Monds Corporation

Michaels Pov

I opened my eyes and I glanced around. I was still in my office. I slept off while working. Damn Maya, she caused this shit. I checked the time and it was almost evening. I packed my files inside my briefcase case and I left the office. James came out of his office and a guard collected both our briefcase. I glared at him before entering the car. He also came inside the car and sat down beside me. I saw Maya entering inside her Ferrari and she glanced at my side sticking out her tongue at me. The driver drove off and we reached my mansion. I got down from the car so also James and Maya. ”Michael! Maya called my name.

”What? I replied in a cold tone.

”Tomorrow theres gonna be an interview at your company ” she said.

”I raised a brow at her. Theres no vacant post in my company ” I growled.

”But you do not have a secretary ” Maya scowled.

”I don need one ”

”You need a secretary and you must employ one ” She said.

”I said I do not need a secretary!!!! I replied raising my voice.

Maya flinched then she started crying. Not again. she knows I hate it when she cries.

”Maya ” I called softly but she was still sobbing.

”Okay I will attend the interview and employ a secretary ” I said.

She raised her face up and looked at me. ”Do you mean it? ” She asked.

”Yes I mean it ”.

”Pinky promise? ”

”Yeah whatever ” I replied and she jumped up giggling.

Wait, was it not the same Maya who was crying some seconds ago and now shes laughing like someone who won a lottery. Arghh!! I groaned in frustration and entered inside the house.

Later at night

Lovelyns Pov

I came back from the hospital after visiting Mom. I really need to get the money for surgery. ”Welcomed back sis Peter greeted. Your food is ready ”.

”Thanks Peter ” I replied.

After eating dinner, I went to my room to prepare for the interview. I got to my room and picked a white long sleeve and a black skirt matching it a black heels. I faced the mirror and I touched my face. I hope they don look down on me because of my face rashes. I took my shower and wore my pyjamas. I lied on the bed and let nature take over.

That same night

Michaels Pov

I finished eating my dinner then I went upstairs to my room. James and Maya were still watching a movie downstairs. Well, they agreed not to disturb me all because I said I was gonna hire a secretary.

I will employ a secretary and frustrate her to the fullest then she will be forced to resign. I smiled happily at my idea and went to bed. Lets see how the thing goes; I said before falling asleep.

”Mom please!!! Mom stop!!!Nooooo!!! ” I screamed and woke up. I was sweating furiously. Ever since mum died, I have been having this nightmare. I stood up and went downstairs to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and took a bottle water. After drinking the water I headed back to my room. I glanced at the sitting room and the television was still on. Maya was sleeping soundly on the couch. I guess she slept off while watching the movie. I went back upstairs but I was not feeling sleepy. I brought out my laptop and started working on some files.

Next Morning

Lovelyns Pov

I woke up early and went inside the kitchen. I prepared breakfast then I packed moms food inside the lunch box. I took my bath and wore by clothes. Today is the interview; I hope I get chosen. I checked my reflection in the mirror and I smiled. The closing really fitted me. It brought out my curves. Did I forget to mention how curvy I am and my backside is something a man would die for. I applied a light makeup and I packed the necessary documents.

”Good morning sis ” Peter greeted.

”Morning Peter, please help me take mums food to the hospital ” I said before leaving the house. I boarded a cab and the driver drove off.

Monds Corporation

Michaels Pov

I sat down in my office and I was working on some contract. The door opened and Maya came inside.

”Michael, she called in a baby tone. The interview will commence soon ” she said.

”You can attend the interview and employ a secretary since it was your idea ” I replied.

”Have you forgotten what we discussed? We are both attending the interview ” she said.

”Alright, I am coming ”.

”Yay!!!!! Maya squealed and left my office. I resumed my work and my phone ringed. I checked the caller and it was Olivia.

Well, Olivia is my childhood friend. Why is she calling me? I muttered and picked the call.

”Hi Michael ” She said.

”Hey Olivia, why did you call me? ” I asked.

”I missed you a lot Michael and I wanted to hear your voice ” she said.

”Now that youve heard my voice, goodbye ” I replied and ended the call. I sighed and left the office for the interview.

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