Kargil Journey Of Love

Chapter 2 :- The beginning of Love

After a while ”shri gets up and stands near the door! The cold wind coming from outside .. as if something was saying in the ears! The loud sound of the trains wheel coming too .. disappeared! The gust of wind .. was giving different comfort! Then the voice came from behind

”If you don pay attention, you will fall! Shri looks back! Rajbir was standing there!


”Yahh.. was expecting someone else!

Hmmm .. otherwise , suddenly your voice came like this then got a little scared. Nothing else .. and you here?

I went like this too.. I saw you.. Stopped here!

Ohhh ..! Both stealing eyes from each other!

So you are in the army..!

yah ..! Any doubt .

Not at all.! All of you have been posted in Jammu and Kashmir!

Ha..! Means will go to Kargil after reaching Jammu.. there is pay duty! There was posting as Major.

what …really ! superb .. buddy ! we are so proud of you guys….!

Thank you! Then elon comes there for the washroom! she leaves in a rage! As soon as he comes, he sees that everyone was lying in their places! shri also went to her place, there tina and anu were talking about something.

What kind of talk are you talking about secretly…, that too without informing me….?

”Anu ! Hey.. nothing…! We were talking about this boy.

”What about the boy!

About ”Rajveer ”

Ohhh.. but you weren there, so how did you know the name?

” Tina told me.. just now..!

Good..! Tina wakes up to sit!

sit here,

No ….! I will sit by the window.

Ok ! Go….shri. sits by the window! And started playing the game on Mo, after a while Rajbir also came and sat on his seat, he also started checking his Mobile. While checking shri., his attention was going towards shri… and Anu was also looking at him. It made me happy just thinking about it. Then aunty also wakes up ..

. Tina what time is it?

Its 7.30 in the evening!

Its been a long time, why didn you pick me up?

Anyway, there was no work, what would you do after getting up?

Ok ! I come fresh! Then his attention turns towards Rajbir. She went away staring at him. And all three started laughing looking at the aunty.

Tina! Did aunty also like this boy?

”Shri started speaking with a little anger! Shut up, you both say anything…!

”Anu said! chill.. dear we are joking! Rajbir can hear little by little! So he got up and went to the other side! shri got more angry seeing him. At the same time

Aunty also comes fresh!

girls it was said..?

tina ! In the left side, or in front of it..

Meaning next?

Meaning ..! They have 8 boys group! This compartment is only for those boys and our family!

Good…! So tell me one thing, which lucky gi

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