Kargil Journey Of Love

Chapter 2 :- The beginning of Love

rl are you from me! Which boy does he like?

Compliance ! We are thinking this too! Still confused! of whom he is looking at!

Good ! So thats what the matter is ! Aunty started thinking a bit, hmmm…. you three are sitting at the same place, so how will you know?

Anu said…! We didn even think of this. Tina said! Im not an option! Whatever it is, it is in both of them!

Aunty! We change places! Ok !

Shri! I am fine at my place! on the top seat

.tina said! Im fine on the bottom seat too!

Aunty said! Ok ! Anu, you sleep on the upper seat and you will sleep on the lower seat. shri asked.. looking at the seat asked..

Aunty tell me one thing.


You gave us our seat! All three started laughing…

Now look exactly who is he looking at!

Then Elon calls Auntie

Its coming!

.aunty….grandma called you ..

I come..! It goes away! After a while she brings food with the waiter! Give 3 plates here.

The waiter left with a parcel of 3 plates

.shri asks uncle.! Uncle your plate..?

ha..my plate is there

Ok …! Speaking went to the other side, shri looked at the other side, so everyone was eating together.. Sris eyes were searching for Rajbir. Washing hands goes towards the washroom on the left side, crossing everyone! Still Rajbir did not see her..so she got angry… and she sits near the door.

After a while Rajbir also crosses there.. Only then his attention turns towards Shri. On seeing him, he stopped.

Are you used to sitting here? Shri looks back! Whenever I think of you, you are here!

”Shri started talking to Rajbir angrily.

Said you were so late…everyone ate the food. you didn have to eat?

chill …! Calm down…I was sitting beside your Grandpa. And we both had dinner together..

Ohhh….! shri feels a little relaxed!

Rajbir asks shri, tell me one thing,

yah ..! ..Ask .

You are thinking too much about me.

What.. ?

you know, what i mean.!

Good ..! So you read my mind too.. Rajbir gets a little shy! Well how old are you?

Twenty six..! and you


and what do you do ?

I am an engineer! mechanical

ohhh.. great…! Hmm will reach Jammu tomorrow morning. Rajbir was silent for a while. Has asked shri in a hustle and bustle! So is our journey till Jammu only? What you mean ? Thats when uncle comes to use the washroom! On seeing Shri uncle, she went to her place. Rajbir gets angry at Shris leaving like this! After a while Rajbir also comes to his place! Till then Shri falls asleep! Rajbir on a letter his phone no. And write your feeling! And takes out the bracelet from his hand and puts it with the letter to Shri. Seeing her with love for a while, he fell a sleep.

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