For a moment, I thought I had a hallucination. I stared at white cloth carefully. White cloth did move, as if the charred corpse was uncomfortable and stretched his legs.

However, when I clean my eyes and look again, the wind is calm and there is nothing.

I thought to myself, it must be too tight. How can the dead body move, let alone a burnt body.

The leaders asked a lot of questions. The people from the police station came to take a statement, and the body was transported away. The work has to go on, and the days are no different. If you really want to say that, it is stipulated in the companys emergency below that two people must be together in any place in the plant. Perhaps the leaders are afraid that some people will not open the door again and touch the switch.

In the evening, Wen Mu and he Yimin were on duty. I couldn justify not being on duty when such a big event happened. The three of us did not deliberately talk about Li Youdun, because the more we talked, the more scared we were.

Wen Mu and he Yimin went to inspect the equipment. I watched their movements in the central control room through monitoring.

They chatted while patrolling, and the speed was very slow. I thought to myself that they could chat with each other even with the loud noise of the workshop. I really convinced them.

Everyone working in the power station knows that the lowest floor of the plant is generally the water inlet valve floor, and our power station is no exception. Two huge ball valves occupy most of the space on this floor, mixed with several oil leakage tanks and drainage pipes, and there is basically no space.

I saw He Yimin and Wen Mu walk from the entrance of the stairs to the No. 2 ball valve at the end. After walking around the ball valve, they turned back.

Walking up the stairs, there was a blind area, so I switched the monitoring and watched them through the monitoring of the turbine floor.

But after waiting for a long time, I didn see them coming up from the stairs.

It was a very short distance, about ten meters. Even if we walked slowly, we would have finished long ago. I thought, they must have gone to the draft tube room to check. After watching for so long, is there something wrong with the equipment in the draft tube room?

As time went by, I felt something was wrong. No matter how you look at it, it won last half an hour.

So I contacted them with my walkie talkie. No matter how I shouted, the other side kept silent and did not respond.

I don think so. Im afraid something happened. After growing a heart, he called Jiang Tian and asked him to come up. However, the same is true when no one answers the phone and then contacts other people.

I cursed, immortal board, did you go to the Karaoke, can noticed, or did they not bring your mobile phone?

At this time, I didn care about anything else, so I took a shortcut and ran to the turbine floor in three steps and two steps, and then walked along the stairs to the ball valve floor carefully step by step.

To tell the truth, Im afraid.

The incident of Li Youdun happened in the morning. I was afraid that he Yimin and Wen Mu would have an accident, especially underground. If they really showed up, they would see two corpses lying on the ground, and even people with big nerves would be scared.

At the first sight of He Yimin, my heart was relieved. He Yimin is coming out of the draft tube room and walking towards the No. 1 ball valve step by step. He walked very slowly, with his head tilted, looking at the equipment on the ceiling as he walked.

Wen Mu is the same. Both of them do the same thing, just like they want to see through the equipment on the ceiling.

I called them both, but they didn respond. The noise on the ball valve floor is so loud that I have to increase the volume. They still ignored me. Now I found something wrong and my scalp began to feel numb.

Their movements were unnatural, as if they were dragging their legs. And the neck is tilted, always staring at a certain point of the ceiling. With the movement of the feet, the neck also moves mechanically.

I went to both sides of him, slapped them on the back and shouted to them, ”what the hell are you doing? ”

With a brush, they both turned around and looked at me directly.

I was startled. Their eyes were green. They didn look like normal people.

I yelled: ”what are you doing? Im timid. Don black me. ”

They stared at me once, and then stared at a point on the ceiling as they walked.

I followed their line of sight and saw that there was nothing but some small oil pipes.

They walked under the ball valve, made a circle, dragged their feet, and walked toward the machinery of the draft tube room. But their necks were always staring at the ceiling. The angle of rotation is by no means a range that normal human beings can reach.

Im afraid theyll break their necks like this. This did not happen. They made a circle in the draft tube chamber and walked towards the ball valve.

I closed the door in advance while they were walking towards the draft tube room in the second circle. When they walked to the door, the road was blocked, but their footsteps did not stop. They hit the door with their upper bodies, kicked the door with their feet, and mechanically stretched out their hands to scratch the burglar proof door. You can refer to the zombie kicking to the threshold in the movie.

Can you imagine that?

Anyway, I was almost stupefied. As long as a normal person reaches out his hand, the door handle will open with a twist, but the two of them are stiff and unwilling to kick the door. No matter how I shout or fight, they never wake up.

I decided to go to the living area first, find someone to get them out together, and then try to wake them up. So I ran upstairs and ran to the stairs, but a door appeared in front of me.

Our power station is not big, and I know all the places better than my family. In fact, the door has only one hole, and there is no door. The water inside is noisy, and the water in the ground drainage ditch is gurgling. It is the door opening of the water collecting well.

The water collecting well is next to the No. 2 ball valve. I ran upstairs. How could you appear at the gate of the water collecting well. I didn dare to turn back, because I heard grandpa say that when you walk at night, you hear someone calling you not to turn back. Once you turn back, the dirty things will blow out the flames on your body.

In this situation, I have begun to suspect that ghosts are striking walls, but I am not willing to believe it. Decades of atheism education have convinced me that there are no ghosts and gods in this world.

I turned around. Behind me was a huge steel monster painted blue. The servomotors on both sides were like two huge arms, stretching straight toward the sky. I was disillusioned with the last trace of fantasy in my heart. With a strange cry, I ran to the stairs next to the No. 1 ball valve.

When passing the stairs, Wen Mu and he Yimin glanced aside. They still stubbornly kicked the door, banged the door and scratched the door. His head turned to this side and he smiled darkly.

When I ran up the stairs, I was still faced with the door opening of the water collecting well.

Ill cheer myself up. Don panic. Grandpa said that ghost beating the wall is to use hallucinations to paralyze your five senses. As long as you close your eyes and always run in a certain direction, you can go out.

But in front of me is a water collecting well. There is a huge pool inside. I would never dare to close my eyes and rush in like this. In case its not an illusion, the front is really a water collecting well. Isn it dead to jump down like this?

The water collecting well is very deep. It is the stinky sludge formed by years of accumulated water. Once it falls in, it is bound to sink into the sludge. Don say that there is no one in the plant to save me now, even if there are people in the central control room. When they came down, I would have been trapped and drowned alive.

Turning around, there was still a ball valve behind me. I closed my eyes and ran towards the stairway. At the entrance of the stairs, he touched the railing and ran upstairs. When I hit a water pipe or a corner on the road, I couldn care less.

He Yimin and Wen Mu heard two ghostly laughter. I was so scared that I felt like I had run to the end of the stairs. I touched the railing and turned around and strode forward.

I know. Take a turn, thats the stairs on the ground. He didn fall into the sump. He knew I was right.

At this time, I felt that my legs were suddenly very heavy, and I had to do my best to take a step forward. Its like a shot put on your leg.

A cold voice sounded behind me: ”I caught you, hehe, hehe. ”

This voice belongs to he Yimin. I have never heard him speak in such a cold tone. ”Don run, where can you run? ” a voice sounded nearby.

I struggled hard, and my fear was mixed with anger. When was it time, they even joked with me. I clenched my fist and swung it back. I opened my eyes and saw that there was no shadow of Wen Mu and he Yimin. I turned around in a hurry, but what I saw was not the gate hole of the water collecting well.

There was a corpse hanging in the doorway, with an iron face and a scarlet tongue. It was dead for a long time. The bodys hair was so long that it covered half of his face. But he could still tell from his body shape and the lower half of his face that the body was Lin Jiji.

I was so black that I sat down on the ground. When did he come to the factory when he was not on duty tonight? When was he hanged at the gate of the water collecting well?

Because of things during the day, I have been patrolling the screen all night and staring at the monitor. I have never seen him. Moreover, there is no place where a rope can be tied above the door opening of the water collecting well.

I just noticed that Lin Jiji was missing an arm. His broken arm was inserted in the hole above the door opening. The belt was hung on the broken arm, and he was hanged on the belt. The blood on the wall was blurred, and the blood on the ground had turned black.

I controlled myself, trying not to vomit out of extreme fear. All of a sudden, I found a few words on the ground. Be careful of the passers-by.

Be careful of the guide. I heard this sentence somewhere. To tell the truth, at that time, my mind almost stopped. It took me a long time to remember. That was what my grandmother told me in her dream last night.

But what is the guide? Why should you be careful of the guide?

One day, two colleagues died nearby, and both of them died strangely. I can stand this kind of super nerve stimulating thing anymore. I fell back and fainted.

When I woke up, it was already the afternoon of the next day. A man beside me shouted: ”you melon child, I finally woke up. ”

I turned my head and saw that it was Lin Jiji. Black (dialect, scared) made my whole body shrink. I couldn help but feel like chaff.

Lin Jiji scolded me: ”you
e a melon child. You
e so useless. You can faint even during the inspection. You don believe it when you call you turtle to exercise every day and shoot less pistols. Now you finally know that the pot is made of iron. ”

On-Site Inspection?

I had a lot of questions in my heart, but I couldn ask them. Finally, I choked out a sentence: ”is he Yimin and Wen Mu OK? ”

Lin Jiji stared at me suspiciously and said, ”theres an egg thing. If it weren for the two of them, no one would know that your turtle died on the ball valve floor. ”

He went out and brought me a bowl of noodles and said, ”eat quickly, and go to work when you have nothing to do after eating. Everyone is waiting for you to arrange work. ”

I asked, ”its so late that no one can arrange work? ”

Lin Jiji said: ”Arranged my ass, everything was in a mess. ”

When I asked what the mess was, Lin Jiji just didn say it and kept pushing.

I ate noodles in twos or threes and ran to the central control room. Everyone gathered in the central control room and talked about something. Several of them were emotional and noisy. The scene was indeed chaotic.

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