Lord of Thieves

Ken Khal\'s Jewelry Store

greying beard in a fancy suit, starting to acknowledge that the jewelry was, in truth, legitimate. He was simply meddling with Ken; Ken was so easy to be meddlesome too, after all. And after all his meddling, maybe it was time to make his second purchase.

”Ill take everything I viewed today, ” the man said sonorously.

Ken stuttered. ”R-really? Are you shittin me or not? ”

”Make sure you package em properly, ” the man turned around with his hands in his pockets, ”Ive gotta do business with someone else and I don want the polices attention. ”

Ken smiled, excited. ”Alright, Ill hide em up real good. ” A familiar customer was about to buy half of his products. ”That would be six-hundred grand, thank you, ” he put out a hand, rubbing his fingers together.

The man stopped, looking over his shoulder at the hand with a sneer on his face. ”First of all, big bucks like this ain gonna fit where you want em. Secondly, who said I was payin you shit? ”

Ken grimaced. ”What do you mean! ”

”I mean you owed me big-time, ” the man said curtly.

”I paid you back a week agol! ” Ken snapped.

”Yeah but right now Im takin this for interest, ” the man said, ”now hurry up and pack those pieces if you only know whats good for you.

Ken Khal frowned. He frowned because that was all he could do. What about standing up for whats right? Standing up to Modd. No, that would make him insane and he was the sanest person in the business and the aforementioned action would no longer render him a pacifist on these streets. War was not something Ken dared to ask for.

He fished the jewelry out of their displaying tables and glasses and stands and he jammed them into the big bag that was provided to him upon Modds command. He was listening, acting as per the command and although he retained some reluctance, he still packed the bag full. Busy. But a bell at his door had snatched away his attention.

Das walked into the store, aiming his gun at the burly, wide Modd. The fact that it wasn a gun at all to him put another smirk on his face. ”Okay, gentlemen, you know the drill. ”

Ken quailed. That mask. Those eyes. The gun. You had to be bonkers if you couldn tell what this was. Ken sure knew what it was and it was not his first nor was it his last. What more could a hopeless man like himself do than shiver and frown and follow instructions?

Modd furrowed his brows, retreating backward with lowered hands. ”Im not the one in charge here. ”

Das scoffed. ”With your chin up, chest out and hands down like that? You act like you own the place. ”

Modd raised his hands.

Das pointed his gun at Ken, who jumped in fright, raising his hand. ”Okay, mister, we
e gonna do what I see say and not trigger any alarms. Kinda allergic to cops; you know how allergies can be. ”

”Im allergic to peanuts, ” Ken admitted.

”Im sorry, ” Das theatrically frowned, ”if I had my phone with me Id google who the ** asked. ”

Ken frowned.

”And sir, I don see you packing! ”

Ken shuddered. ”Ive already packed a bag full for Modd. ”

Modd looked over his shoulder at Ken with a storm in his eyes. Idiot, he thought, shaking his head as the man quailed.

”Aw, Modd, that yours? ” Das asked. ”Mine now. ” Das pointed the gun at Kens head.

The gun was close to Modds head but he dared not draw it too close. Too close and its a mistake but close enough, it becomes a warning. Hed learn it the hard. His siblings were some skilled punks, to say the least.

”Mr. Modd, take the money from your partner behind you and bring it to me, ” Das said. ”Any funny business, ” he thrust his gun forward, ”and you meet your maker. ”

Modd scowled as he turned around, mumbling angrily to himself and walking toward the bag. It was not what he was expecting today but he knew just how to deal with incidents just like these and the dealings involved pain. He sneered at Ken, heaved the bag from the tabletop, slung it across his shoulder and started toward the masked robber.

Das kept the gun as he took the bag with his free hand. Distraction was often a common seed of problem and that was why Das hadn taken his eyes off Modd for a second. He was particularly reluctant when it came to judging people too soon.

Modd wanted to attack but he saw no opening. This masked man was deft—there was no doubt in his mind. But he knew he was making a mistake: one that gave him validation to be killed.

”You mess with my money, ” Modd said, “you get pain. ”

Das simply smirked, slinging the bag across his shoulder. His siblings were wise and could easily memorize someones eye but this man was no sibling of his. He was normal: perhaps he was in a gang or even the boss of such. Whatever he was, Das didn care. He retreated, the gun still pointed at Modd as he backed out the door.

The bag of jewelry was heavy and slowed his pace but he made it to the car and he kept his gun pointed at Modd who stood behind the glass of the jewelry store, glaring like a bull in a field of roses.

He entered Rays Thunderbird, eyes still locked onto Modd. He jammed the bag into the backseat, buckled up and slammed his door shut.

”Go! ” He snapped.

Ray furrowed his brows and hit the gas. ”Going fast! ”

Moddo rushed out of the store, pulled out a gun and fired as he slowed his gait. The vehicle zoomed off, receiving his shots as he sauntered and fired. The ship has sailed but if he could just hit a tire … that would he …

The vehicle veered to the right side of the road, evaded an opposite vehicle and sped round a corner, disappearing from Moddos sight. Moddo stopped, lowered his gun and stared. Hed remember the look of that Thunderbird from the cradle to the grave.

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