Kella The Matagot

Wary, Confused and Comforted Fox.

▪︎Content warning! there will will be some points that talk about drugging and ****, so please be Warned of what your reading.▪︎

A purple tail with Dark blue highlights twitched and soon the rest of the body it was attached to moved as well.

Kellas eyes fluttered open, sitting up ”Im still here. ” Kella smiled and saw a window in front of her.



”Wow the skill finally worked and thats a lot of stats… Wait I slept for 12 hours!? ” Kella exclaimed looking at the window then thought for a moment then realized something.

It probably was closer to 8 to 10 because I have no idea when I got my last stat increase, still ridiculous I haven slept this long since I was 12 Kella climbed out of her new nest.

”Can I change how the windows look? ” Kella pondered and she felt something in her spine changing.

”??? Ok then, that felt strange but I guess this is good thing. ”

Now i know that I didn sleep half a day and changing how the smaller windows looked, what to start with. Kella thought about what to do for now while waiting for people.

she had a thought and checked how much cosmos she made during her catnap.

About twice as much, how of difference does that make with the pocket? Kella moved cosmos to her hand it took less time then before but not by lot, it still took 45 seconds to get it to her palm.

As Kella made a portal twice the size of her palm *Ding* ”It leveled up. How do level ups even work, what are the conditions? is it how well I can use it or how much I use it… Oh whatever! Back to what I was doing. ” She checked how the pocket changed. ”Its now 20 centimeters cubed, Im happy it works like that. now then next. ” Kella pulled the cube out to look at it.

”Now how did I make this? ” Kella pondered for a minute. ”Ah right, a skill came with it lets see what that does. Maybe that will shed some light on it ” Kella tapped it


Acquired by compressing Mana long enough so that a strong connection between forms to make solid mana.

>solidify mana.(the durability and quality depends on the density of mana used.)

[Mana need something to give special effects]


”Huh this is strangely undescriptive I guess Ill mess around with it. Maybe I can see if I can improve the cube later. ”

As Kella placed the cube in the pocket a idea sparked Wonder if I could Infuse my cosmos into it. Id bet I could but I would probably lose the cosmos, So later.

Kella pulled the pocket apart and swirled the cosmos around her hand before pulling it in. ”Im always going to like the way that looks. ”

Kella put more mana in her Space sphere Ill probably just do this all the time now.

”Ok, what should I make? ” Kella thought about what would be useful for her and came up with 2 things off the top of her head.

”Armor and throwing knives. ” She thought of this because she needs more protection than bear skin and having fast ranged attacks would be a good thing to throw enemies off.

”Knives should be fine but armor… I have no idea how to make it and even if I did I Believe I something flexible to make it well and don want to spend time making flexible soild mana yet. ” Kella Said looking at her hand.

”Wait what if… ” Kella covered her hand in mana then condensed it then more mana then condensed it again Kella took breath and slammed her hand against a tree Ow, but it worked that should have hurt more then that. *Ding*

”well that works for me now onto the throwing knives ” Kella went to her nest to not be disturbed during the making of the knives.

Kella sat down in the lotus Position then started making knives.

”Im pretty sure they looked like this ” Kella Said making the shape of a long arrowhead with a handle the same length as the blade.

”Now to solidify the mana and see how well I do making it. ” It took 8 minutes to solidify the mana. she held the new knife her hand.

Ill make 4 different knives and practice with them then throw away the worse one then base my next design off the remaining knife.

She made 3 more knives and for a little fun she made a 5 point shuriken(multi pointed blades with no handle) as well. this took 29 minutes. *Ding*

”Now lets see if how well made they are. ” Kella tried stand up. *Bonk* Kella held her head in slight pain. ”Right, Im in a tree. ” Kella tossed the weapons down before going down herself.

”Lets go a bit away from the exit so people don find my these marks, I might shoot myself in the foot if they realize I have ranged attacks. ” Kella walked for about 3 minutes before deciding on tree to turn into a target.

Kella made 3 circles in each other and each smaller than the next in a tree making a target to throw things at. ”Now lets whats the best for me. ”

-30 minutes later~

”Well I didn expect to like this so much. ” Kella looked at the 5 point shuriken with a bit of surprise. out of the weapons she made the shuriken was the most suited for what she wanted.

”but how many points should it have? Ill have to see through testing but Im leaning towards 4 points ” Kella Said making more shuriken to see what works best.

-1 hour making and throwing shuriken later~

*Ding Ding*

”As I thought 4 point is what I wanted and the size should be slightly smaller then my palm. Ill make 30 of them to be safe ”

-2.9 hours of making shuriken~

Looking at 4 straight blades that are connected by the base forming a cross shape. ”One more and Ill be done and for last Ill put some cosmos in the blade to see what it does. ” after it was done she looked at the tips that had purple and blue over it. ”It looks poisoned it makes me even more curious. ”

Kella threw the space shuriken and it hit the tree the same as a normal shuriken Ummm… maybe inject mana into it? Kella thought anxiously worrying that she wasted cosmos. It didn do anything.

she walked over and retrieved the shuriken to throw it again. she put some mana in the shuriken to see if that did anything, nothing happened.

maybe my affinity will do something. Kella was about move cosmos into it then realized she still had a connection to the cosmos in the shuriken. So what happens when I.. ” *Swoosh* Air rushed passed her face heading towards the shuriken. ”so it doesn do nothing lets see what happens when it hits something now. ”

Kella threw the shuriken and it hit the same as before. The connection is still there, so if mess with it… *BANG* Kella reflexively covered her head with her hands so she didn get hit with shrapnel.

When she uncovered her ace she saw the tree it was in lost a small portion of its trunk and the shuriken on the ground with little damage to itself.

”I found out what it can do now. ” Kella looked around for a moment before picking up the space shuriken. I made a bomb.

”Why haven any slimes come to find me yet? ” Kella pondered before coming up with coming up with a idea.

”They might not be able to go very far from the slime pond and if thats the case that means there are concentrated around the pond which is a little dangerous if theres a lot of them should I thin the herd before it gets out of control? ” Kella weighed her options then decided on culling the herd a little with Mana Spikes.

Kella made a pocket to throw the shuriken in.


”40 centimeters cubed now. that should be enough for 30 shuriken. ” Kella Said and put all the shuriken in the pocket.

”Ok now lets go cull some slimes until… I can hear any more of them that should be fine for now. ” Kella Said walking towards the center of the dungeon.




1st encounter. ”1 wolf, lets begin. ” Kella launched a spike at it. it hit and the wolf fell apart. ”This might be a bit more boring then I thought. ”

7th encounter. 2 rabbits turned into puddles then *Ding* ”Wonder how to improve it? ”

13th encounter. A blue shuriken pierced a goblin in the head and struck the tree behind it then disappeared after couple of seconds. *Ding* Kella hit her head. ”I didn even need to make those shuriken! ” Kella comforted herself saying she made a good weapon out of the space shuriken.

20th encounter. *Ding* Kella looked over after spearing 2 wolves at once. ”Wow the max amount! ” Kella smiled at the window then heard something behind her.

”Oh Im not even halfway to level 10. ” Kella Said looking at a deer that was the same as the first one she saw.

As the deer got ready to charge at her in the next moment it had 8 2 centimeters diameter holes in it.

”Was that enough? ” Kella looked at the deer gushing blue goo from the holes.

”Lets see how fast I can throw shuriken. ” Kella started pelting the poor deer with shuriken that went through it like it was jello and the deer couldn keep itself together and fell apart. ”About 6 a second 3 with each hand and both throwing at a second each. ” *Ding Ding*



Kella listened for footsteps, not hearing any she nodded. ”Ok, Seems like i hit my objective time to get back. ” Kella started jogging away from her hunting ground and noticed how much faster she moved. ”Oh yeah, my agility is 5 times then it was before. It makes me wonder how much I can lift now. ”




”Wow I can believe you how fast it was. It look like 13 minutes now. ” Kella Said looking at the exit.

Kella walked a little before sitting down with her back facing the exit. ”What Should I do now to waste some time. ” she said tapping her finger on her chin ”Oh I know Ill just make the cube pretty. ” And took it out of the pocket.

She put Mana into it making it 15 cm cubed and started either chiseling away at it or adding Mana to make it bigger in some spots in spots to make it a weighted storage cube from a certain video game.

-6 hours later~

”Annnnd done! ” Kella Said as she marveled at how surprisingly detailed it was. ”Really wish that I knew how to change the color though. ”

*Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh*

”What was tha… ” ”So this is the slime forest dungeon right? ”

People! Kella thought.

”Yes it is Deb I don know why you keep asking. ”

”So the edge is safe right? ”

”Yeah the slimes can wander over this far. ”

I can understand them! Kella exclaimed in her mind.

”What about feral Beastkin? ”

”They so rare that their worth over 50,000 urk, Haybull. ”

”Whats a feral beastkin? ”

”Do you really not know Ryan? ”

”I wouldn have asked if I did know Jake. ”

”Haaa ok, A feral beastkin is similar to a monster in a dungeon except it looks like one of the sentient races and is more intelligent then normal monsters.

but don be Tricked into believing that they are the same as normal beastkin, they have a uncontrollable blood lust towards the races that makes them unable to not attack anyone they see. ”

But what am I? I woke up here and at the same time I don want to kill. unless its literally seeing them.

”So when are we gonna do it? ”

”Do what? ”

Kella peeked from the tree to see 5 people 4 men and one woman

Looking did not give her a uncontrollable blood lust… So thats good.

2 of the men had a single sword strapped to their hip, really buff build and black hair that covered one eye. Twins?

One of the men had a dagger, a very lanky build and dark red hair that was spiky.

The last man had a large mace, a rather normal non muscle based build and brown hair that curled.

the woman had bow on her back and a quiver on her hip, a skinny but kinda lean build, long amber hair that went down her bottom of her shoulder blades and long animal ears that were a dark brown at the tip and the tuffs in her ears was white on the top of her head and a bushy tail that was amber at the base then slowly fade to white as it reached the end of tail. Shes a Beastkin!

”I was gonna wait-a-bit longer but I guess well do it now. ”

”What are you doing? ”

Kella watched as 3 of the men walked up to her and the twins held her arms and the lanky one put a cloth over her mouth at which point the beastkin struggled.

”Make sure to restrain her properly, beastkin are stronger than they loo.. ”

She kicked one of the men holding her arms in their junk which made them let go of her instead grabing his crotch in pain and she punched the other one holding her arm in the jaw launching him into a nearby tree and made space between her the other man.

”Hahaha thats what you guys get for not restraining her properly. But you guys restrained her long enough so its fine. ”

God shes strong… Wait whats wrong with her? Kella saw the Beastkin sway like she was drunk then fall to her knees.

”W..hy? ” the Beastkin asked barely able to form the word out of her mouth.

the 2 uninjured men laughed at her question.

”Did you really think we were gonna take a rookie adventure in for no reason. ”

”You should have seen the look at your face when we told you that you could join our party it was priceless. ”

e the perfect target for us because you had nobody in this town except for Gilbert but he can do shit here can he? ”

As the man with the large mace started saying this she realized what was happening

I want to kill them, can I handle it mentally… If I can kill anyone it would be rapists who boasts to their future victim about how powerless they after drugging them.

can I kill them physically? this seems like the only solution here and I don want to let them live. And with her gathering all her conviction she started preparing to throw spikes at them




-POV: Fox-

Why did I Believe them? I was kicking myself for believing them.

I just grew old enough to become an adventurer and earn my own food instead of begging on the streets and scrounging for food in back alleys.

But nobody would let me join a party for me to get experience and grow stronger because I was a beastkin, thats when these people came up and said that they would let me join.

I should have realized something was wrong but but its been a weak since I became an adventurer and was tired tired of getting rejected, Gilbert said he would find me a party but they showed up sooner and I wanted warm meal for once.

I stared at the disgusting smirks on their faces. I guess they tricked the fox. I smiled at my own powerlessness and impatience.

Jake didn seem to like that I wasn crying but smiling because he walked up to me angrily and yelled at me

”Are you dense we
e going to ruin you and sell you as a slave, why are you smiling! ” Jake yelled at me. I mumbled something at him.

”What was that? ”

”F..k…u ”

”Hm, I can hear you. ” Jake seemed amused at my attempt at talking and leaned in closer to hear me.

” ” I said to him with all my heart. Jake pulled his head back and looked at me with fury in his eyes. ”You bitch! ”

Jake pulled his hand back to slap me I closed my eyes preparing for the pain.

*Shunk* But nothing but that noise. I opened my eyes and saw a blue pole sticking out of Jakes head.

Jake fell to the ground lifeless I stared at Jakes corpse baffled.

”JAKE! Who are you!?! ” I heard Ryan scream. I looked at him looking at someone with so much anger in his eyes.

I looking around without turning my head because I couldn with the drug in my system.

I saw a small cat beastkin with sparkling purple hair with dark blue highlights. With long black nails with blue mist swirling at the tip of them. She looked absolutely beautiful… and furious.

”Fuck, a feral beastkin what do we do now. ” I heard haybull who apparently just got up from my punch, say that.

”We kill it thats what we lost our leader and we don have enough coordination to capture it. ” I heard Ryan spat out the words angrily.

Thats A feral beastkin? why does she look so mad? I stared at her while she threw something star shaped at them.

I couldn see where they got hit but haybull fell over screaming and Ryan fell as well but he didn scream.

She stopped looking at them and looked at Deb who was getting up slowly recovering from my kick to the groin.

the cat beastkin threw a spike at his head and it went straight through and then turned back to the other 2

Why is she so strong? I want to know how she got so strong but shell probably kill me after she kills them so I guess I can get my hopes up.

She finished off haybell with a spike to the head then went over to Ryan and took away his dagger from him and then held it against his neck and did something I did not expect.

”How long does the poison last for? ” the Beastkin asked

She can talk?!

”What? ” Ryan said confused

”How long does the poison last for? ” the Beastkin asked again pushing the dagger into his neck.

Ryan widened eyes and said ”3 to 8 hours. ”

”OK thanks and goodbye. ” the Beastkin slit his throat and chucked the dagger to the side and looked at me.

”Now what to do about this one… oh I know exactly what to do with her. ” she said with a strange smile and started walking towards me.

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