Journey To Becoming A God With The Saviours Guide

Chapter 10: First training session

”Thought youd never make it. ” Sophia grinned at Josh.

”I am a man of my word. ” Josh smiled and took a seat beside Sophia.

”This place is really beautiful you know. ” Josh complimented the surrounding.

”It sure is. ” Sophia nodded in agreement, ”The love in the air even makes it more relaxing. ” She chuckled, admiring the couples holding hands, discussing and laughing with each other.

”And even more nauseating. ” Josh made a puking expression.

”This is the perfect environment for a date, ” Sophia said.

”Isn it what this is, ” Josh said looking into Sophias eyes.

”Well, if you put it that way. ” Sophia shrugged.

Josh shook his head and held Sophias hands. He looked into her bright blue eyes as if trying to uncover the secrets hidden in them.

”Lets just enjoy the moment shall we? ” Josh asked.

”Right. Would be wired to complicate simple issues. ” Sophia nodded.

”Normally, Im not the type to go on dates. So Ill just follow your lead. ” Josh said and rest his back on the bench.

”So, how was your day? ” Sophia asked.

Josh burst into a fit of laughter.

”What? ” Sophia asked, her face turning red.

Recovering from his fit of laughter, Josh said, ”really, that was the best you could come up with? ”

”What would you have me ask? ” Sophia pouted.

”Something like, if you had three wishes what would they be would be better, ” Josh replied.

”I still maintain my stance. How was your day is the perfect conversation starter for a date. ” Sophia argued.

”You are right to an extent. ” Josh agreed with her reasoning, ”but it wouldve been better if you said when we just met. ”

”But we
e technically just starting the date, ” Sophia argued.

e not one to give up easily are you. ” Josh sighed.

”So, how was your day, ” Sophia asked grinning.

”Nothing much really. Just had a few lectures. ” Josh lied.

”As you know, Im in class S so we don usually have many classes and Im too lazy to train. In all, my day has been pretty boring. ” Sophia sighed.

”Life is only interesting when you seek out the fun in it. ” Josh said, even though he did not know just how influential the S class was, he had a general idea, so he had no reason to ask. Asking would even blow his cover.

e interesting, ” Sophia said.

”If I wasn you wouldn be talking to me. ” Josh smiled.

”What is your driving force? ” Sophia asked.

”Not everyone is moved by status or riches. Some of us only look for the fun in life and undertake new challenges. ” Josh said.

”You know. Itd be nice to go on an adventure with you. ” Sophia said.

”I bet, ” Josh smirked.

”Its sad your family consider you trash just because you don have a magic affinity. ” Sophie rubbed Joshs hand in a comforting manner.

”I used to consider myself trash too, until recently, ” Josh said, finding it wired that everyone knew about his status.

”Why is that? ” Sophia raised her eyebrows.

”I have seriously been lacking in my training. How about we train together sometime? ” Josh asked.

”That would be at my place. ” Sophia agreed.

e already asking me to come to see you at your place. Isn that being too fast? ” Josh teased.

”Pervert. ” Sophia hit him on the shoulder playfully.

The two continued with their date. Discussing many topics. Having many laughs and slaps on the shoulder, with Josh always being on the receiving end.

”You hit too hard. My shoulder hurts. ” Josh complained, acting as though his shoulder was aching him badly.

”I-i, sorry. ” Sophia rubbed the spot she had been hitting a couple of times for the past thirty minutes.

”More shoulder rubs like this, and Ill fall in love with you. ” Josh sighed in satisfaction.

”That would be nice. ” Sophia smiled.

Josh, reading her like an open book knew what she was thinking about and shook his head.

He looked into her bright blue eyes that seemed to pierce his and said, ”look Sophia, why don we take this a little slower? ”

”Why? ” Sophia asked.

Josh sighed and said, ”I am taking my training really seriously now, thats my current priority. Besides, love is not a feeling that is built in a day. Most people mistake infatuation for love. ”

Josh paused and continued, ”love is a feeling that is groomed and nurtured over time. ”

”What if I told you Im in love with you right now? ” Sophia asked, holding a steady gaze with Josh as if trying to find out his secrets.

”I would tell you that you
e confused. Mad if you may. ” Josh chuckled.

”Its the first time Ive actually taken the initiative to ask a guy out. And also the first time Im getting rejected. ” Sophia sighed.

”Well see what the future holds in store for us. If in six months your feelings for me are still there, and I am no longer struggling to understand what I feel for you is. Maybe well work out. ” Josh sighed.

”You really are something, ” Sophia said.

Josh got up from the bench and took Sophias hand, ”Lets take a little walk shall we? ”

Sophia merely nodded in reply.

The pair walked through the garden hand in hand, admiring the wide array of beautiful plants and flowers. Anyone looking from afar would view them as a couple, a match made in heaven in fact.

”How about we go have dinner? ” Sophia suggested.

”Your treat, ” Josh replied, patting his aching stomach.

”Alright then. ” Sophia nodded.

”You know, I always wished to become the strongest man in the world, ” Josh said.

”Even though I know that is mostly impossible. I just have this gut feeling that if its you youll be able to pull it off. ” Sophia voiced out her honest thoughts, even though logically she knew that what she was saying was in fact almost impossible, a part of her heart instinctively believed everything this boy holding her hand firmly told her.

”Thanks. ” Josh appreciated her words. He sighed deeply, as she reminded him of someone he lost a long time ago, someone he knew he would probably never get to see again, even though he had made a promise that he would search the depths of the universe for her, what power did he have to back this words up? He a mere mortal at the lowest level in the power chain.

These thoughts further strengthened his resolve to get stronger quickly. Now, his goal was no longer to just unite the seven mystic pieces and save the world from demons and outsiders. His goal was to become the strongest in the universe.

When theres a will theres a way. These were the words Josh lived by. No matter how impossible the dream seemed. As long as the determination is there, nothing is impossible.

The beings who throughout history have risen through the echelons of power, and attained godhood, didn do that with a weak will.


”Now that Im seeing it clearly, the school uniform looks better on you than on the girls Ive seen lately. ” Josh complimented, as Sophia got into the restaurant.

”Thanks. ” Sophia blushed.

”It really brings out your curves. ” Josh grinned and held her by the waist playfully.

”Hey! Why is that idiot touching you that way? ” A certain koala-faced boy yelled at Sophia.

”Are there no more eucalyptus in the forest? Or did koalas suddenly decide to start eating other things? ” Josh asked with a sinister smile on his face.

”Yo- ”

”Hes a friend of mine. ” Sophia cut in.

”A friend? How can you be friends with this trash? ” The koala-faced boy stared at Josh in disgust.

”I don think thats any of your business cousin. ” Sophia snapped.

”Cousin? ” Josh raised his eyebrows, ”You
e cousins with this ill-mannered koala? ”

”Unfortunately, yes. ” Sophia sighed.

”Who are you calling a koala? ” The koala-faced boy stared daggers at Josh.

”Maybe if you look in the mirror one of these days youll see, ” Josh replied.

”I can wait to beat you up in a month. ” The koala-faced boy snorted.

”Well see if your dreams come true. ” Josh chuckled.

”Wait. ” Sophia looked at the both of them surprised, ”You
e both duelling each other? ”

”Yes. His family doesn care about him, so itll be okay to break a couple of his bones. ” The koala-faced boy cracked his knuckles.

”W- ”

”Shush dear. ” Josh placed his index finger on Sophias lips, ”What is your name? ” He asked the koala-faced boy.

”Are you really as stupid as you look? I am Max Thompson. ” The koala-faced boy heaved his chest with pride.

Josh nodded, ”if I Joshua Zhane do not defeat you in our duel, I will call you daddy until the day of my death. ”

”Get ready to become my son. ” Max scoffed.

”Can believe as talented and beautiful as you are you
e moving around with this trash, ” Max said to Sophia.

Josh held back Sophia who seemed ready to beat Max up, ”Well see just who the thrash is in a month. ” Josh said.

Max scoffed and walked out of the restaurant in long prideful strides.

”Nice cousin youve got. ”

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