pass ” he added

”Oh! Its right here ” Ivy said as she stretched it out to him

”Okay, so you
e number 53. Theres a table labelled with your number, just proceed to sit down there ”

”Okay, thank you! ” As Ivy proceeded to her seat, she could tell from the smell of expensive perfume in the air and their dressing that the people in the room were well to do.

Just as she lifted a champagne flute off the tray from one of the waiters, she heard a voice boom through the speakers ”Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being a part of this event, let the event begin ”

Ivy felt strange and out of place as she watched with fascination as dies were cast to matchmake people. ”This looks ridiculous, ” She thought, but then what harm could it do? For the first time in her life, she was willing to do something spontaneous; something that would leave her sisters mouth hanging open- just the thought of Beths mouth hanging open was enough motivation for her.

”Number 53 ” The anchors voice boomed through the speakers, drawing her out of her thoughts

”Here! ” She said raising her tag as she moved towards him, placing each leg gingerly before the other.

”Youve been paired with player number 21 ” he informed her


Ivy was seated in front of the most handsome man she had ever set her eyes upon; he had piercing blue eyes that reminded Ivy of the ocean, his brown-coloured hair was flawlessly styled, and she could tell that he spent a lot of time at the gym from the way his biceps looked in his perfectly tailored white shirt- he looked just like a greek god

”I was matched with the prettiest lady in the room, ” He said in a voice so melodious, it could lull one to sleep, flashing her a smile just wide enough for Ivy to catch a glimpse of his perfectly arranged dentition ”

”Oh please ” she chuckled, her face turning crimson

”Hi, Im Dan ” he introduced himself, stretching his perfectly manicured hand for a shake

”Im Lucy ” she replied, conscious of his eyes on her. ”Im sorry, Im such a bore. Im completely new to this ” she continued, feeling a need to explain herself

”That makes two of us ” he chuckled, ”I think we should get out of here, what say you ”?

”I support the motion ” she replied laughing

”I like you already ” he smirked


”Girl! You should give me the gist ” Amys shrill voice rang in the room

It was two days after their night at the club- the night of the matchmaking event. Ivy was back in their hotel suite, giving Amy the details of the event…and her time with ”Dan, the god ”, as she described him.

”Okayyyy ” Ivy said shyly, although she was excited to share the details with her friend

”We left the club midway into the event ”

”H-hmmm ” Amy whispered as if the gist would end If she raised her voice

Ivy smiled at the dreamy look on her friends face ”Guess where we went to ” She said teasing Amy

”Where? You know I would beg to get this out of you ” Amy replied, her voice still a whisper

”His suite…..right here in this hotel, ” Ivy said, laughing at the awestruck look on Amys face

”No way ” Amy squealed, staring at her friend as if she had suddenly grown two heads

”We talked about everything, it was almost like I had known him for a long time, ” Ivy said with a shy smile

”Girl! You hit the jackpot, and there I was stuck with a married man ” Amy hissed

”Married man? ” Ivy asked surprised

”The guy from the club yesterday, guess who stormed in to confront him just after you left- his wife, ” Amy said with a scowl

Ivy couldn help the laughter that erupted from her mouth ”Thats what you get for ditching your friend ” she said between bouts of laughter

In the peaceful silence that followed, Ivy reminisced about the time she spent with Dan, he was a perfect gentleman; he listened to her, not only to reply but to understand her…something she never had in Luke-

”Is that a blush I see on your face? ” It was Amys voice that snapped her out of her thoughts

”I don know what you
e talking about ” Ivy muttered

”Aw! I have a feeling that you like Dan the god already ” Amy pushed

”On one hand I wish I could pursue a relationship with him, and theres my promise not to give a man access to my heart on the other ” Ivy said with a sad smile.

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