Lord of Thieves

Count Your Losses

Ray turned the wheel round a corner and drove down a street as he bantered with Das. Ray cracked jokes, laughed at them and hit Das, who reacted to the jokes on few occasions, whenever he saw fit.

”I told you it would be fun, ” Ray said as he steered the vehicle, ”well, wasn that fun? ”

Ray made it sound and feel like some kind of childs play but Das knew that it was nothing like that: it was a job and Ray proved to have a small measure of etiquette to him. Nonetheless, it was fun … he did not admit it to Ray but it was just as it had always been.

”I believed in you back there, ” Ray said, smiling at Das. ”I knew you had it. You, uh, didn ** up and that says something. ”

”I think we
e forgetting that you
e … the novice, ” Das said curtly.

Ray simply tittered. ”You
e right, ” he looked ahead.

”Nice getaway drive by the way, ” Das said, ”you almost killed us. ”

Ray smirked, taking a hand off the steering wheel to pass it through his jet black hair. ”Put a little trust in me like I did with you, Kay? ”

Das did not respond per usual but he knew Ray was not expecting him to. Ray was a little complex. He spoke differently with distinct slurs like a boozer, walked like he was the king of the Earth and talked with a hostile tone that would scare off kids. Though, he was a bit good-looking so Das couldn see how the black pill effect would come into play in the given scenario.

”Whered you come from, Das? ” Ray asked.

Every time the guy used the name, Das felt his heart throb hard. It was not often he heard it. His siblings barely used it despite their close co-operation on the island for as long as he could remember. So it came off as a real shock to him that someone knew his name and used it like a companion would.

”Das? ” Ray asked. ”You okay, bud? ”

”Im fine, ” Das smiled, looking away.

”Whats the matter, got a skeleton in the closet? ” Ray asked.

”Im from Canada, ” Das lied.

Ray narrowed his eyes. ”Oh my god, man, you
e so good at lying. ”

”Not as good as you are at compliments, ” Das said.

Ray took his eyes off the road, parting his lips and peering into Das eyes until hed wiped the smile right off his gawked victims face.

”Kiss me, Das, ” Ray said.

Das grimaced. ”What the **? ”

”Is it really gay to kiss your partner? ”

”Of course it is! ” Das snapped.

”Come on, man, it definitely isn ! What do you— ”

The car hit something vigorously. The car rocked. Ray hit the brake. The tires screech and skid on the pitch as the victim rolled away from the impact.

Ray gasped as he looked at Das. ”Look at what youve done, Das! ”

Das narrowed his eyes and pressed his lips in a fine line. ”Real funny, Ray. ”

”What, you don know that this is your fault? ” Ray said, opening his car door.

Das unbuckled his seat belt and turned to his door. ”How is this my fault? ”

Ray got out of the car. ”It is … ”

”Quit being childish, Ray, ” Das said, standing and closing his car door shut.

Ray left his door opened and scowled over at Das as they both rounded the car. ”If you had just shut up and kiss me none of this would have happened! ”

Das scoffed. ”What kind of crack are you on even? ”

”I don do crack, I just do LSD and weed, ” Ray said as they neared the victim.

Das scoffed again. ”Yeah and those things totally don count as drugs. ”

”LSD is more like a nice drink when you put it in a liquid, ” Ray said, ”I mainly do LSD. ”

”More like Homo-S-D, ” Das said.

”Piss off, ” Ray said, stopping before the hit victim.

Das stopped, peering at the victim. He frowned. It was only a child. Theyd hit a child. A little boy in battered clothes. The kid seemed unconscious or, even worse, dead. Dead or alive, the kid looked homeless, judging by the sartorial presentation of bare feet, torn, battered clothes and a rather revolting stench.

Das sighed. ”Look at what you made us do, you idiot. ”

”I say we leave the tot, ” Ray said.

Dash narrowed his eyes at Ray, shaking his head.

”What? ” Ray said. ”Yknow, what? Fine. We only leave him if hes dead then. ”

”Which I hope he isn , ” Das said, crouching before the kid.

He placed a hand on the kid, giving him a rough shake then a tap. No response. The boy lingered on his stomach, head concealed by his position. So Das inched toward the boy, turning over his body when …

The boy slashed a knife at Das. Das dodged. The boy thrust the knife forward. Das thrust a palm toward it. The knife pitched out of the boys hand before it even touched Das head. The boy leaped to his feet. Das stood, dodging a kick. The boy punched. Das sidestepped and elbowed the boy to the head.

The boy sunk his teeth in Das forearm. Das groaned, yanking his arm away.

”No way you
e boutta hurt my partner, ” Ray snapped, rushing in.

Ray shoved Das aside. The kid retreated, bent over and picked up the knife from the floor. Das moved toward the kid.

”Ray, be careful, ” Das said.

Ray attacked. The kid dodged, slashing at Rays side. Ray wailed. The kid plunged the knife into Rays gut. Rays eyes gaped. The kid yanked the knife from Rays gut. Ray groaned. The kid grabbed Rays head and hit it a knee. Ray collapsed.

Das fished a nail out of his pocket as he drew toward the boy. ”You
e testing my patience, kid. ”

The kid furrowed his brows. Das slowed his pace. The kid charged. Das dropped the nail. The kid neared. Das raised a hand—about to thrust it forward—when the cars engine behind him revved. The nail dropped.

Das looked over his shoulder. The kid ran right past him and toward the revving car. Das turned around. Another kid was in the car. She opened the passenger door. The boy slipped in through the passenger door. Das furrowed his brows as the boy slammed his door closed.

The boy and the girl switched seats. The boy hit the gas. The car accelerated down the alley. Das turned around and started running toward Ray. He ran past Ray as the car sped down after him. But no—he turned around. He needed Ray. He didn know where to trade in the jewelry so he needed him. He ran back to Ray as the car came after them.

He picked Ray up, put him over his shoulder and ran with him as the car sped. The car neared. Ray looked over his shoulder. The car was close. He looked ahead. He continued running. Ray was heavy. The car was too close.

Inches away from doom, Das turned around, Ray on his shoulder, raising a hand with outstretched fingers. The car zoomed toward them. He furrowed his brows, screamed and squeezed his fingers close into a ball.

A force hit the car, shattering the windshield and crushing its sides. The car slowed but it continued forth. Das jumped and turned. The car hit his back and sent him into the air.

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