Life and death note

Weird suicider

Last night, I dreamt of my grandmother, which was a very strange thing. Grandma has been dead for ten years. I have never dreamed of her before.

In the dream, she was far away, silently wiping her tears, looking at me as if she had something to say, but in the end she said nothing. When I approached her, she seemed to have seen a ghost. She quickly moved away, always four or five meters away.

I don know why, but I know grandma should have something to say. Because I saw grandmas mouth move, but he didn say anything. After staring at her mouth for a long time, Im sure what shes going to say is, be careful of the guide.

I don know how to lip, but I know Im right.

Just after I guessed what grandma was going to say, without any sign, the dream woke up here.

After waking up for a long time, I finally remembered that three days later, it was July half, the day when the gate of hell was opened. Maybe it was for this reason that grandma entrusted me with the dream. I decided to buy some paper money for grandma the next day.

Before I was five years old, I lived with my grandmother. She was very kind to me and loved me more than her own grandchildren. Because of my work, I haven gone back to sweep her grave and burn paper for a long time.

But the next day, there was an accident at the power station, and the burning of paper for grandma was forced to be put aside.

I was working in a power station in a small mountain valley in the West. When I went to the power station early in the morning, I found that Li Youdun, who was on the night shift, was not there. I asked Lin Jiji, who was on the night shift with him. He was not very clear. He said: ”I guess he must be in his room. ”

The night shift of the power station is carried out by two people. In this way, they can keep company with each other. In addition, if there is any operation, they can also be supervised. It is a regulation that any operation of the power station needs to be supervised.

Lin Jiji looked tired. After the handover, he went back to wash, eat breakfast and have a rest.

The work of the power station is very boring. In addition to the regular work, there are endless tasks assigned by the leaders. After completing all the regular work and arranging personnel to inspect the equipment, I sat in front of the computer in the office and prepared to write the maintenance plan and prepare for the equipment maintenance next year.

Lin Jiji called: ”Li Youdun is not in the dormitory, nor did he go to the canteen to eat. ”

I wondered where he gone?

The power station is located in the mountain gully, and the outside is the big mountain inserted into the sky. The nearest small village is seven or eight miles away. It rained last night, and the mountain torrents destroyed the road surface. The roads down the mountain and up the dam were cut off.

Where can he go?

I called the driver, but the driver didn go out. Ask other colleagues, and no one knows. I called Li Youduns mobile phone, but no one answered.

Im in a hurry now.

In this small power station, in addition to the stationmaster, I am the second in command. During the absence of the stationmaster, I exercise the authority of the stationmaster. I am responsible for anything that happens to anyone. Therefore, all personnel of the whole station were mobilized to look for it in every corner of the power station.

I was sitting in the central control room, anxiously waiting for news from all walks of life.

Telephone calls kept coming and going, and I became more and more anxious. All the search teams assigned said that they had not seen anyone. At this time, Liu Yaoyao ran up and called for monitoring. I slapped myself. I was so confused that I forgot about it.

All corners of the power station are monitored. As long as you check the monitoring video, it is not easy to find it.

However, what makes me crazy is that all the surveillance has not been recorded for two days. Originally, I was anxious. The surveillance personnel made such a big mistake. I immediately became angry: ”which one with no eyes cancelled the video and found it out. I will be punished severely. ”

Liu Yaoyao recalled: ”no one has touched the monitoring computer. ”

She checked the account books and found no records. According to the regulations of the power station, anyone who moves any equipment needs to be registered. For important work, it is also necessary to issue work tickets and prepare operation tickets. There is no record, that is, no one has moved, but why did the surveillance cancel the recording?

Liu Yaoyao checked the video frame by frame, and suddenly she found something: ”no, someone has touched this computer. ”

I asked, ”whats the matter? Didn you say nobody moved? ”

She pointed to the video backup file: ”second brother, look, the backup file recorded by the camera in the central control room was modified the night before yesterday, that is, the time when all cameras in the factory stopped recording. ”

”Whats the connection? ” I asked

Liu Yaoyao said: ”this shows that someone may have turned off the monitoring video function in the factory. ”

I said, ”check the video in the central control room to see who has moved? ”

She shook her head: ”I can find it. I just saw the video of the central control room monitoring in recent days. It was deleted. ”

I asked, ”what about the front and back doors? ”

She shook her head and said, ”its deleted too. ”

I thought to myself, who is so boring? If you have nothing to do, you can delete any video. If you turn off the monitoring video function, what do you want to do. Remembering that the centralized control may have backup, I called to ask. The personnel on duty of the centralized control checked the records and returned. Because there was a backup of the power station video, the centralized control did not have a video.

I asked again, ”did the night shift personnel see who operated the computer in the central control room the day before yesterday? ”

The night shift staff was very annoyed and said: ”we need to monitor four or five power stations, more than ten units, and only two people are on duty. How can we see it? ”

I was also very speechless and asked, ”have you

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