Could you believe that a woman could become a wolf, or that a cat could become a man? Do you believe such fantastical things are possible?

If you asked me all this, I would have said that I didn believe a word of it. However, life has a way of making you believe…

I woke up from a short slumber to hear a loud beeping coming from my alarm clock. It showed me the time was 8:23 am.

”Shit Im going to be late. ” I shouted as I jumped out of my bed. I fumbled through my dresser trying to find my school uniform.

My name is Kate and Im the team captain of my schools basketball team. The reason I was so sleep-starved was because I spent all last night talking to the teams vice-captain and my best friend over the phone.

I quickly began putting on my uniform and as I was tying my tie around my neck, I heard a knock at the door. My mothers voice came from the other side of the door. ”Morning Kate, you have some breakfast downstairs. Make sure you eat a lot because you have that basketball game after school. ”

My mom was a kind woman who had looked after me and my brother alone after my father died. She is a vet, and she often works multiple shifts to have enough money for me and my brother to be happy.

”Ok, Mom. ” I replied as I tied back my hair into a ponytail. I pulled my socks over my calves and headed downstairs.

When I entered the kitchen, I saw my brother happily eating his breakfast. ”Morning Kyle, whats for breakfast? ”

Kyle was energetic and always happy. Mom would always refer to him as her
ay of sunshine because of how positive he was. He was five years younger than me, but we are still close, and I look after him when mom is busy.

Kyle smiled at me whilst he cheerfully ate his breakfast. ”Mom made scrambled eggs! ”

When I sat down, mom put a plate of scrambled eggs and toast in front of me. Remembering that I had to start walking to school soon or I would be late, I began wolfing it down like it would disappear if I stopped to breathe.

After I finished eating, I said goodbye to mom and Kyle and ran out the door. I decided to run to school to make up for the time lost eating my breakfast. The town I lived in was in the middle of the countryside, and at this time everyone was either at work or school, so the roads were relatively empty. As I ran through the streets and past the houses, I spotted a familiar face and decided to stop.

”Morning Kate. ” A girl with golden blonde hair greeted me.

”Morning Rose. ” I replied smiling at my friend.

Rose was my best friend, who I had stayed up all night talking with. She was the closest person I had outside of my family, and I saw her as more of a sister than a friend. If it wasn for her, I wouldn have made it through high school because of my anger issues.

I slowed down to a walk so I could talk comfortably to Rose. We talked about the upcoming match after school and our strategy to win. The team we were playing against was a team from the neighbouring towns school, and this wasn our first match against them. We had built a rivalry with this school, and our last match ended in a draw due to a thunderstorm ending the match prematurely.

When we arrived at the school there were a lot of students crowding at the entrance.

”I hate arriving late to school. Everyone always herds together like sheep to get in. ” I complained as we waited behind the students slowly moving through the entrance. I felt I should start shouting to make them move quicker but decided against it.

Rose chuckled. ”I kind of like it. It gives us a break before we get inside. ”

The school day was uneventful as usual. I didn enjoy my lessons, so I recovered some of the energy I needed by sleeping. If this was the start of the year a few of the teachers would have shouted at me, but by now they all knew about my violent nature and just left me alone. I never disturbed their lessons, so they never disturbed me, I see it as a fair trade

At lunch, I ate with Rose, and we discussed our strategies with the rest of our team. I didn like most of the girls in the team because most of them envied my position as team captain. At the start of the year, one of them picked a fight with me and lets just say they aren on the team anymore, and the others haven bothered me since.

After lunch, there was only one more lesson until the match after school. The lesson was history, and it was one of the few classes I enjoyed. The culture and beliefs of people of the past always seemed more interesting to me. Don get me wrong I love living in the age of technology but living in a

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