Josh got out of the clinic and into the streets. He used the map on the watch to find his apartment.

He walked through the school for a few minutes, passing through many places of interest that he would love to visit, but now was not the time.

He finally reached a tall building, walked through the door, and made his way to his room.

He finally reached a door with the number 10 written on it, he walked into the room.

”So this is my room. ” Josh looked around, noting the differences between his room at his university back on earth and this one.

His eyes locked onto a book that looked oddly familiar lying on a reading table. He walked towards the books and read the words written on the cover.

”Salvatores Dux! ” Josh screamed excitedly and grabbed the book.

[Initializing The Greatest System]

[Host: Joshua Zhane]

[Race: Half-Vampire]

[Level 0/100]

[Reach level 100 to reveal the clue to the first Mystic piece]

[HP: 40]

[Stat points: 0]

[Strength: 29]

[Agility: 32]

[Stamina: 30]

[Mana: 25]

[Soul core: Light Red]

[Magic affinities: Fire, Blood & Light]


[Incubus: Increases natural charm and resistance to charm by 100%. The host is able to charm enemies weaker than him, and can charm weakened stronger enemies]

A virtual screen appeared before Joshs retina.

”A system! ” Josh screamed excitedly.

Josh read the contents of the status screen feeling immense excitement. He read through the lines again and again, as if trying to ingrain every word in his brain.

”Im a half-vampire, ” Josh said, not really bothered by the fact that he was part of a race he knew to be bloodsuckers.

”All I have to do is find a blood bank or something. ” Josh shrugged.

”I wonder if blood is half as sweet as they make it seem in light novels. ” Josh chuckled.

”Im only at level zero. ” Josh sighed.

”Reach level 100 to reveal the clue to the first mystic piece? What are mystic pieces anyway? They could be anything, stones, weapons, anything. ” Josh said frustrated.

”Seeing the word clueI could bet both- no one of my balls. What if the heavens take my words seriously and I lose my balls? ” Josh chuckled at his silliness.

”My stats should be pretty low, but that won remain the same for long. ”

”I have a light red soul core, which is not really surprising. ”

”I have a fire, blood and light magic affinities. Seeing that my family is known for their powerful fire mages and I am a half-vampire, with the only odd one out being light magic. Maybe, just maybe the other guys magic affinities were sealed or something. ” Josh thought of the possibility.

”I guess that petal Aphrodite gave to me is the reason why I have an incubus subclass. Although might be a bit troublesome, its dead useful. ” Josh sighed.

”Now lets see if there is anything written inside. ” Josh turned to the first page of the Salvatores Dux.

As he opened the first page, the ink started appearing on the book as if an invisible hand was writing on it.

The seven mystic pieces are treasures scattered around the planet Kyrus. These seven treasures were hidden in different parts of the world so that only one chosen by the god of vengeance would be able to find them.

Thousands of years ago, the world was in utter chaos,

The demons had almost been successful in bringing the entire world under their tyrannical rule.

A boy named Alastor rose from the shadows, and waged war against the demons,

The war lasted for years, ending in the favour of Alastor and his allies. But at what cost?

The lives of millions were sacrificed, all for peace,

At the climax of the battle, Alastor broke through the chains of mortality and became truly immortal,

Before his ascension, he sealed all demons to their continent never to leave again. Or so he thought.

Years later, a prophecy was made by a banshee on her deathbed,

”There will come a time in the future, where the demons will ally with beings, not of our planet, and will break the seal placed on them since ancient times. ”

”A saviour of mixed blood will rise from the shadows, and wage war against the hero of the demons. ”

”This savour will be the one to once again unite the seven mystic pieces said to hold powers that kings would wage war for, and when united hold power that rivals that of a god. ”

”Will the saviour be able to unite the seven mystic pieces and save our planet? Only time will tell. ”

You have been chosen by the god of vengeance.

Reach level 100 to unlock the clue to the first piece.

Josh read with unblinking eyes, the words written on the first page. He opened to the second page and found it empty, confirming his suspicion.

”Now I understand the weight on my shoulders. ” Josh sighed.

”But should I shy away from my destiny and live the life of a coward? Never. ”

”I will need a good teacher and strong allies if I want to get stronger and untie the mystic pieces just in time. ” Josh sighed.

”Manipulating the principal into becoming my master won be too difficult of a task. All I have to do is take a talent test and break existing records like in light novels. ”

”Shell need me to win some inter-school tournament or something, so its a win-win for everyone. ”

”That would be filing the post of a good teacher, and also filing that of strong allies. ” Josh planned.

”Its already nighttime. ” Josh glanced at his watch, then looked out of the window, only to find that the sky was pitch black.

”I guess Ill just take a nap. ” Josh yawned, too lazy to go take a bath.

He set the alarm on his watch and drifted off to sleep.


Josh woke up to the sound of his alarm, he put the alarm off, and a message popped into his screen. It read.

Dear Joshua Zhane,

You are to go to the school clinic at or before 8:30 AM. Failure to do so will incur sanctions.

Signed: Management

”As expected. ” Josh nodded and proceeded with his usual morning routine.

He did his morning workout and noticed the drastic change in his stamina, Strenght and agility.

He proceeded with his other morning activities and was soon ready to set out for the school clinic.

”Ill need to eat breakfast when this is over, ” Josh said feeling famished.

He locked his front door and made his way to the clinic.

After a few minutes of walking Josh finally reached the clinic. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

”Come in. ” A familiar voice responded from inside the clinic.

Josh opened the door and got into the clinic.

”Good morning ms. Cecile, how was your night? ” Josh asked with a charming smile on his face.

”Pretty peaceful. And yours? ” Cecile asked.

”I dreamt I would see a beautiful woman today, seeing you, I guess dreams do come through. ” Josh smiled involuntarily seductively.

Cecile tried and fail to curtail the urge to blush.

This incubus subclass is a gift and at the same time a curse. Josh sighed.

”Ahem. ” Cecile coughed, gaining her composure, ”I have a machine here with me that can check for magic affinities. ”

”Oh, ” Joshs eyes lit up, ”where is it? ” He asked.

”Follow me, ” Cecile instructed, and turned around.

She led Josh to a table that held a machine Josh assumed to be the Affinity test machine.

”This is it? ” Josh asked.

”Yes. ” Cecile nodded, ”and all you have to do is place your hand here. ” Cecile pointed at a certain part of the machine.

Josh nodded his head and placed his hand on the machine.

”Now, try to channel your mana, ” Cecile instructed.

Josh nodded and followed her instruction.

”You can remove your hand now, ” Cecile said.

Josh removed his hand from the machine, and Cecile bent over to read what was written on a small screen on the machine.

”Fire magic, blood magic and light magic. ” Cecile read out the results of the magic affinity test with a surprised look on her face.

”Th-this, you have a tri-affinity. ” Cecile gawked at Josh.

”And? ” Josh asked, feigning ignorance.

Cecile looked at Josh as though she was looking at the most foolish person on the planet, and shook her head, ”only thirty per cent of the worlds population can use magic. Of that thirty per cent, ten per cent have a dual affinity with only one per cent having a tri affinity or more. ”

”I guess Im talented then. ” Josh shrugged.

”Take my hand, ” Cecile ordered.

”That sounded more like a command than a plea, ” Josh said.

”What do you think it was? ” Cecile smiled at Josh and grabbed his hand.


Cecile and Josh arrived in front of a wooden door with a drawing of a dragon carved on it.

”Why are we here? ” Josh asked, although having an idea why.

”To meet with the principal, ” Cecile replied, knocking lightly on the wooden door.

The door burst open and a woman with arguably the second most beautiful face Josh had seen in his lifetime stared at the both of them.

”Whats it this time Cecile? And who is he? ” The woman asked, staring at Josh who struggled to maintain eye contact with her, due to some biological reasons.

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