And just like in every reincarnation light novel, I have absurd talents. At this point, I think my life is a script. Josh thought, trying to calm his nerves.

”What do you mean miss? ” Josh asked, feigning ignorance.

”Cut the pretence. Why are you hiding your magic abilities? ” The lady asked, staring into Joshs eyes as if trying to pry his deepest secrets out of them.

”What if I told you I am more surprised than you are? ” Josh asked.

”You never knew you can use magic? ” The healer looked at Josh weirdly.

”I had absolutely no idea, ” Josh answered truthfully.

”This is strange. Suddenly awakening magic affinities is not a regular occurrence, but it has happened a few times throughout history. ” The healer said with a pondering expression on her face.

”Now that Im fixed, can I go now? ” Josh asked.

”Give me your student ID. ” The healer requested.

”My what now? ” Josh asked.

”Give me your hand. ” The healer demanded, taking hold of Joshs hand.

”Shouldn have asked when you couldve just done that. ” Josh joked.

Josh watched with keen attention, as the healer fiddled with his watch.

”There is some sort of map or something that would lead me home on the watch right? ” Josh asked.

”Yes. ” The healer replied.

”Could you please teach me how to find it? I tend to be very forgetful. ” Josh asked with the most charming smile he could muster, plastered on his face.

The healer looked at Josh as though she was looking at an idiot.

”Alright. ” The healer nodded, as she was done copying his student ID into her watch, she began teaching him how to find the map.

”Easy. ” She released Joshs hand when she was finished.

”I should expect to be seeing you in the not-so-distant future right? ” Josh asked.

”I suppose, ” The healer nodded, ”the academy would need to confirm if you have magical abilities. If you have, then you would be transferred to mage class. ”

”Alright then. ” Josh nodded, not feeling as alarmed as before.

As long as they don turn me into some sort of guinea pig. Josh thought.

”I know you are afraid you are going to be used as a guinea pig. I assure you that you have nothing to worry about. ” The healer assured as if reading Joshs mind.

Josh merely nodded in reply.

Yeah right. I can only be protected from that possibility if I have a powerful and influential backing, which I am not sure I have at the moment. Josh thought.

Sometimes, instead of overthinking, its better to just let the future plan itself out.

”Be seeing you, ” Josh said to the healer and turned to leave.

”Lets hope next time you don break a leg. ” The healer chuckled.

”Lets not bet on that. ” Josh grinned, turning to leave.

”Wait. ” The healer said. Josh halted his steps and turned around.

”What is the name of this academy? ” The healer asked with a serious look on her face.

Josh sighed, ”what gave me out? ” He asked.

”You don remember anything? ” The healer asked surprised.

”Only a few distinct events. ” Josh lied.

”Do you remember your family? ” The healer asked.

”I have one? ” Josh asked sarcastically.

”This is strange. Did you get hit on the head? ” The healer asked.

Josh recalled a foot belonging to a certain koala-faced boy aiming at his head and recalled that he was lying on the floor. Putting two and two together, he replied, ”Yes. ”

”It seems you have amnesia. Unfortunately, there is no way I can possibly cure you. ” The healer shook her head.

”How about a quick briefing about the world? ” Josh asked.

”Right. ” The healer nodded.

I wonder what my background is like. Josh thought, imagining the numerous possibilities.

”Alright then, you are Joshua Zhane, son of Andrew and Claire Zhane of the Zhane family. ”

I have the same name huh. Josh thought.

”Sorry for interrupting, is the Zhane family like a rich family of some sort? ” Josh interrupted, finding it interesting that the school healer would know his parents identity, and also found her calling his family The Zhane family equally interesting.

”I usually don like people interrupting me, ” the healer glared at Josh, ”yes the Zane family is a powerful family known for their powerful fire mages. ” the healer paused.

”I see you have questions, ask away. ” The healer encouraged.

”What about me? Do you know anything about me? ” Josh asked with enthusiasm.

”You are talentless, even so, your family sent you here because they considered you a useless son to them. ” The healer said, looking at Josh to see his reaction.

So the previous Josh had no talent huh. Josh sighed inwardly.

”Oh well, is that all you know about my background? ” Josh asked, wanting to know more.

”Pretty much. ” The healer replied.

”Could you tell me about the world? ” Josh requested.

”This world is called Kyrus. Magic can only be done by about thirty per cent of the human population. Although, the vampires and elves can all do magic. ” The healer began.

Wait, vampires and elves exist? Josh thought, awestruck.

”Not just them, giants, demons, dragons, phoenixes and other magical creatures exist roaming the world. ” She continued.

Damn, this world really is dangerous. I just hope that I really am talented, or I won be able to achieve my dreams. Josh thought.

”Aren humans at a disadvantage? I reckon we are a weak race right? ” Josh asked, concerned for his race.

”Humans have a larger population, we occupy two continents while the vampires and elves occupy one each. so… ”

”Oh, races are divided by continents? ” Josh interrupted again. ”Sorry. ” He added quickly, as she looked as if she was about to pounce on him.

Still annoyed by his constant interruption, the healer answered his question, ”yes. All races have a continent to themselves, with humans being an exception. The elves, vampires, demons, giants and werewolves share one continent each. ” Eliza explained.

Even more races. Josh thought.

She continued ”except for the Atlanteans though, they have an entire civilization under the sea. There is the forbidden continent too, occupied by beasts. It was once occupied by humans until they were overwhelmed by the terrifying amount of monsters and their sheer power. ”

Atlanteans, and a continent filled with beasts. This just got wilder, I reckon the mortality rate of this world to be extremely high. Josh nodded siphoning the information.

What about Demons though? Josh thought.

”What about Demons? ” Josh asked the healer.

”This race is the most violent of all, they are a race that has been the cause of the previous two great wars, and rumours say they are currently planning another one. ” The healer explained.

”What is the name of their leader or king? ” Josh asked.

”The name of their king is Aamon. ” The healer replied.

”I forgot to add, all vampires possess blood magic affinity, all elves can do magic although with variation and finally all demons have a dark magic affinity. ” The healer added.

”Isn humanity at a disadvantage then? ” Josh asked.

”Not really, although all vampires can do magic as well as the elves, we humans have a much larger population, and about thirty per cent of our total population can do magic. ” The healer replied.

”Can the giants do magic? ” Josh asked.

”No, they cannot. although, they have extremely large body frames which measure up to twenty-five feet and monstrous strength. ” The healer replied.

Twenty-five feet. Thats as tall as buildings, I wonder how huge their buildings are. Josh thought, exasperated.

Well, like they say size doesn matter. Josh chuckled, thinking of something perverted.

”Werewolves can do magic too right? ” Josh guessed.

”Correct. ” The healer confirmed.

”What about the Atlanteans? ” Josh asked, curiously.

”They all possess water magic affinity. ” The healer replied.

Josh nodded and said, ”tell me more about magic. ”

”I was about to do that. Well, there are six types of magic; Fire magic, air magic, water magic, earth magic, light magic and dark magic. ”

”What about blood magic though? You mentioned it earlier. ” Josh interrupted.

”Blood magic is exclusive to vampires, so we humans don consider it a type of magic. ” The healer replied.

”I see. ” Hunter nodded.

”When I was fighting with the kid who injured my shoulder, I instinctively tried to channel energy through my sword. Can all warriors do that? ” Josh asked.

”All living beings possess mana. The difference between mages and regular people is that mages can manipulate elements they have an affinity to. ” the healer replied.

”Thanks for the info, ” Josh nodded, ”you know, its weird that you know my name and I don know yours. ” Josh smiled.

”You can call me ms. Cecile. ” Cecile replied.

”Alright then, ” Josh nodded, ”now that Ive gotten some basic knowledge, I guess Ill be taking my leave, ” Josh said.

”Come back here tomorrow, I have a feeling that your soul core has been awakened, ” Cecile said.

”Soul core, Whats that? ” Josh asked confused by the term ”Soul core ”.

”The soul core is a cluster of magical power with the users unique mana signature that is accumulated in what is called a soul core, there are different colours of soul core: red, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet, white, black, silver, gold the mythical colourless soul core, ” Cecile explained patiently.

”Hmm… sorry if this might be offensive, whats your soul cores colour? ” Hunter asked, not sure if his question would be offensive.

”Dark white ” Cecile replied.

”Dark white? ” Hunter asked confused.

”I forgot to add, there are three stages of each colour. Dark, light and bright. ” Cecile explained as she forgot to add this important piece of information.

”Oh, alright thanks for your care and information ms. Cecile, I really appreciate your help. ” Josh said, turning to the door.

”Make sure you come tomorrow. ” Cecile reminded him.

”I will. ” Josh replied as he twisted the door knob.

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